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Maybe I'm A Maizy: How Chase and Gucci Found a New Dog for Their Mom

When dogs are together most of their lives, and they love one another fiercely, their relationship begins to resemble that of an old married couple.

Never has this been truer than with Chase and Gucci, two Poms who crossed late last year, first Gucci, then Chase, from a broken heart caused by his brother's absence.  Chase and Gucci lived with Momma Sherry, to make a perfect trio, which was briefly reduced to a duo until they became one: The loneliest number.

Chase and Gucci have been as equally inseparable at the Bridge as they were in the mortal world.  One day they would be happily playing in one of the Bridge's many overgrown tickless fields. The next day they would be enjoying a sunny day at the park, with one laying their head on the other. The next they would be getting ice cream at Otie Campbells or treats at Hannah Bananas.  Sometimes they laughed sweetly, sometimes they spoke softly, and sometimes they bickered. Mostly, they argued about how to take care of their mom and the best way to heal her broken heart.

“We need to find her another dog” Chase announced confidentiality
“Absolutely not!” Gucci snapped back. “We were mommy's last dogs.  She can't take the pain of losing another pup. And she doesn't want to get a puppy that she could outlive. Not going to do it.”

“This isn't about what momma wants it's about what momma needs. If we don't get her a dog, we will never see her pretty, carefree smile again.’

“And if she gets a dog when she isn't ready. She won't bond with it and won't be happy. I say we wait until mommy says she wants a dog instead of trying to dream force one on her. “

Chase said he would commence his search the next morning. Gucci told Chase he was on his own. The next day, as Chase began to slip into the first candidate's dreams, Gucci joined him. “I am certainly not letting you select this dog on your own,” Chase said to his brother.

They must have interviewed a thousand dogs.  The one that intrigued them the most was an unloved, unwanted, flea covered black Maltese mix near their momma's home in Long Beach.

Gucci was charmed by the little Maltese, and he and Chase agreed that she was perfect for their mom. They convinced the dog to take a huge risk.  She slipped her lead and left the negligent family behind buoyed by the Brothers promise that a better life was just beyond the horizon.

She was picked up by animal control, given a flea bath and held for her owners to claim her, but no one did, just as Chase and Gucci had promised her because they knew bad parents when they smelled them. Meanwhile, after several dream visits from her angels Momma Sherry awoke, unable to remember their presence but filled with an insatiable desire to visit the pound.

When Momma Sherrie came in the shelter, the little dog recognized her from the brothers’ description, and she turned on the charm. Momma Sherrie never had a chance. The little dog was finally in the family she deserved.  She Immediately began to fix her new mom's, broken heart.

Mamma Sherrie named her new baby Mazie because it was amazing she had found a cute, snugly, house trained, perfect little pup so close to her home.  If she knew how hard Chase and Gucci had worked to get their mom a new dog, she would know how amazing her finding Mazie really was.

I stopped by the brother's house with a bottle of wine and some cookies to congratulate them.  I heard their excited yips and thought they would be playing in the yard but found them bickering over what color leash Mazie shouldn't have.

Like an old married couple, they couldn't be happier


  1. They did a wonderful job for their Mom and Maizy too!

  2. What a heartwarming story. We're hoping that someday Lily Belle & Muffin will do the same from the Bridge. It's very lonely here without them.

    Welcome Maizy!

  3. That was so beautiful. Mazie and Sherry will never know the real story.

  4. That is wonderful for Sherry and Mazie!!
    Hazel & Mabel


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