Friday, January 20, 2017

Tails From Rianbow Bridge: My Dinner With Ladybug

A little birdie landed on my window sill with a message from my good friend Angel Ladybug.  She invited me to lunch at the La Bridge Cafe.  I knew  I would have to get a makeover since Ladybug is the most stylish dog at the Bridge.
I made an appointment at Angel Lovey’s spa.  She did my hair, my tail, buffed my nails, and put a beautiful bow in my hair.  I know, despite Lovey’s Herculean efforts, I could not hold a candle to Ladybug.  My suspicions were confirmed when I saw my friend sitting in her corner table.  Her hair was beautifully done, bright colors sparkled throughout her body, her wings were illuminant, and her halo glowed.
Ladybug had already ordered a lovely buffet.   There was bruschetta with bacon, Canapes over kibble, Deviled eggs filled with sausage, and freshly cooked pigs wrapped in bison.  I grabbed a canape and watched Ladybug delicately eating a pig wrap.  She did everything with significant grace.
“Foley, darling,” she said lightly damping her mouth with a clean napkin.  “We must do something about this wicked weather.  Our friend Enzo hurt his leg slipping on ice, and his parents are buried under seven feet of snow.  Someone placed a broken ice machine on a cloud over Enzo’s house, and they are getting buried.”
I wholeheartedly agreed without her but left out the part where I had moved the ice machine to create more room on the dance floor which caused the water line to come loose and begin to pour water over Enzo’s mountain which quickly turned to snow.  Now the water line was frozen in place.
Our Foleytinis arrived, and I took a long drink.  I tried to explain to Ladybug that I could not get the minions to remove the ice machine on Sunday (no work on Sunday, Blue Laws still apply), Monday (holiday), Tuesday (recover from holiday), Wednesday (training day), Thursday (Sleep day), and Friday (Inauguration prayer day).   And then it was the weekend again.
Ladybug took her angel phone from her purse and reached the head minion.  She laughed, and cooed, barked and giggled, then said thank you.  She told me the ice machine would be removed forthwith.  “You just have to know how to talk to the minions Foley.”
We both took another sip and ate another sandwich.  I had so much to learn from Ladybug.  She is the wisest Angel I know.  
And I have a lot to learn from the lowly minions too.  Mostly about how to move an ice machine without causing a blizzard.
So Enzo and family.  I promise I will do better next winter.