Monday, October 15, 2018

Monday Question

What is your favorite thing to chew on?

Pocket:  I am not much of a chewer.  Maybe a stuffed squirrel.

River:  I have a Nyla Marrow Bone that gets stuffed with treats that is yummy.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 14, 2018 Pups of the Week: Prayers for Reese, Lightning, R and Noah

Thankfully, for a second consecutive week, I had no mortal members of Doggspace, TB or Blogville cross the Bridge.  I can’t remember the last time two week passed without a crossing. We are very lucky.
But there are some of us who need prayers and, if you don’t mind, I would like to concentrate on them this week, starting with my bestie Reese.  I can’t believe my beautiful little boy is nine years old. I guess this is what happens when you while away five years of eternity at the Bridge.

Reese was such a sweet boy when I made my journey. He checked with my mom every day to see how she was coping with her loss and to smile at her.
Earlier this year Reese tore his ACL.  His Dad and their vet Linda discussed possible options.  They thought the best course was for Reese to keep off of his leg, take it easy and be put on anti-inflammatories and pain medication.  Unfortunately, Reese has never been good at staying off things or taking it easy. He has a brace that he refuses to wear, frustrating his dad.  But the good news is that Reese is putting more weight on the leg and is progressing. He is still going to need prayers before he is one hundred percent but, thankfully, he looks to be on his way.
Lightning, our young friend from the Chronicles of Woo blog, also has a torn ACL.  His mom and the vet elected for Lightning to have surgery.  It went successfully. But the homecoming has been problematic.

There has been some fluid leaking from the incision and occasionally blood too.  Lightning also has to go for cold laser treatment. During his last session, the vet tech Melissa told Lightning's mom that the incision looked good.  The leaking and bleeding were caused by him standing too long. His mom has been trying to keep Lightning off his paws as much as possible but he is a curious boy especially when he smells food being made, and parents only have so many eyes.   Also, poor Lightning cries during the night, then get restless and stand. He is doing better and is also walking, but he too needs lots of prayers.

Our great friend from the beautiful mountains, R, from the Romping and Rolling in the Rockies blog has survived wild winter, roaming bears and lions, and even a bionic elbow transplant that has kept R running.  Now this beautiful dog, who has the prettiest scenery of any dog we know, is slowly having his vision robbed from him by cataracts.  His parents are searching for treatments to help their boy, but they also know that nothing will break his spirit. If the worst happens, he will continue to romp and enjoy his beautiful surroundings while experiencing every scent.

Prayers for dogs often work.  Just ask my friend Noah from the Portuguese Water Blog .  Noah has had problems with his eyes since a battle with crypto.  He got colitis, and the medication led to chronic dry eye. A short time ago Noah got a cyst on his eyelid which kept getting bigger.  Plus, Noah scratched it and caused mucus to form. The cyst had to be removed. Noah had surgery on Tuesday and, after lots of prayers, by the end of the week, he was good as new.

See, prayers do work.  Let’s say lots of them so Reese, R, and Lightning can have the success that Noah did.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Foley Tries To Keep Bishop's Promise

The things I do to make a friend happy.
I got a direct message from my friend Bishop this week. He adopted a pet snake named Mr. Belvedere.   Bishop loves all creatures so it is not surprising that he would adopt a snake. I try to avoid the vile beings, but I am not in the position to tell a dog who they should and shouldn’t love.

Then something happened  I did not expect. First Mr. Belevedere passed over the river of life, not surprising because all beings must, then Bishop asked me to let Mr. Belevedere live with Bishop’s family at Doggyspace.  Of course, I promised I would.
But it really wasn’t my place to promise.  It was up to the Group Of Dogs who oversee Doggyspace.  I often have to go before them to defend my decision making or ask for special favors.  They are never happy to see me, and this favor was a doozy.

“Absolutely not,” the most senior member of the board barked at me.  “We cannot have snakes wiggling on the ground scaring all our angels.”

“Well,” I said slowly, “he might not be wiggling because he will have wings.”

“A flying snake!” The dog barked. “Are you daft? Remove yourself from our presence immediately.”

I backed out of the room.  I had failed my friend. But I knew I had one more tool in my arsenal.  Love.

I went to BIshop’s brother Apollo and told him the Board’s decision.  He was dismayed. Then we formed a plan. He went to the snake part of Rainbow Bridge, a vile, terrible place, with billions of snakes of different shapes and sizes all hissing at us.  We ran towards the Bridge as Mr. Belvedere arrived. Instead of letting him go to the snake land where we would never find him, Apollo told Mr. Belvedere that he was Bishop’s brother, got the snake to trust him, and, when Apollo opened his mouth the snake climbed in.  I jumped on Apollo’s back, and he outran the snakes back to our section of the Bridge.

Apollo opened his mouth, and Mr. Belvedere wiggled out.  I said we needed to go before the Board to get their approval for him to stay at Doggyspace.  Apollo assured Mr. Belvedere that I am a fantastic attorney who was going to convince the board that he should stay.  I wish I were as confident as Apollo.

Apollo and I brought Mr. Belvedere before the Board.  When the doors opened the members saw the snake, and they climbed on the table.  “Get that thing out of here!” one of them yelled.

“Please,” I said. “Let’s not get carried away.  I know it is unconventional, but Mr. Belvedere is part of Apollo’s family.  He is loved by Apollo’s brother Bishop. Isn’t Rainbow Bridge a place where, when you pass from the mortal world, you get to be with loved ones?   Bishop will want to see Mr. Belvedere again when he arrives. That is what this place is for, to reunite loved ones.”

“But it’s a snake!” a female poodle shrieked.

Mr. Belvedere scared them by standing straight up.  He then addressed the Board: “It may be unconventional, but I love Bishop.  I was his pet, and he’s my dad. If I cannot live happily with Apollo at the Bridge, we will go live with the snakes. At least they are inclusive.”

The Board felt ashamed.  The leader nodded and said that Mr. Belvedere could stay, but he needed to understand some dogs might be scared

“Then it is my job to educate them,” Mr. Belvedere said.  The Board agreed

And that is how Doggyspace got it’s first snake occupant, with wings.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

River is Suspicious When Pocket Goes With Their Parents Alone

What the Barney Frank is going on at my house?

Two weeks ago my parents left me alone and took Pocket with them.  Why would they do that? What does Pocket have to offer that I don’t?  I am cute, witty, and charming. If need be my resting bitch face can chase off the most determined criminal.  How could they take Pocket and leave me?

When they got home, I cornered Pocket and asked her what was going on.  She told me she went to the vet because she had a rash on her belly. I made her roll over.  It looked red. I gave it a whiff. It didn’t smell like yeast. Pocket said it was ragweed. I had no idea what that smelled like.  I asked her what happened after the diagnosis. She said she got two shots, one for the infection and one to stop the scratching.

The whole thing seemed fishy to me.  When I have gone to the vet for allergies or infections, I have have had to take pills afterward.  Pocket was sent home with nothing but a red belly, which looked like it could have been drawn with a magic marker.  Very suspicious.

When I had my paw and ear infections I got checked a lot, I got pills, and, in the case of my ear, drops.  Pocket got picked up a couple of times a day, had her belly examined, and that was it.

I tried to get Pocket to tell me the truth.  There was someplace special they took Pocket.  Somewhere I wasn’t allowed to go! I had to find out where.

Last Thursday my parents went out with Pocket again, leaving me behind.  During the confusion of getting keys, the leash, shoes, and getting out the door, I slipped outside.  I ran to my neighbor’s house and knocked on her door. When she answered, I pointed to my parents’ car, then at her, then at her car until she asked.  “Do you want me to follow them?” I nodded. I know most humans would not acquiesce, but my stare is very powerful. She started her car, and I sat on the dashboard as we followed my parents.

Were they going to the beach?  A casino? A long walk? Or crap.  They were going to the vet. And I was stuck in an old lady’s car while she smoked Marlboro Lights and took a sip of coffee and what smelled like something stronger.  I told her we needed to get back home, but she said she wanted to go to the mall. I did not want to go to the mall. All the good stores have closed.

I snuck out of the car and hid under my parents’ vehicle.  After Pocket’s appointment, while they were getting her in the front seat, I snuck in the back. When we got home, I jumped out before they saw me and was able to excitedly greet them at the door.

“I saw you,” Pocket said once we were alone.

“I just wanted to make sure you were safe,” I said, but Pocket knew that her health had never been a concern of mine before.

To keep her mouth shut I had to agree to lick her belly if the allergies come back.  The thought makes my stomach turn.

Now that there is something in it for me I am really worried about Pocket’s allergies.  I don’t want to be licking her tummy.

I would rather go to the mall.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday Question

How would you best describe the way you bark?

Pocket:  I have a high pitched bark that comes in several small, loud yips that can hit you like a knife being jabbed into your skull.  At least that's what Mommy says.

River:  I lay down a basic track of one long growl, and from that, I form an "O" with my mouth and let a quick, short, bark.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Hero Dogs Roddy, Nico and Asha are our October 7, 2018 Pup of the Week

It was a quiet week here, friend wise.  For the first time in months, I did not have to swear a friend in as an angel.  I have enjoyed the pleasant break.  But I still had to Christian, an angel.

Roddy is a beautiful black and brown dog who lived with his 84-year-old mom in Hlobane Farms, South Africa.  Two weeks ago the mom was cooking guava outside her kitchen when she heard Roddy bark.  Three teenage boys appeared with guns demanding cash and a cell phone.  The woman told them she had neither. Then Roddy appeared, eager to protect his mom.  He chased the boys, one of whom fired a gun, sending beautiful Roddy to the Bridge.
Roddy flew back to the mortal side to spend time with his traumatized mom.  He will be there until she is ready to depart and continue to try and protect her from the bad men in the world.  
Hopefully, my friend, Nico won’t be arriving at the Bridge anytime soon, but she is going to need prayers.  The 11-year-old pit bull was going on a pleasant walk with his 12-year-old skin brother and 11-year-old sister.  They were crossing the street when a man, late for work, whipped around a car and sped through a stop sign, driving towards the trio.

Nico got down on her haunches to protect the children.  The careless driver heard Nico barking and swerved missing the kids but hitting Nico, causing internal bleeding and breaking her pelvis.  The driver stopped down the road, to pick up a co-worker, who refused to continue onward unless the man took responsibility for his actions.  Surprisingly, the driver was not charged, but everyone agreed Nico was a hero.

Nico was rushed to the vet.  She needs to be kept quiet so the pelvis will heal, and requires future lung surgery to keep her from the Bridge.  We need prayers for her to recover and for the police to realize a dog struck by an irresponsible driver life matters as much as a human, and the driver should be punished.

Finally, in a story that we could all use during another maddening week,  I present Asha, a five-year-old golden retriever from Australia.  Asha was minding her own business when a joey koala scampered from the woods on a cold night.  The koala climbed up on the porch and looked at Asha. The goldie nodded, and the joey climbed on Asha’s back then snuggled into her fur.  The koala survived the night thanks to Asha sharing her body heat.
The next morning Asha’s parents awoke to this sight on their porch.  
Australians were used to different animals appearing on their property, but a koala sleeping on their dog was a new one.  Asha’s mom burst out laughing when she saw the duo.

The joey put up quite a fight when it was lifted from Asha.   The koala was turned over to a care facility, and when it is ready, it will be released into the wild.

Where I am sure, it will find Asha again because a good snuggle buddy is hard to find.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Foley Travels Back to the 50's to Find She Was Born at the Right Time

Despite humans’ assumptions that dogs watch TV, we ignore the annoying blather coming from the television.  When our parents find us staring at the screen they believe we are paying attention. Actually, we are trying to decipher what about the talking picture box so occupies our parents’ time.

There was one show that caught my fancy.  I was enraptured by the time-traveling adventures chronicled on Doctor Who.  I would love to time travel. Even after I crossed the Bridge, it was a secret fantasy of mine.

Yesterday morning I awoke to a whoorp, whoorp sound.  I opened my eyes to see a blue police box at the end of my bed.  I crawled from under the covers and saw that the blue box’s door was ajar.  I trotted to the edge and opened the door to see a vast room.
The blue box was the Tardis, the time machine the Doctor uses to travel.  I walked inside the room, impressed that the machine truly was bigger on the inside.  I yelled for the Doctor and the companions he travels with, but no one answered. Curious, I climbed on top of the Tardis’ controls and saw I could set any time to travel back and forward.

I did not want to go to the future; it’s mysteries will reveal themselves in time.  But I was intrigued about going to the past.

I programmed the controls for 1952.  The whoorping sounds began again and I felt the machine flying quickly through time worms. Then it stopped. I opened the doors and saw I was in a pristine park located at the center of Anytime USA.

There were dogs sniffing along a fence.  I ran to them “Hello,” I announced. “My name is Foley Monster, and I am from the future.”

One of the dogs, a dirty german shepherd turned to look at me.  “From the future?” he asked skeptically. “Why are dogs so small in the future?”

“We are not all small,” I said.  “I am a toy breed. A Yorkshire Terrier.’

The dogs laughed at the name.  “There is no way a toy breed can survive,” another dog said.

“I survive quite well,” I countered.  

“How do you eat?” a yellow lab inquired.

“Mommy pours my kibble from the bag.  She puts it on my plate, and I eat it.”

“Puts kibble on your plate?” the shepherd said stunned.  “We might get some table scraps after supper but anything else we eat we have to catch.  The other dogs agreed with him.

“How about when you go in the house?  Don’t they feed you then?”

“Go in the house?” the german shepherd was stunned.  “I have never stepped inside the house, that is where the humans live.”

“Where do you sleep?” I asked flabbergasted.

“Outside, in my doghouse, with wood chips on the bottom to keep me warm.”
That sounded horrific.  I asked the other dogs if they were allowed in the house.  They said they weren’t. “In the rain, the snow, the cold?”  I asked. No was all they said. This was horrible. I told them how I lived inside and only went outside to poop, pee and get walks.  “What’s a walk?” the retriever asked.

I could not leave these poor dogs in this prehistoric world. I told them I would take them back to the future with me.  “Oh no,” they all said, “we can’t leave our people,” I asked them how they could be so loyal? They have been left outside, not given quality food, not bathed (although I did not mention that because I did not want to insult them), how could they stay?

“They are our humans,” the shepherd said.  I understood. If I had lived as they did, I would still love my parents.  I would have been killed by an angry raccoon in my sleep, but I still would have stayed.  “It is good to know our grandchildren will have better lives,” the retriever said. 

“And since none of us are fixed we are going to have lots of grandchildren,” the shepherd said smiling.

I guess there were some good things about the 50’s.

I hurried home and gave thanks that I was born in 2001 when the world was more civilized and dogs were better appreciated, but I think we are all born when we should be born.

I went back to bed, and by morning the Tardis was gone which I was fine with since my time traveling days were done.  I rolled over in my bed and gave thanks I never slept outside near a mad raccoon, and never would.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pocket Celebrates the Last Days of Garden Season with Pictures

It rained on Monday.  It was supposed to be our garden day.  When we awoke, it looked very promising.  The sun was high in the blue sky, and the air was warm.  Then suddenly, without warning, fall arrived.

We were outside, River Song and I in our buggy, when the sky turned gunmetal grey.  The clouds slipped one under another until the sky turned dark. Then the rain fell as Mommy deadheaded flowers and Daddy mowed the wet lawn.  Once the grass was cut Daddy told Mommy, there was nothing to be done that couldn’t wait another week.
Instead of working outside, getting smelly and wet, we were inside, where it smelled clean, pleasantly dry, and we took advantage of our cleared schedule to have a snuggle day.

The next morning it was still raining, but the air smelled crisper.  The wet grass was cooler on our paws. The green leaves had changed overnight.   They were now red, yellow and orange. They looked prettier. Leaves have that advantage. They are brightest just before the fall.

I wish the same were true of flowers.  I don’t like to brag, modesty is my calling card, but we had outstanding flowers this year.  They grew taller, bloomed brighter, and spread further than they had in the five years since my parents began gardening.  In August, when the air is hot, dry, and stale, it seemed like we were experiencing an endless summer. But all things, both bad, the oppressive heat, and good, the beautiful flowers, must come to an end.

It would be nice if flowers, like leaves, became their brightest just before they wilted. Sadly, they fade away, at first slowly, and then all at once.  What was once healthy, pleasing plants began to show their advanced age a week ago, and by Tuesday their stems were bent, their remaining blooms were trying to bury themselves in the warm ground before they expired.

Here are some pictures of our garden in August, when the flowers were in their prime, and it seemed outlandish that the day would come when they would no longer be the dominant feature in our yard.

Thankfully my parents fill the gardens with autumn flowers, cabbages, and mums, to ease the transition from the beautiful summer blooms to the stark winter landscape.  Pumpkins, purchased, not grown, are carefully placed in the gardens. Scarecrows also bought, are in the front garden, back by the house, not scaring any critters, but also not frightening me, so they are a neutral presence.  There are also jack o’ lanterns solar lights, which do scare me, but we are not outside long enough at night for the fear to linger.

The sun is lower in the sky during our walks, and will soon be gone, making us night walkers, with those little lights on our collars in the off chance we slip the leash.  And the air will get colder. Our leisurely, hot, panting walks of summer are in the past, becoming moderate walks now but will soon become hasty travels as our shivering parents hurry us along and deny our sniffing so they can return to the warm house

We are two weeks away from the comforter returning to our bed.  We love when it is cold in the house, and we are under the comforter, our body heat mingling with our parents creating a lovely layer of warmth.  River enjoys sticking her nose from underneath to breathe in the cold air while she remains warm.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday Question

What do you do with leaves when they fall?  Do you bark at them?  Play in them?  Chase them when they blow around?  Eat them?  Something else?

Pocket:  We bark and sometimes sniff and chase.  We think they are alive.