Friday, November 23, 2012

A Pre-Thanksgiving Day Surprise

On Wednesday, Calvin, who is 19 months old, and is our only male grandbaby came to visit. I am very excited when the grandbabies come to our house because I have so much to teach them. And they frequently drop food.

To be honest, when the grandbabies age, I lose interest in them. Once they get old enough to pick me up, squeeze me, and cause general uncomfortableness, I get done with the sniffing and greeting then I am cool with finding a place to hang out where they can’t bother me. They have Pocket to carry around the house, pet, poke, jostle and generally annoy.

But I love the little ones who aren’t coordinated enough to annoy. Who stumble around, fall to their knees and laugh. Who crap in their pants. They are my peeps.

When Calvin came over Mommy gave him some loose goldfish treats, and a sealed box containing more goldfish. He would eat one, and then drop his hand, and I would be all over that hand, licking, nuzzling and ticking until I got a treat. It was like taking goldfish from a baby.

Once Mommy told him to watch his hands because I was stealing them. Calvin looked down at me, smiled, and handed me a goldfish. What a wonderfully smart boy. But then tragedy struck. We ran out of goldfish.

We did have the unopen box of treats. He picked the box up, held the top near his mouth and shook it. “No Calvin!” I said as the humans laughed at him. “We need to get the top off before we can eat them.” I ran into the kitchen and barked at the knife drawer but Mommy told me no. For some reason she didn’t want the kid running around with a knife. I know. I can’t figure it either.

Calvin was looking at the box, and then he lifted it over his head and threw it down. We both were expecting it to burst open but it only made a small dent in it. I told him to do it again. He bent down, picked it up, held it over his head, and threw it down. The dent got a little bigger. Now we were making progress.

He picked it up again and this time it hit a corner. I was sure it was busted open this time. But that little box held. This was the most frustrating thing I had ever been through. He kept throwing, I kept hoping, but the hardest substance man has ever made, cardboard, held up. Finally it was time to go, the box got put away, Calvin got dressed and the dream slowly faded away.

But before they left I picked up an important piece of information. Calvin’s mother is having a litter. Two kids at the same time due in May. I don’t know why humans waste their time having one baby at time, way too time consuming, so I am glad she wised up and is having a duo. So in a little while there will be two babies crawling around, and with two babies I know we can get that carton of goldfish open.

That was a nice surprise and gave us something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


  1. Brilliant!

    What great news. We don't know any little bi-peds, but we've heard they often have snacks stuck to around their mouths. Maybe with THREE of them, they can figure out how to get those boxes open!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Hope you managed to pick up some of that dropped food!! How nice to have a visit from liddul people

  3. That is sweet and we are glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. More little ones on the way mean more food to drop. Yea! Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. A litter of tiny humans?!? Well isn't THAT just the most exciting thing ever? You know what is better than one tiny human feeding you snacks? TWO TINY HUMANS WITH SNACKS!'s gonna be amazing Foley, just you wait.