Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The truth about Foley's tail feather

The President had been correct. Everyone soon forgot my confrontation with the cat burglar after our White House dinner. But there was one aspect of the story that refused to die.

Lou Dobbs continued to insist that I was not a real Yorkie and I could not produce any paper work to show I was.

His theory took on ever more credence when the following picture ran in the papers the day after my visit.

As you can see I have a tail. Because of this I am not considered and Yorkshire Terrier by the AKC and cannot get the papers to prove to Mr. Dobbs that I am, indeed, a Yorkie.

First of all, I am obviously a Yorkie. I have a Yorkie face, Yorkie ears, Yorkie body, Yorkie attitude and Yorkie intelligence. That my breeders did not choose to snip off a perfectly fine tail to meet some archaic standard by the masochists at the AKC should not stop me from taking my rightful spot in my breed.

Second of all, it is a shame that Yorkies are having their tail cropped and more Mommies and Daddies do not get to see the beauty of a Yorkie tail.

Now, please, feel free to check out my tail.

It rises up over me like a flower, blossoming over my back, with beautiful tan and black flowers falling on to my dark fur. When I am happy it swings back and forth. Mommy and Daddy call it my tail feather and encourage me to let them see me shake it.

Compare this to Pocket’s tail: Just a stub. I don’t mean to knock my friends who have a stub for a tail, if that is how your creator made you then it is beautiful. But when your tail has been circumcised for no other reason then what a bunch of men smoking pipes, wearing top hats, and taking a break between games of cribbage decided it’s not right.

When I wag my tail it creates a lovely breeze that cools me off and everyone around me. When Pocket wags her tail it looks like a baby boy has escaped from the couch his Mommy was changing him on and ran out the back door to let it his little man flap in the breeze.

Now it’s true, we could get papers for me. It isn’t like they have the doggy inspector come out and check to see if you are really are who your Mommy and Daddy claim you are. But I can’t be in a dog show (which is a good thing for other dogs because I would win every year) and if they won’t let me be in their show then they don’t want me to be part of their club.

So there.

If you know anyone who breeds Yorkies have them take a look at my tail feather before they decide to crop. If they don’t, neither Yorkie or owner, will know what they’re missing.

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