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Poetry Thursday

 Angel Sammy and Teddy have given us the below picture to both entice us to join their poetry blog hop, and inspire us.


We all shuddered when the rode into town

The meanest bike gang around

First the hit the Wal-Mart

And cleared out all the Pop Tarts

They didn't pay a dime

No one would report their crime

Unless one wanted a kick in the shin

Or a spit ball on the chin

They marauded through our village

And every ice cream shop the did pilliage

They rode on our lawns

A group of real tough cons

They swam in our pools

Knowing the only ones to complain were fools

They did wheelies on the grass

And against our window they pressed ass

By sunset they had grown tired

And rode out of town most undesired

We went to bed happy it tomorrow

When back to school they will go


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