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Rascal Picks Hazel With the Brown Eyes for her Mom


One of the most challenging duties a new angel has is finding a replacement in their parent's hearts for them. It would be an even more difficult task for Rascal, whose mom loved her with all her heart and lost it when she went to the Bridge. Her mom wanted Rascal, not a new dog, but she needed one. 


Rascal had to find a dog who would be patient with her mom, who was severely hurt by Rascal's passing. She knew her mom would be shy about surrendering her barely healed heart to another dog. But if she remained dogless, the pain would overwhelm her. But no soul knew his mom like Rascal, who was confidents he would choose wisely. 


A bright shiny, full-of-energy pup who needed constant attention wouldn't do. This dog would have to be mature and not overly needy. In short, Rascal had to find a dog as broken as her mom. 

 It took her hundreds of interviews to find Hazal, a dog with an abusive past who wanted a person of her own to love, but because of her history, she was easily triggered by kids, noise, stress, and other dogs. Hazel needed a home with a low-key mom and lots of love. Since that was the place Rascal had departed from, she knew she had a match. 

 Before she went into her mom's dreams and told her where she could find Hazel, she mentioned to Hazel that her mom was still hurting. She might not be ready for a new dog, but she is in the top one percent of dog moms in the world, and while she feels guilty loving another deep down, she understands if there is a good dog in need, it is her duty to adopt it. Most of all, Rascal stressed Hazel néeded to be patient. Her mom was still suffering, but she will open her heart again in time. 

 Then she went into her mom's dreams. She knew her mom would not act to get a dog for herself but could not resist helping one, and that is how Rascal approached it. If she didn't save Hazel, a beautiful dog, the pup would never know love. The next day against her better judgment, she adopted Hazel. 

 And now they are together and cautiously deepening their relationship like two people in an arranged marriage bound to last a lifetime once they open their hearts. 

 To nudge the process along this week, Rascal used enough accumulated ghost energy to appear to her mom when she looked at Hazel. Rascal's message was that he was still there inside of Hazel. She has left half a heart there and the other half with her mom. When Hazel and her mom connect, the heart will become whole and long reign in them. 

That will come in time. As for now, Rascal will watch over them and help repair their broken hearts until they are strong enough to do it themselves. 


  1. With Rascal's help, we have no doubt that Hazel and her mom will build a great new life together.
    Gail's plan was that Nobby would meet in Bertie in the flesh but it wasn't to be. So far, puppy Nobby is calmer than Bertie at the same age, and doing a great job of helping her start afresh.

  2. We are wishing Hazel and her humom all the very bestest!

  3. Truly a match made in Heaven.

  4. Hazel is a lucky pup and Rascal played a part for sure!

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