Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lulu's story: Surrender, Adoption, Reunion

Mommy and Daddy have a good and trusted friend named Lori.  Last year her pup went to the Bridge.  She became interested in adopting a new baby.  She was splitting her time between living in our home town and in Falmouth on the Cape of Cod where she owned a condo.  She was selling her home in our town, but was having a hard time because of the way humans have destroyed the kibble market.  She had heard Mommy and Daddy talking about how wonderful we are and decided to get a Yorkie of her own.  She checked with the area shelters and rescues and one near Falmouth had a Yorkie baby, three years old, that had been surrendered. 

Oh the people at the shelter has such a sad story about her surrender.  A young man came in and said he was releasing the poor little Yorkie because she was constantly fighting her Shih Tzu sister, and us Yorkies, well, we are not very good at the fighting, and this pup, Lulu by name, would be found cowering in a corner, beaten and bloody.   Her parents had observed the siblings together and determined that Lulu started every fight by attacking the Shih Tzu.  Unfortunately she was never the one to end the fight.  No one knew why this otherwise gentle dog was attacking the other dog.  Some felt it was because their Mom had advanced cancer, and Lulu was taking care of her.  Then this new dog came in and Lulu wanted to protect her Mom from it.  Others said Lulu was jealous.  I think the Shih Tzu was wearing Axe Body spray.   That would make me open a big can of whoop ass on another dog.

The final straw was when Lulu and the Shih Tzu were at doggy day care.  Lulu had enough of everything and decided to go for a stroll.  Thankfully she was properly tagged because they found her five miles away in the town of Wood's Hole with a kit bag over her shoulder looking to hop a ferry to Martha's Vineyard.   It became clear something had to change.  So the tearful parents, who did love Lulu, but with Mom's sickness, and other problems, could not take the stress of a pugnacious wandering Yorkie, with a great deal of heartbreak and tears surrendered Lulu for her own good. 

A shot time later Mommy's and Daddy's friend came into the shelter, saw Lulu, and fell in love.  Some paperwork signing here, some fact checking there, and Lulu was another Yorkie of Taunton.

Shortly after she joined the family Lulu proved to be a good luck charm.  The family sold their house and moved to Falmouth to enjoy their latter years and only have one home to maintain.  When Mommy and Daddy went there last week for their separate therapy sessions (Pocket, when you edit this remove the last 5 words and don't just put the strike thru over it because people can still read it and Mommy and Daddy will be mad that we said that, but it might explain that whole Weiner blog thing) she had quite a story about Lulu.  Lori was walking little Lulu when Lulu saw a man and began straining on the leash.  The man turned, looked at the little Yorkie and said "is that Lulu?"  As Lulu pulled her Mom towards the man he bent down, picked her up, and immediately started getting kisses.  The man worked for Lulu's former owners, who had just moved in one building down from where Lori and her husband were now living.

The man told Lori of Lulu's sad surrender.  He then told her he wasn't sure if he wanted to tell Lulu's estranged Mom about Lulu living there.  Lulu's former Mom was quite sick and going through radical cancer treatments.  The man did not know if it would make her condition worse.  But fate had it's own ideas.

There are many paths behind the condos where they live.  Lori and Lulu were walking when a slim elderly woman walking a Shih Tzu came around the bend.  Lulu saw them and reacted with great enthusiasm.  Unfortunately it took the form of wanting to kill the Shih Tzu.  Lulu's estranged Mom saw her baby and her eyes filled with tears.  Lori picked Lulu up and gave her to her former Mom and there was lots of licks and crying.  The Shih Tzu stood in the path, looking up at his Mom, saying "of all the paths in all the condo places in the world she walks into mine."

But the Shih Tzu was not aggressive at all.   Then Lulu's estranged Mom handed her back to her new Mom.  Lori promised that she could come see Lulu whenever she wanted.  They agreed to keep the Shih Tzu behind.

So now Lulu, her first mom, and her new Mom sit in her living room and talk about old times and new times while Lulu snuggles on the couch.  A series of tragedies drove them apart, but an equal series of fortunate events brought them back together.

New Mom, old Mom, new dog, old dog, together as one.  Some days surrenders and adoptions work out perfectly.  But you have to wonder what the deal was with that Shih Tzu.


  1. Wow what a great story, a Yorkie bringing new friends together.

    That Shih Tzu is obviously evil and the sweet Lulu was trying to warn everyone.

  2. wow a story. Lulu sounds like one special pup
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a story! So glad Lulu was able to get a new home and then to be "reunited" with her ex-mom. It probably makes her ex-mom feel good to know she has a good home. And to be able to visit with Lulu? Icing on the cake. Lulu is twice lucky to get a loving mom.

  4. Mama's eyes are leaking! What an amazing story. (and they say dogs have no memory! HA!) Lucky Lulu, two Mama's must be better than one.