Friday, May 27, 2016

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Dream Visits with Odie and Scooby

Since arriving at Rainbow Bridge Scooby has proven himself to be extremely helpful.  He has opened a wing design shop.  Angels flock to him to get the beautiful wings he creates.  He has made Rainbow Bridge a much more colorful place.  The angels giggle when they see us together.  Scooby is a Great Dane with long legs.  I am a Yorkie whose entire body is smaller than Scooby’s head.  We are quite an odd couple.
Every Saturday night Scooby and I enter our siblings, Pocket, River Song, and Odie’s dreams, and we go on adventures.  We have gone to the North Pole, the Grand Canyon, Scooby’s mom’s fish tank, deep down the ocean floor and to the moon.  This week we had a grand time.
We went deep into outer space all the way up Uranus.  We stood on the surface and jumped on the first comet that passed by travelling at more than a million miles an hour.   Odie and Scooby wrapped their long appendages around the comet.  Pocket, River and I are all small and have to dig our paws in.  Pocket lost her balance and flew off.  I was able to snag her and pull her own to my comet before she floated out of our galaxy.
We steered towards the rings of Saturn.   We reached over and grabbed some ice balls. Then we popped them in our mouths.  They were so cool and tasted great.  
Then we headed for Jupiter where we filled our plates with Jupiter’s hot red cloud spices and red velvet cake.  The spices made our tongues burn.    Luckily Odie has saved us some ice balls to cool down our hot mouths.
We landed on Mars, and we took turns riding the rover all over the red planet.  The rover is like a space dog except it doesn’t poop.  Pooping at zero gravity can be dangerous.  If you move the wrong way post poop, it pops up and hits you on the face.
We bypassed Earth and went to the moon to pick up more of Smoochy’s dust in case we have a late winter.  Then we went to Venus, the planet of amore, for some love dust to sprinkle over our loved ones and finally to Mercury to gain speed so we could get back home quickly.
When we go on our dream dates, we always bring other friends and angels, so if you want to go adventuring next week let us know and go to bed early Saturday night.
Just don’t eat any of Scooby’s cake.


  1. Did you ignore Pluto because it is no longer a planet? But it is still a dog.

  2. So that is how dreams work!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. OMD! Angel Greta would love an adventure like that
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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