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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: My Minions

Occasionally you may have heard me mention my minions.  After being appointed a Judge at Rainbow Bridge, I was given several minions to do the grunt work that neither my angel staff or I have the time to perform.
Recently the First Lady gave a speech where she described her house as being “built by slaves.”  As a civilized society we know having indentured servants do their owner’s bidding, for no pay, and not being allowed to stop working, is abhorrent.
But what of my minions.  Am I as guilty as slave owners?
I think it is important to understand how minions are created.  Anyone who mistreats people breaks the law and hurts others, become minions to human angels.  Anyone who abuses and mistreats dogs or other animals become minions to dog angels.  
And that is how I got my minions.  On the mortal side, they treated animals heartlessly and cruelly and when they reach their immortal side they are left to the whims of us dog angels.
I hope I am nice to my minions.  They are very small, smaller than even me.  They are very attentive to my needs.  So attentive I have to wonder what is the fate of those evil humans who refuse to be minions.
One day I took them all down to the River to set them free.  I put them all on the ground and told them to run free.  I turned and began walking home.  I stopped and looked at me.  My minions were following me, all in a row.  I couldn’t shake them.  When I got home, I felt like I should ask my mom if I could keep them.
I do my best to keep my minions happy and well fed.  And when I feel guilty about having them I remember what they did when they were mortal.
For every dog abused by a human, be patient.  Someday they will be your minion, and then you can determine how they should be treated.


  1. That is certainly one way to teach those minions not to mistreat animals. Too bad they didn't learn it earlier.

  2. Well, it's very nice that you are nice to the minions even though they were not nice to animals when on earth. Hopefully, they have learned their lessons


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