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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: In a Shelter Over There

A toy to play with, some new chew bones
Would make your wishes come true
When your family has come and gone
I’ll say this poem just for you
So what becomes of the unrescued dogs
Who never find a home
They’re sleeping alone tonight
In a shelter over there

Kibble poured from a bucket
Water out of a pail
Will there be a visitor tonight?
To let me out of this jail
So what becomes of all the unrescued dogs
Who never find a home
They’re sleeping alone tonight
In a shelter over there

Looking out the window, wishing upon a star
Tonight the cage next door is open
It’s occupant left today, happy, in a car
A palace made of solid gold
Can never beat a person and dog as a pair
Tomorrow the cage next door will be filled
In a shelter over there

A dog’s made for playing catch, running in the rain
Begging for bits of Daddy’s supper
Never letting a human bring you down again
From the window a bird sings, ready to fly who knows where
High, free and never caged
In a shelter over there

So what becomes of the unrescued dogs
Who never get a home
The world just gets lonelier
When your fate is in on the backlog
So what becomes of the unrescued dogs
Sleeping all alone
Dreaming of a warm lap
In a shelter over there

It’s time to climb out of that little cage
And into the car you go
It’ time to go to your forever home
Far away from the shelter over there


  1. Tears - we wish they could all be saved and there would be no need for those shelters.
    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. We wish one day there will be no need for shelters. It's a crazy dream we know but wouldn't it be wonderful? Your poem is wonderful.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. So sad, wish we could rescue every homeless dog.

  4. prayers for all pets in shelters that they find their forever homes. What a beautiful poem
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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