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Poetry Thursday


Angel Sammys and Teddys  have given us this picture as inspiration for the Thursday Poetry Day. But we had another idea


 Oh great big wave all mighty and strong

I would like to use your energy to right some wrongs

Like when I comment on a friend's blog and have to stop

And identify with street lights or motorbike riding cops

And I check all the pictures that look right

But cannot get back to the web site

Now it wants me to find the bicycles

From a picture using no vehicles

I just blindly check boxes

Until I hi9t the right responses

And my comment gets posted

Before from friend's lists I am demoted

The I move to Blogger

On which I am an author

But when I got to post a line

Which is surely sublime

I am told to sign in

Which I try time and time again

Until I quit  

Because the stupid computer won't let me talk to friends

And why I just can't comprehend




  1. oooh you said it!!!!! the mama never finds all bikes or traffic lights or bridges... she needs new glasses huh?

  2. Blogger can be so irritating at times and almost bring you to your knees!

  3. If I live for 200 years I will never understand why the powers that be think they have to fix something that is not broken
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. I hope folks will let me know if they are having trouble with my blog; haven't heard anything.
    What a bother though; guess that's what we get for 'free' Blogger?

  5. Yep...commenting has been soooooo ruff lately!!

  6. That was the most purrfect poem, we're with you on that one!


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