Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Nina the Trend Setter

The events that occur when a soul passes over the Bridge are well known by my readers. All their pain and illnesses are erased, and when they reach the immortal world, they are whole again. A friend of mine, Nina, began to shed cancer that would cause her to go to the Bridge before transitioning.

Nina had battled cancer for a long time, and it became apparent to her parents that the only way to obliterate the disease was to let Nina go to the Bridge. She was running out of heartbeats, with only a couple of days left, when something began to happen that shocked her mom: The lesions and lumps that had plagued Nina for so long were lessening.

Her mom knew it wasn't that she was getting better. Her time was over, it had been written, but she could not explain why Nia was seemingly getting better.

It was odd behavior, and The Powers That Be asked me to investigate the phenomenon. I visited Nia, who assumed I was there to take her, but I said not yet and asked about her cancer abating. She said she didn't know any more than I did. Then I realized that the wall between the mortal and immortal worlds was so thin that the healing that takes place while crossing was happening now. Nia did say it made her feel better and that it was a blessing. I kissed her and told her I would see her soon, which tragically was true.

The next day Nia joined me at the Bridge, and her healing was complete. I still don't know how the recovery began early. It must have been that Nia had some mighty angels who manipulated the walls between sides to bring her comfort. I decided I didn't want to know because someone would want to stop dogs from getting this precious gift.

Nia knew her mom was left broken-hearted and was communicating with her mom's other angels on how to help their mom. They had not anticipated their mom's friends were a step ahead of them.

A couple of days after Nia went to the Bridge, Momma Beth's friends came to her house to celebrate Nia's life, and it was a marvelous tribute to her newest angel's life.

Momma Beth's house is the birthplace of two trends I would like to see happen everywhere, one is to still the healing before the passing, and the second is a celebration of a dog's life. Momma Beth's friends knew she had lost a child and treated it accordingly, hoping to make the loss easier, which is a massive thing for mourning parents.  

Sometimes I have hope for the human race.


  1. it's good to have friends if you have to go through such sad times... to be alone is the worst...

  2. How very wonderful for friends to create a celebration!
    Too often, we are left alone with our grief.
    The fact that the veil becomes thin, and the angel healing begins before death is miraculous.

  3. Nia's Mom is certainly fortunate to have friends like that. Not efurryone can understand what it's like when a precious pet dies. And I'm happy for Nia that her pain was abated before she crossed over. What a wonderful phenomenon!

  4. I'm glad to hear that the special friends were there to help out.

  5. We all need all the help we can get to have hope for the human race anymore.


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