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Poetry Thursday


Welcome to Poetry Thursday!

Here is the photo our friend Sam posted to inspire us

All her friends thought it would be a botch

When Martha married a Sasquatch

The first few years were filled with glee

Except when, on the floor, he did pee

But soon they grew apart

She growing weary of his tendency to shed and fart

They decided to go to counseling

To pull their marriage out of the downswing

But Bigfoot could not fit in her Prius

And after peeing on the floor was barred from the bus

So they took the subway

Where peeing on the floor was okay

The counselor said their marriage was hopeless

And it was best if they ended this mess

Then they sadly took the subway back home

With Martha wishing she had married a gnome

They thought they were headed to happily ever after

Where their life would be filled with laughter

But now they would both be on their own

As Sasquatch returned to parts unknown



  1. That is both sad and hilarious. Well done. Brilliant!

  2. Great job! You have such a fertile imagination.

  3. That was such a clever and fun poem!

  4. Great job on the poem. Interesting take on the photo. :)

  5. we are rolling on the floor with laughter...omg that is good stuff hahahaha

  6. River, your poem is brilliant and very clever. She wished she had married a gnome, BOL, BOL!!!!! XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia

  7. I wonder if Martha gave him a package or two of Depends as a parting gift ...

  8. Just testing. I've been having some problems leaving comments. I previously had to do so as Anonymous, see above. Hope this works.


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