Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pup of the Week: Lexi the Schnauzer

I realize that many of my friends begin reading this blog, and, when they realize they do not know the pup being honored, they stop reading.  
Do not stop reading.
Because not only did many of you not know Lexi, the Schnauzer, I did not know her either.  I wish I did.  I would have been so much better off if I had.  And so would you.
First, Lexi was a therapy dog:  She took care of patients at nursing homes, physical rehab centers, and her favorite, the children’s hospital where she brought the little munchkins the most valuable gift:  Smiles.
Second Lexi was an actress.  She played Toto in several productions of the Wizard of Oz.  She was a real star.
And lastly, Lexi was a church dog.  She was the official dog of her church, and that was very cool, but I am saving the reason why that is so cool for the end of the blog.  As a blogger, Lexi would understand why I am saving it until the end.
Lexi is one of the many independent bloggers who makes up the community known as blogville.   They are a very creative group.  They had their own Olympics.    They even have their own mayor.  This year a new mayor will be elected, and Lexi was running for this important position.
But, as often cruelly happens, life interrupted.  Lexi began vomiting, and her mom took her to the vet where they found the same terrible problem they found when I went to the vet.  Large tumors in our lungs.  The tumors made her pre-existing kidney issues worse.  She stopped eating.  Her quality of life suffered.  Her mom made the decision to send her to the Bridge.  Being an exceptional dog, Lexi bypassed the swearing in ceremony and went straight to the Big Guy himself.
In Blogville, to celebrate the life of a friend who has gone to the Bridge, pups publish pictures doing the new Angel’s favorite activity.  Lexi’s was eating treats.  So pups posted pictures of them eating treats. How perfect a dog is that?  To celebrate her life, she wanted her friends to have treats.
Now, the really cool part.  As I mentioned, Lexi was a church dog.  The members of the church, being delightful people, decided to have a full memorial service for Lexi.  I know none of us want to leave our parents, and go to the Bridge, but wow, a full memorial service.  Talk about shattering the glass ceiling.  
And it was live streamed so all Lexi’s friends could attend.  And if they couldn’t the video was uploaded to the Internet.  You can see it here.
Lexi does leave behind her broken hearted parents, the patients she will no longer be supporting, and her church members.  We must do what we can to help them through this terrible time.  And there will never be a better Toto.
Those who knew her would say there will never be a better dog.
Now, if you excuse me, I am going to do what I should have done when I was mortal, get to know this bright, shining star.