Friday, August 18, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Poopiter Review

Late last fall, on December 2 to be exact, a request came across my desk from one Geordie D. Dog to join my Ning social network “The Tanner Brigade.”  It is my responsibility to make sure only the top dogs are members of the Brigade.   This Geordie did seem like a good chap, so I stamped him as approved and he quickly moved onto the site.
I was thrilled to see that Geordie quickly made himself at home and improved our little family by inviting us all to his Big Back Yard where we could gather and play.  I visit there several times a day for fun chat, games, and great companionship.
Some of my favorite dogs have parents who are artists, and I was excited to see that Geordie had a mom was quite good with the pencil and coloring.  She posted several funny cartoons that always brought a smile to my face.  I wanted to share these sketches with the world, but I am the defendant in several pawright infringement suits and could not afford another, so the cartoons were limited to our members.
But now everyone can get joy from Geordie’s mom’s beautiful artwork.  She has just published her second book which can be purchased here:  Poopiter
The story begins when Geordie gets a new little brother named Toby.  Anyone who has had a new sibling knows what a terrible bother they are it took Geordie a while to become accustomed to the little bother, which is all documented with great humor and understanding.
From there the book chronicles the escapades of these two cairn terriers and their often exasperated but always loving Mom.  Despite Toby’s tooting, his exuberance, and Geordie’s frustrations every drawing, and every word is written with love.
The duo's mom, L Bowman, has the gift that many of our parents have.  They understand us.  They are not vets or dog whisperers; they are dog listeners.  They can hear what we are saying through our tails and wags.  They know what is in our heart.  And they can express it.
These are some dark and troubled times and the cure for that is kindness and smiles.  
Here is my prescription to cure you:  Buy a copy of Poopiter and let the smiles come to your faces.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My Exciting Night at the Emergency Vet by Pocket Dog

Boy, did I have an exciting adventure last night.
Everything was calm.  I was sitting with my Daddy watching television.  Daddy said it was time to take us outside.  I jumped down and when I landed my throat hit my harness, and I began to cough and spit up.  My parents fussed over me, and within ten minutes I stopped.
Before bedtime, Daddy brushed my four teeth, and that set me off coughing and spitting up again.  My parents put me to bed hoping that I would stop but I didn’t.  I kept spitting up on the sheets.  Nothing could stop my coughing.  My parents decided to take me to the emergency vet.
I coughed while they were getting dressed.  I coughed when they put their shoes on.  I coughed when the brought me out to the car.  I got in the car, looked around, said “wow, I have never been in a car before,” and I stopped coughing.
It was cool to be in a car at night.  And we drove very fast.  We got to the vet’s, and my parents explained what happened.  Meanwhile, I am in Daddy’s arm looking at the vet tech as quiet as can be trying to convey to her that I had no idea what these crazy people we were talking about.
I was taken away from my nervous parents, who at this time were much more in need of a doctor’s care than I was, while they did a quick exam.  The doctor called my parents into a little room and said that they thought that I had injured my trachea which caused me to cough, but they wanted to take x-rays to be sure.
My parents wanted answers, and they agreed.  The vet laid me down on a table and took three pictures of me.  They then told my parents that they could see slight damage to the trachea on the x-rays, but it will improve, but also be a chronic problem for the rest of my life.
Foley had a collapsing trachea too, so my parents have lived with a dog with the condition.  My attacks are louder and scarier, but I tend to be louder and scarier than Foley anyway.
I want to thank Pokey’s Mom Laura Lunn for getting the word out about my condition and asking for prayers on Facebook, to Reese’s Dad Pedro for keeping my nervous parents busy on Facebook Messenger and for, as always, showing great support, and for the Triple T’s Mom Linda for asking for prayers for me on TB.
I am resting today.  I have had a few attacks this morning which will continue while my trachea heals.  My parents are supposed to keep me calm.  Good luck with that.  I wish I could keep them calm.
Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers.
Outside of the coughing and spitting up it was quite the night.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Quesiton

Our Mommy is thinking of putting us on some supplements for digestion, anxiety and joint issues.  Are you on any supplements?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Chelsea Johnson is our August 13 2017 Pup of the Week

There are some dogs I never want to meet at the Bridge.  I know I am going to meet them all, it would be easier to stop the tide from rushing in, but I still dread their appearance.  Chelsea Johnson is one such dog. 
But Chelsea did arrive this week.  I stood next to her brother Junior, who had appeared less than a year before, a dual loss much too difficult for any parent to bear.  But, their Mom is Kristi Johnson, one of the bravest and most kind hearted dog moms we know.  Her heart was crushed.  But she would not be laid low for long.  She has a very strong will.  That will had delayed Chelsea’s trip to the Bridge.  She gave Chelsea the strength to keep her heart beating long after her heart beats had run out.
Many of you who are reading this know Chelsea, if you don’t, then I am very sorry, because Chelsea is a magnificent dog.  Loyal, strong, and brilliant Chelsea is a pup to aspire to.  Her mom often referred to Chelsea as her rock.  She was a dog who said “put the load right on me.”
Chelsea was approaching her 15th birthday when the weight she bore throughout her life finally became too much to carry.  Chelsea’s spine could no longer support her.  Her every step was painful.  She stopped taking food and water.  Her mom didn’t want it to be so, but she knew:  Chelsea had given her every drop of devotion she had.  It was time take away her pain and let her become immortal.
A short time later Junior and I saw her walking through the clouds towards the Bridge.  She was walking tentatively but with each step the pain slipped away and her youth returned.  Over her head clouds filled with tears rained down on us.  Chelsea stopped at the bottom of the steps and saw her brother.  She ran to him like she was a pup again.  Every step she ever took in pain was a memory.  Chelsea was young, strong, and born again.
Junior walked up to Chelsea when she reached the top of the stairs.  They both stood on their back legs, then they leaned into each other and hugged.   The hundreds of dogs who had known Junior and Chelsea on Doggyspace, TB and Facebook began to applaud the reunion.  Then they all ran to the Bridge’s newest Angel and smothered her with kisses.  
Junior stood nearby, in his usual regal pose.  Chelsea stood next to him.  They eyed one another, grinned, and then they began to run like they had years before, up to the hills, then down again.  Then they began playing, rolling on the grass, nipping at one another, with their tails wagging so hard they made the trees bend.
The happy duo could not play together for long.  They had work to do.  They needed to get back to their mom:  As butterflies, beautiful insects, cardinals, hummingbirds and other flying creatures; or as ghosts, making things rattle in the night, or objects mysteriously moving, and in her dreams, which she may not remember, but will help heal her heart.  
And they will begin their search.  Their mom has said that she will never find dogs like Junior and Chelsea again.  He lovable fur babies have accepted this challenge.  They are interviewing dogs right now who can fill their very large paw prints.  When they find one the will let their mom know and the story of Kristi and her dogs will begin again.
While they won’t be there Junior and Chelsea will always be part of their lives.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Travelling Europe with Cassie

When she lived on the mortal side with her dad Richard, Cassie loved to take walks.  They would trek everywhere together.  Cassie has declined to go on walks since arriving at the Bridge, waiting for her Dad.  But I convinced her to go on a special walk with me.
We flew into the sun and landed in Paris.  We were by the beautiful Ponts de Arts Bridge.  We walked the seaside path where a fence runs along side it.  There are padlocks attached to it.  People attach the locks to it to secure their love with the most special person in their lives.  I took out two locks and Cassie and I each secured the padlocks to the fence to lock in our love for our parents.
We went to a bistro and had an outstanding dinner.  Then we walked to the Eiffel Tower.  It was beautifully lit against the dark, night sky.  Cassie thought it was a tremendous idea to climb it.  I disagreed but I knew her dad would do it and I wanted to be a good companion.  I only made it up one level and stopped, but fearless Cassie reached the top.
Our next stop was the Louvre.  We studied the Mona Lisa.  It was appealing but nowhere near as beautiful as our Moms.  The rest of the paintings were interesting, but there should have been more dog art.  I think that museum would really take off as a tourist site if they had more puppy pictures.
We took a stroll to the French Riveria and lay on the beach topless with the other bathers.  All the humans thought they were being daring, but for us, it was just another day at the beach.
We grew bored with France and hopped over to Germany to see the Windjammer Parade and watch hundreds of tall ships float by.   I became so enthralled I forgot to keep an eye on my little friend.  Cassie’s adventurous spirit took hold and the next thing I knew she had climbed aboard a ship and climbed to the highest point on the mast.  I barked at her to get down, but she didn’t until they docked.  She was having too much fun.
After Cassie’s adventure, it was time for an undertaking more my speed.  We went to Octoberfest, and we found the Foleytini keg and began drinking and munching on pretzels.  When I woke up the next morning, I had to sniff out Cassie.  She was under a sausage vendor's wagon with links in her mouth.
At that point, I thought we had enough fun for one walk through Europe.  I helped Cassie up, and we flew back to the Bridge.  I tucked Cassie into bed and stole one of her sausages for breakfast.
There is nothing like an angel stroll through Europe on a summer’s day

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Walking Mishaps and Meeing Mr Wooderson by Pocket Dog

This summer has been prime time for walking.  We take our stroll at dusk when the hot sun is setting, and the pavement has cooled.  
My parents like to joke with us during our walk.  They tell me not to bark at everything I see, not to yip at the houses where I know a dog lives, not to howl if I see another dog walking near me.  My parents are very funny.
There are very few cars when we walk.  We live in a senior citizen complex and dusk is pajama and tea time.  Some rebels like us and take a late night stroll while most of our neighbors are turning down their beds and fluffing their pillows.
We are definitely the last dogs are out the street, which is good for us.  There is a big rock by the stream where everyone leaves their pee mail.  We get caught up on all the news of the day and leave our mail to be read by the early morning strollers.
River and I like to do the down and under while we walk.  One of us is on the right, and the other is on the left.  The one of us on the right slows down, waits for the one of the left to get ahead, and then we dip down behind them to become the one of the left.  We continue to do this, for a hundred times in five minutes, until our leashes are so twisted together we walk like Siamese twins and my feet barely touch the ground.  Daddy grumbles while he is getting works to get our leashes unraveled knowing he will have to do it five minutes later.
Some of the neighbors don’t like us pooping on their lawn, so I poop on the road.  I hope this is appreciated.  On hot days it sizzles like bacon.  There is always a little poop trace left behind.  I feel like I have left a star on Hollywood Boulevard.
There is a new guy who has moved to our community.  I don’t like him.  I think he bothers all the nice women who walk the site and say hi to me.  He has long silver hair and a silver mustache.   His name is Mr. Wooderson.  Yesterday he drove up next to three women in is golf cart and stopped next to them.  “All right, all right, all right,” he said.
“Any of you ladies need a ride?  This baby has an Auto Craft 6-volt.  I pop the clutch on this thing it gets up to 25 on the open road.  It’s got some muscle.  Any of you interested in hopping aboard?”
The woman with the dyed red hair got in.  “I love these redheads,” he said.  “Any of you ladies got any medicinal marijuana?”  They said no.  “It’d be a lot cooler if you did,” he answered.  
“You girls want to see Aerosmith this weekend?” he asked.  “They are all living in a double wide near the front.  I can hook you up.”  They excitedly agreed.  He looked over at us grinning.  “That’s what I love about senior citizen living man.  I get older; they stay the same age.  76.”
He drove away in his golf cart.  I told River if he did not curb his behavior we would poop on his lawn and not clean it.  Mommy agreed.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Question

What thing do you do that annoys your parents the most?
Pocket:  The barking, the barking, the barking and the barking.
River:  The sitting on their laps and pawing their hand until they give me a belly rub.  It takes at least an hour to satisfy my belly rub need.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wrigley and Mack are our August 6, 2017 Pups of the Week

We all know what dogs do.  We take care of our humans right up to the day we pass over to Rainbow Bridge, and then after that.  Some of us are therapy dogs, and their humans depend on them even greater than our parents depend on us.
Cody Joss, on the night of his high school graduation, never thought he would be in need of a therapy dog.  He was partying with friends in Cancun Mexico.  He became separated from them and cornered by a group of men with ill intent.  To escape Cody tried to jump over a privacy wall.  His back foot got caught, and he fell head first on to the cement.  He knew he was paralyzed when he hit the ground.  In fact, he had broken his neck.  He could not walk and only had limited use of his arms.  He went to a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta where he learned to eat, drive a wheelchair and get ready for work.
Cody had a dog trainer friend who introduced him to Cody's new therapy dog Wrigley.  Cody attended the University of Tennessee where not only did Wrigley help him retrieve anything he dropped but helped him socially acting as an icebreaker to bring new friends into Cody’s world.  For the first time in his life, Cody knew the love and affection of a dog.  “Sometimes, I’d leave without him, and I’d see how excited he would get when I came home,” he said. “That’s when I really knew it was love.”
Cody brought Wrigley with him to his job at Bridgestone in Nashville.  His slender friend soon became plump, and Josh learned that over 30 co-workers were slipping Wrigley treats every day.  Wrigley never said a word.
After working together for ten years, Wrigley suffered a stroke.  Cody repaid the kindness by sending his best friend to the Bridge.  The Bridgestone family reacted like a member of their family had passed away.  Any mention of Wrigley would cause Cody waves of anguish.
When Wrigley reached the Bridge, he knew Cody needed a new therapy dog.  He checked the Internet and was stunned to find out it would cost almost $20,000 to replace himself.  Wrigley developed a two pronged plan.  First, he went in the dreams of Cody’s coworkers and implanted the idea that they would raise the money to get Cody a new best friend.  Then he began searching for that dog. He found him:  In prison.
At the Turney Center Correctional Institute, an inmate named Robert joined a program to train dogs.  His last trainee, Zoom, had just left for a new home.  Robert was brought out to the yard with the other trainers.  A Golden Retriever named Mack chose Robert.  For 18 months Robert taught Mack to obey over 200 commands, hand signals, and voice prompts.  As graduation approached, Robert knew that he would be separated from the only soul who showed him love at the facility, but also knew his hard work would go to good use.
At Bridgestone Cody’s co-workers organized a wake for Wrigley.  At the end of the wake, they told him that they, along with the Bridgestone company, had raised the money for a new therapy dog for Cody.  They said his dog was currently being trained at the Turney Center and when the dog was ready Cody could pick him up.
The day Cody was due to pick his dog Wrigley popped into Mack’s dreams and told him to pick Cody as his new person.  That is exactly what Mack did.  After talking with Robert about Mack, Cody knew he had his new best friend. On Friday Mack left Robert’s care and went to his forever home at Cody’s house.
Robert was very moved by Cody’s story and as happy Mack was going to a deserving owner who would love him as much as Robert did.
And soon Robert will be brought a new dog to train and a new story will begin.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Hattie Mae Originals Made Available to her Fans

I began the search for Hattie Mae a month ago.  My minions looked everywhere for the world’s most famous dog fashionista.  I started hearing whispers of a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier living in a remote cottage in the South of France.  I checked Google Angel and saw a little dog, wearing large sunglasses, sitting on a beach chair, being waited on by attentive poodles.  Could this be my lifelong friend?
I fluttered down and waited for the poodles to be dismissed then I snuck up behind her.  “Hattie Mae?” I asked.
“Who is there?” she asked.  “Come show yourself.  My vision isn’t very good.  Come close.”
I walked in front of her.  She put a paw on my face.  “You seem familiar.”  I removed the cucumber slices covering her eyes to keep the wrinkles away.  “Oh, that’s better.  Why Foley Monster.  It is wonderful to see you.  Oh no, you are not here to take me?” she asked.  
“Of course not Hattie.  It is not going to be your time for years.  And when it is they will send hundreds of your friends to help you cross over.”
“Oh Foley,” she fussed.  “You gave me a fright.”  She composed herself.  “Now, what do I owe this great honor?”
I sat on the edge of her beach chair.  “I was talking to Pocket, and she said her closet is overflowing with Hattie Mae Originals. She would like to share them with her friends.  She can’t wear them all, and when River wears a dress, she looks like a bull dyke at a rodeo.”
“Oh, Foley!’’ Hattie Mae scolded me.  “Language.  Please apologize for your most ungracious behavior.”
I had almost forgotten Hattie Mae’s penchant for making sure I never strayed towards cruelness.  I apologize to those I offended.
“Okay then,” Hattie smiled.  “While I love Pocket having my designs if she wants to share them with other pups, and they make the pups happy, then I would be thrilled.  You do whatever you need to make that happen.”  She gave me a kiss.  “Now scurry off. I have a pedicure coming.”  I thanked her and fluttered away.
You are probably asking how do I get a Hattie Mae Original?  First, if you want to wear one, you have to be a wee dog.  Most of the clothes were made for dogs under ten pounds.  Some of the pictures shows slightly larger clothes that can fit River who is 12 pounds.  If you don’t want to wear them, but want to own one as a keepsake, that is fine too.
We have put pictures of them below with numbers.  Either message us or email us at and we will send one too you if they are available.  Remember, since they don’t cost you anything they can only become more valuable.
Happy shopping.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Vet Trip and What Happened to my Jumper by River Song

On Tuesday I went to the vet for my yearly checkup.  I know many of you have been concerned about my lost jumper, and I don’t want to keep you in suspense.  The vet thinks I have a pinched nerve in my back and she put me on some yummy medication.  Hopefully, I will have my jumper back soon.  If not my parents have learned how to lift me gently and I like the lifting.
I blame Pocket.  She gets on my nerves a lot.  And sometimes she sleeps with her head on me.  Her personality gets on my nerves, and then her sleeping head pinched them.  And I haven’t got an apology yet.
My parents, in a very insulting and demeaning manner, tried to body shame me by openly speculating about my supposed weight gain.  They even took it upon themselves, without getting a medical opinion, to start working carrots into my treat rotation.  I don’t mind the carrots, but I resented the implication.  The first thing the vet techs did was weigh me.  I had not gained a single ounce.  I made my parents walk down the hallway between exam rooms while medical professionals threw Beggin’ Strips at them and yelled “Shame.”
I got my shots and my inspection without a single yip or finding.  Then it was time for my to entertain the staff and I killed it.
A tech took my picture and began giving me treats.  She didn’t give me one treat like my parents do.  She gave me treat after treat.  It was heaven.  Then other vets and techs came in the room to tell me how cute I was and to scratch me.  My tail was wagging at lightening speed.
There must have been five people crowded in the room around me giving me attention and asking my mom about me.  Most of them had never seen a Brussels Griffon before.  My mom was very proud to tell them all what a terrific breed we are and what a great dog I am.
When we went into the waiting to room to pay the bill, there were more staff and guests telling me how beautiful I was.  I did not need the affirmation, but it was nice to hear.  It is special when people don’t just recognize the obvious but state it as well.
I got home, and even before my first pill, I was strutting around the house, knowing I was the Queen of the Vets.  
I may be still earth bound because of my injury, but in my heart, I was jumping ten feet in the air.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Question

What do you do when your parents are watching TV or on the computer?
Since both my parents have lap tops we are usually snuggled right next to them.  Sometimes I (Pocket) if there is a high pitched noise on the TV get upset and try to climb on Daddy's head.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cena is our July 30, 2017 Pup of the Week

Here at Rainbow Bridge, we honor our veterans.  Whenever some soul who has served passes to the Immortal Side the other veterans put on their uniforms, and we others stand as attention, as a ceremonial fife and drum corps leads them to their true forever home.
This week I had the immense honor of swearing Cena, a Marine dog from Muskegon, Michigan to Rainbow Bridge.  He was accompanied by heavy clouds of rain holding the tears of all who mourned him.  When these cleared the cheers from all of us who respected him rang out over the mountains and valleys
Cena had spent ten-years on the mortal side.  He had retired from the Marines with honors.  He was never wounded in battle but he could not escape the heartless damage caused by the bone cancer that took him away from his comrades.  
Cena had been partnered with Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung in 2009 for a nine-month stint in Afghanistan.  His duty was a very important one. He had to sniff out bombs to keep his comrades alive.
When their tour of duty was completed Cena and DeYoung were rotated back to the United States.  As per course, they were separated.  DeYoung suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.  The doctors realized what would be best for DeYoung was to be reunited with Cena, who had been retrained as a service dog.  They would spend the next four years together.
It is true with all pets and their parents, but maybe more so when you have gone through great stress with one another, that the bond is unbreakable.  “My whole adult life I've had Cena. When I was 19 overseas learning how to be responsible, I had Cena. And now I'm 27 and I'm having to say goodbye to one of the biggest pieces of my life,” DeYoung told NBC’s Nightly News. “This dog saved my life. I trust him more than I trust most human beings.”
Cena was given a hero’s send off.  He was paraded past crowds of adoring fans in an open jeep. Everyone waved goodbye to their protector.  DeYoung, in his uniform, took Cena from the jeep and carried him in his arms to the veterinarian who helped him cross over to Rainbow Bridge.
Since arriving here Cena has desperately tried to let Jeff know he is still with him  For any parent, losing a pup is devastating, but when that pup was by your side through the horrors of war, and then helped heal you from the effects of the war, the loss is immeasurable.
Most of all Cena has to find a new therapy dog for Jeff to hit him deal with the travails of everyday life and heal his heart from Cena’s loss and his own sacrifices.
I am sure Cena will be successful at his tasks.
Never bet against a military dog

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The True Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

One of my sacred duties her at Rainbow Bridge is to critique the many foolish studies that humans do concerning dogs.  For the most part, I find these studies to be nonsensical, but there was recent research whose findings I earnestly champion.  Pets bring real health benefits to their parents.
Of course, we dogs have been saying this forever.  It is delightful that distinguished humans agree.
One of the findings the scientists discovered is that dog owners are more active, taking 2,760 steps per day more than nondog owners.  (Under the “No Shinola” heading it also found that these steps a less on rainy, cold or snowy days.)  It is our need for walks that prompts our owners to take these steps.  They are not doing it for themselves they are doing it because they love their dogs
But taking a few more steps is not the only benefit we dogs gift to our parents.  These researches missed the following obvious benefits:
Our parents bend over or squat three times as often as non-dog owners.  All that poop retrieving and pee cleaning keeps our parents in excellent shape.  If your folks are looking a little hefty pee on the floor a few time to tighten up those stomach muscles.  
Our parents have great thigh and calf muscles from walking us and having to dig their feet into the ground when we see a vermin or another dog and try to charge after them.  
Our parents are very attentive listeners when other humans talk.  They have to be to be able to hear over our incessant barking.
Out incessant barking also makes our parents more patient than other folks.
Our parents have much stronger stomachs when it comes to encountering gross things due to the presents we drag from the woods and leave at their feet.
Our parents can assertively say no more than other people because they have to say it 100 times more a day than non-dog parents.
Our parents have cleaner houses than other people because they spend so much time cleaning up after us that they become excellent cleaners.
Our parents can type with one better than other parents because when they are on their laptops, they have to have a free hand to scratch us.
I think our contributions to improving our parent's lives are immeasurable.  
But the biggest one is that dog parents experience a thousand times more love and non-dog parents.  And that is the only stat that counts.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Long Hot Summer by Pocket

It has been a long, hot summer in our happy little home.  It has been more than a month since our beloved central air system breathed its last cold breath.  I don’t know where it is now.  Its body is still attached to the house, but its soul had departed.  I wonder if it is at Rainbow Bridge keeping Foley cool.
I don’t pay much attention to the conversations that occur between Daddy and the strange people who arrive at the house to fix things.  I am too busy barking at them to play with me or being told by Mommy to stop barking, to understand what they are talking about.
From the few words of the conversation that I could decipher the blame falls on someone named Warren T.  I think Warren had promised to fix the air conditioner for five years after it was put in but now Warren doesn’t want to fix it after only two years.  If I met this Warren, I would bite him.
We do have two window units.  They do an adequate job of keeping the living room and bedroom cool.  The kitchen is uncomfortable when it is humid out.  The seldom used front room is a place where Foley can send her uncooperative minions.  It is hotter than the hottest place.
The living room window unit blows right on mommy’s chair. River and I enjoy it.  Mommy gets cold and has to use a blanket, which is super comfortable to lay on, and when we do the cold air ruffles our hair and cools us off.   When we shut the bedroom door, the bedroom becomes the perfect sleeping temperature.  When we are begging for food at the kitchen table, we are kind of hot, but it is food, so it is worth it.
I have heard my parents talking about trying to force Warren T to do the work.  They might have to go to court to make sure Warren holds up his end of the bargain.  I don’t know how successful they are going to be.  Not many people are intimidated when they find out that we are represented by a five pound Yorkie who went to Rainbow Bridge in 2013.  Then again, there is no substitute for experience.
I wonder if the lack of central air has caused River to not jump on furniture.  She runs, she jumps for treats, she walks, she does everything normally, but she still doesn’t want to jump on furniture.  Maybe she has lost confidence in her jumper.  She goes to the vet next week.  My parents are hoping there isn’t anything seriously wrong.  The way she runs jumps, walks and pulls on the leash makes my parents think she does not have a serious injury but the  unreliability of Warren T makes them take nothing for granted
If you run into Warren T send him our way.  He owes us some work.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017