Sunday, May 10, 2015

Angel Willie is our May 10, 2015 Pup of the Week

It is hard for those of you on the mortal side of the Bridge to understand how difficult it is to be an angel.  We watch over our parents the best we can but we can’t protect them from every bad thing that happens . This week Angel Willie learned that lesson in a very hard way.

Willie spends a lot of time watching over his Mom.  But when she is with his mortal brothers he assumes she is in good paws and spends his time swimming in the river.  

Willie stopped watching his Mom just as she was taking Roscoe and Jessie for a walk.  When he checked in on her a short while later he found her being loaded into an ambulance.  Her knee was heavily wrapped and she was in excruciating pain.  He couldn’t find out what had happened.  He could only enter his family’s minds while they were sleeping and everyone was too keyed up to sleep.

Willie ran so fast to my cloud he burst through the door and knocked me out of my chair.  It took several barks before I could understand:  His Mom was hurt and he didn’t why.  I took him to Tommy Tunes’ mansion where any answer can be found.  Tommy took us to a control room in the basement with thousands of televisions.  Our good friend, and long time Rainbow Bridge Angel, Teddy Bond, had placed thousands of cameras around his friend’s parents’ houses so if we miss something we could find out what happened.

Tommy sped through the tapes until he found Willie’s Mom Sandy standing on her landing, locking her front door when suddenly Roscoe took off followed by Jessie.  Sandy lost her balance, was pulled down the stairs and landed on her knee, crushing it.

Willie let out a moan seldom heard at the Bridge and covered his eyes.  Tommy and I lay down next to him and asked him what was wrong.  “It’s all my fault,” Willie said.  “I should never have taken my eyes off of Mom.  Oh what kind of angel am I?”

We both assured Willie he was a wonderful and devoted angel but there were two rules about being an angel:  Rule Number One is that bad things happen to those we are tasked with protecting and Rule Number Two is that there isn’t a damn thing we can do about Rule Number One.

Poor Willie stood up and began to pace muttering to himself.  “I told them not to pull Mom on the stairs.  And Roscoe!  I picked him out especially for Mom.  And he was the main puller.”

I went to him and gave him a hug.  Tommy sent out a distress call to our other angel friends who joined us.  After much discussion we decided upon Willie’s best course of action.

First Willie visited Jessie and Roscoe who were blaming themselves just as much as Willie was.  He told them that what happened was not their fault.  Dogs do things they shouldn’t, pull at the wrong time, go in the wrong direction, and occasionally humans get hurt.  But he knew they loved their Mom, and were heartbroken over the accident.  He gave them each a kiss and told them not to worry, that their Mom would be in the hospital for a night or two, and she would need a great deal of care and loving over the next few months as she heals.  Willie would not be able to do this, it was up to Roscoe and Jessie, and there were no two dogs he trusted more to take care of his Mom.

Next he assumed the body of a wee fly so he could sneak into the operating room and make sure his Mom’s surgery went accordingly.  He then climbed into her dreams even though, because of the anesthesia those dreams were quite disjointed.  He spent the next day, when she had to stay at the hospital with complications, and made sure she got home safely.

Today, on her Facebook page, Willie’s Mom posted that she was sure that she felt Willie brush against her twice.  And she was correct.  She is going to be feeling Willie’s presence a lot in the coming months.  He is her angel and he is pressing every boundary of angeldom to do what he can to keep her safe and heal.

And when he can’t he knows she is in good paws with Jessie and Roscoe.

And Sandy, Willie wanted me to leave you with these words.

Happy Mothers Day.  I love you.


  1. Oh Willie, this greeting is going to mean the world to your mom!

  2. Poor Willie, we know it wasn't his fault. We think he'll be working overtime to watch his mum now.

  3. Sometimes we just forget to keep our rents safe, like sometimes we three get under moms feet and trips her also and fings like that, but we would never want to really cos any real harm. We feel bad for this momma, but what wonderful care she will have.
    stella rose

  4. It is always so sad when unintentional actions have a bad result. We bet his mom loved hearing this.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley