Tuesday, July 16, 2013

River Song recounts her first night in her forever home

Well I must say I am fitting in nicely at my new home.  Foley is right, if you give these folk the big innocent eyes they are liable to let you do anything.

After I arrived for Florida Mommy picked me up at my pup brother’s house.  My pup brother is owned by her groomer so the entire thing was a little incestious if you ask me.  I was introduced to my Mommy and right then I knew she was for me.  I climbed up on her shoulder and curled up, sighing that I was home.
She took me outside and put me in a crate on the front seat then took me to the nearest Petco where we met a man who worked there.  He held me too and was very nice to me.  I got a new bed, some toys, a thunder shirt, food, and something called a Snoozer.  It is a car seat, a stroller, a backpack, and an outdoor crate.  Mommy was reluctant to get it but the guy in the store insisted and Mommy gave in.  She seems to “give in” to guys in stores a lot.

We went home and I met Pocket who seemed nice but also a bit distant.  She climbed up on a chair with Mommy while I checked out every inch of the house.  Then, for some reason, I got put in a crate and she left the house.  The crate was nice and roomy and, being dog, and wanting to show how grateful I was, I took a big crap in the crate.

Then Mommy came back home, and she brought with her the guy from the store.  Hey, I’m not someone to judge, I had a litter with a dog I never met face to face, but I did think it was a little loose for Mommy to bring home the pet store guy.    Pocket told me the guy was Daddy and I said anyone who got me the fancy stroller, backpack, car seat thing could be my Daddy. Mommy was very forgiving that I took the crap (as time went on she was less so.)

Mommy and the store guy ate a pizza and handed us kibbles and then after that I got a big plate of kibble with some kind of meat mixed in.  It was so good.  I went outside and I did my business like a good girl.  I came in and climbed up on Mommy’s lap and stayed there, just a perfect, calm, little dog.  Pocket sat with me even though her every sniff was filled with suspicion.

Mommy had said that there was no way that I was going to get bed the first night.  No way.  She put me in my crate in the living room.  I barked and barked and barked.  Mommy finally relented and said my crate could go in the bedroom.  When I got in there I barked and barked and barked from the crate while Pocket barked and barked and barked from the bed inviting me in until Mommy finally gave in.  I snuggled into a little ball on the bed and went to sleep as part of a happy pack.

Mommy and the Store Guy thought they had found a perfectly calm little dog.  HE HE HE.  As a former Mama dog I knew, never show you true colors on the first night.   Were they in for a surprise.


  1. Oh we must have more. What have you been up to? Glad mum relented on the bed issue. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay cool all.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Puppy dog eyes will get us any place with humans, but we hope you exert your authority soon.