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River Song's Last Will and Testament


I River Song, of sound mind and body, do declare my last will:


I leave all my toys, my bed, my spot in the big bed, my food, and most importantly, my beloved parents to whatever dog is lucky enough to take my place in my family. I also leave them instructions on how to repair my parents' broken hearts. I did it after they lost Foley, which was a monumental task, and it will be even harder now.


To my dear sweet Mommy, I leave the memories, the ecstasy you felt the day I walked into your life, the promises of fidelity and love we made then, which was unspoken, and fully understood. Our moment was not long, but the candle lit in that instance will burn for a lifetime and beyond. We were lucky; some dogs and parents didn't have what we did. I'll miss your laughter when you looked at me, and I wasn't trying to be funny. I wish I could still be by your side, but the fates thought differently. I will always be with you; when you hear a bark in the distance or feel an unexplained warmth at your side, I am there, as I am when you see a butterfly flitter around your head or a bird who winks at you. A breeze on your cheek will be my breath; the sun on your skin will be my warmth; rain on your shoulder my tears; the thunder and lightning in the sky me pawing your hand to get attention; and the morning dew me signing my love on the grass.


To my online Facebook, Blogger, and Tanner Brigade friends, I thank you for your beloved company. I shall miss the conversation we shared, and when I have a story to tell, I will imagine what you would say and smile.


I left behind my harnesses, leash, and blanket; all I needed was the fur I was born with. When all of you see the morning light sneaking through the blinds, that is me watching over you, and when you see a rainbow, it is me sending the total amount of my love to you.


As I say goodbye, there will be another dog in this space, and I swear to God, by Christmas time, your hearts will be filled with love. 


I vow never to break your hearts again.


Now, I'm leaving my family, my friends, my ashes are at home, and my soul in the wind, the clouds are where I lie, as I write sonnets of love in the sky, and light the moon, full and high. I am standing on the mast; after being called to the sea, I say I love you all as I am sailing away.


  1. Our eyes are leaking. Our hearts are overflowing with both sadness at your passing and joy at our memories of you. We send your Peeps strength, hope, beautiful memories and love. Keep being AWESOME. Purrs Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb

  2. Dear River Song, your last will and testament sing of the great abiding love between you and your folks. It will always be so.

  3. I know you'll be sending someone special because you were and always will be.

  4. Farewell, Angel River Song; you will be missed.
    Hugs and purrs to your pawrents.

  5. River Song...bless your kind soul very very itty bitty heart.
    This was absolutely beautiful. You were always taking care of others.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. On to your next adventure River Song !

  7. River's Last Will is a wonderful way to say goodbye, although as she points out she will still be around. Your sentiments are so personal, yet universal at the same time. Wishing you peace.

  8. Hi friend, Ojo here. My person's eyes are leaking. Big time. Why is this?

  9. Bless your sweet heart, River. We will remember you always…..


  11. Such a beautiful "glob" I love you River and you are always in my heart. Golden Kisses, Angel Enzo

  12. So many tears reading this...We will forever love you, River, and never forget you. ♥♥♥♥

  13. With teary eyes, we send you much love and many hugs.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. That's us above. The comment box wouldn't let us sign in through Google and now it did:(

  15. It has been our pleasure being your friend for all these years. Lily & Muffin were excited to finally meet you at the beautiful Bridge.


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