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Honey Goldberg Brings Her Fashion to the Bridge


Buddy Goldberg excitedly knocked on my door. He lived in a house along the shore with his siblings Boobie, Buffy, Basil, Katy, and Tango. Next to that was a large barn where their horse Midnite slept. There are not many horses in Doggyspace, and we are all fortunate to have Midnite, who gives us rides whenever we request unless the horsie is running in an open field with the other horses, an activity I know he loves. He had come to me because he lives in a jurisdiction covered by my judgeship request.  I never say no because he was so sweet and what Yorkie wants to piss off a horse with wings?  

Buddy told me that Midnite wanted to expand their property. I inquired why but Buddy acted sheepish and nervous. Angels can often become flummoxed around an authority figure like myself. I didn’t want to see my friend worked up, so I told him I was sure the expansion would not be a problem. At the Bridge, the land is always getting larger to accompany the influx of new souls we get every day. 

Then Buddy gave me plans which did not make sense for a horse. He requested a new bedroom with a huge walk-in closet and an inground pool. When I asked why Midnite would need such amenities, Buddy stumbled over his words. That is when I realized the improvements were not for Midnite.  

Not many dogs this side of Hattie Mae needed a big closet, but I knew Buddy’s sister Honey was one of them and that she had been battling an illness for a long time. Being a good dog, Buddy admitted to the subterfuge when confronted and explained that the beautiful Honey did not want to make a fuss when she crossed. I said all dogs need a stir when they cross; if she didn’t arrange one, we would provide one for her.  

We all gathered at Hobo’s Landing and waited for our friend. When she crawled out of the River of Life and walked to the Bridge, she was met by Midnite, who lowered its head and let her ride on its back. Never had a pup looked more regal crossing the Bridge. Her long hair flew in the wind, and she wore a sun hat daintily on her head. When Midnite reached us, he lowered his head, and Honey slipped off. That is when I saw all the bags tied behind Midnite filled with hats and clothes. I guess you can take it with you.

Then we had one of the all-time welcomings fusses for Honey with great food, singing, dancing, fetching, and Midnite inviting friends so we could play cowboys and Indians and joust.  

When Honey returned to her newly renovated house, she saw all her belongings had been put away. This was important. Starting tomorrow, all their mom’s angels were banding together to repair her broken heart.

Proper dress is required for such an endeavor 



  1. Another beautiful story and tribute. The last paragraph give me a visual of angels floating about.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Honey looks like a real fashionesta....she's beautiful! My deepest sympathy to her family.

  3. What a lovely story about sweet Honey.


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