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Pup of the Week: For Our Dads

There is a joke that was told by a comedian who no one wants to discuss anymore.  He said:  “Fathers take their sons outside, teach them how to play ball, take them to tryouts, drive them to practice, spend hours training them, drive them all over the world to games.  Then the son becomes famous, gets on television, the camera is on them and them: ‘Thanks, Mom.’”
I think the same is true with dogs.  In two-parent homes, our dads do a lot of the hard work like the walking, the training, and the poop picks up.  But moms get the credit because they feed the food, provide the laps, and, in the majority of cases, write these very blogs for us (which, somehow. paint moms in the best light.)
Dads become the butts of jokes.  They are the stupid ones who leave the gate open, forget to feed us, don’t take us out, or leave something out that we shouldn’t eat, and inevitably we do consume.  I have written many blogs where my Dad was run ragged during a K-9 Kamp challenge or ended up in trouble that should have been attributed to us, portraying him as the fool. , .
Truthfully I owe a lot to my Dad.  Twenty-two years ago this very day my parents were married. My mom knew dad was a dog lover.  She had one rule:  No dogs!  She had owned dogs in the past, but she never bonded with them.   Daddy wore her down, every day, for three years, until he finally talked her into getting a dog, Blake, who changed her life in incredible ways, brought her so much love, and led her to other dogs, including me.  From there came all the wonderful friends reading these words.  Me, Pocket, River Song, Blake and Mom owe it all to our Dad.
There are many dads who need to be recognized on this Father’s Day.  I do not have enough bandwidth at Rainbow Bridge to pay tribute to them all.  I have chosen some of my personal favorites.
Any dog and parent who have encountered Tommy Tunes and Freddy’s Dad Steve love both him and his dogs.  They have delighted us with their marvelous videos of our pup friends conversing, beautiful computer created photos to honor new Angels, ingenious games, and, most importantly, always being kind.  Dad Steve has shown everyone who has encountered him, Tommy, or Freddy, how to be a perfect online friend.  When one of those friends, Gina Busch, went to the Bridge, Dad Steve stepped up and took her beloved beagle, Freddy, who, despite some medical problems, is still thriving, because of Dad Steve’s good, calm, reasoned sense.
Reese, Kole, and Angel Meika have the privilege of having two Dads: Dad.Jeffrey and their silent Uncle Rob (the Penn and Teller of Missouri.)  The past few years have brought many hard times on our friends:  Meika went to the Bridge, Uncle Rob became very ill and spent weeks in the hospital, and Dad Jeffrey was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy, which he is still battling. Through it, all Dad Jeffrey, Kole, and Reese have not failed to be kind, caring, sweet and funny.   If you need a model to demonstrate how to act during the stressful times, look no further than this pack.
The picture at the top of this blog is one of my favorites:  It depicts Angel Cassie and her Dad Richard beginning one of their beloved hikes.  Angel Cassie won Dad Richard’s heart at a PetSmart adoption event.  At first, Dad Richard left Angel Cassie at the store, but Cassie was in his heart, and he had to go back and bring her home.  They took many a hike together, and Dad Richard chronicled their adventures together and those he experiences with Katie.
Finally, we need to single Hobo and Wylie’s Dad Walt.  He and his wife Bruny have made Hobo the main character in two books and a world famous pup.  Hobo is funny, kind, fiercely loyal, generous and adventurous.   The words describe Dad Walt as well.  According to those who have met him in person he, like Hobo, is a true gentleman.  Hobo is a senior dog, and like his dad, he is a father to all of us. 
To all these fine gentlemen, and to dad’s everywhere, I wish the happiest of Father’s Days. Thank you for all you do.


  1. A wonderful doggie tribute to dads everywhere. Too often they are portrayed as bumbling dummies instead of devoted dads.

  2. What an awesome post!!! We love our Dad too!!! Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to Dads.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Simply a wonderful tribute to a wonderful group of Doggy Dads. I Molly have to add my Dad to this group as well. Just loved this one.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  4. Twenty-two years ago your parents got married. Well that is a celebration in itself. No fathers at my house. But Happy Happy to all Dads.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. We don't have a dad. SHE says that's the problem with being a one else to blame when things go wrong!
    Happy Father's Day to your dad.

  6. OMD! June 19th is our pawrents anniversary too - 23 yrs!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. That was a wonderful Daddy tribute. stella rose


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