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Monday Question


Do you twitch like you are running when you dream?

What are you dreaming about?…



River's Answer:  Yes, I do, and I am dreaming of waving from a balcony to my subjects


  1. we do... and we think we dream about being soccer players LOL

  2. We humans love to watch our napping and twitching cats; their whiskers move, their wee faces move, their paws move too!
    If cats watch us while we sleep, we probably do the same things, just on a grander scale!

  3. I twitch a lot! Mom is sometimes a little worried and wondering what I am dreaming about!

    Your friend Rosie

  4. We twitch...and sometimes make growly little barks. Mama thinks we are chasing bunnies!
    Sunny, Rosy & Jakey

  5. Yes, I do too, I'm dreaming that I'm late for dinner!

  6. Toto our mighty mini Dachshund would run with is back Mach Dach speed
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Chester does a lot of twitching when he sleeps. He's probably dreaming about chasing squirrels.

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