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Beat This Caption

  "What do you mean? The boys and I stayed in the park late. No, there weren't any bitches there. Why are you so suspicious? 
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Monday Question

  How do you keep your teeth clean? Do you have greenies, get your tooth brushed, chew bones, or go al natural? Ruby's answer: I love to chew bones, but I also get my teeth brushed, but only after I eat my poop. I think that has more to to with my plans for future face licking than my teeth health. 

The Ruby Rose Report: I am A Street Walker

  This week, I went outside for the first time; it got cold and dark. Attempts were made during the winter to get me out of the house, but I wanted nothing to do with the cold. I am pee pad trained, and unless they start occurring in nature, I am doing my business inside like my parents. It was a lovely day, over sixty degrees, with the sun shining. Last year, when my parents tried to walk me, I would start proudly down the road, and as soon as my house disappeared, I pulled to get back. On this day, first, I had to put on my walking harness. That thing must have shrunk in the drawer over the winter because it didn't come anywhere near fitting I thought I would need a trip to the tailor before venturing outside, but River's big purple harness fit me perfectly. I was ready to face the world. As we had in the fall, we began in the backyard. I walked down the back property line, sniffing what could be inhaled. We returned to the house, and I explored the rear garden and enjoyed a

Friday Fill-Ins

  I am participating in the Friday Fill-Ins this week. My fill-in is in purple. This blog hop is hosted by 15andmeowing for the sentences to fill in OR if you have already done that and want to link up! 1. My favorite character from a film, TV or Book? If blogs count I would say me, if not then Rip's horse on Yellowstone.  2. The one word I would use to describe myself is  [erfect. . . 3. If I had to give you my best piece of advice, I would tell you  there is nothing a good nap in the sun won't make better.  4.  I  will never compare with  That horse on Yellowstone. That thing has some flanks on it.   

Poetry Thursday

  Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday My mom was a weightlifting champion Maybe that is why daddy couldn’t sleep with an ambien The men at the club all made fun That she was the stronger one Old dad, he did live in fear That in his sleep, mom would attack from the rear Once, a robber entered the house And Daddy told Mommy to be quieter than a mouse Instead, she stood and confronted the villain  And beat him until his face was vermilion When the police came, they treated her like a queen While he was left in the room to clean He decided to get in shape and joined a gym But she had to save him the first time he tried to swim He complained to his friend that he had become emasculated  And his friends worried their marriage was ill fated But he knew he could not leave It was something he could not conceive As much as everyone thought it was funny Without her, they would beat him up for his lunch money Das told me she was so stron

Wordless Wednesday


Beat This Caption

Larry was embarrassed. When he agreed to be a fourth for Bridge, he did not know it was a bring-your-own-chair event.