Monday, August 8, 2022

The Enormous Grief of a Mother Passing

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The circle of life means different things to different species. For dogs, if we are blessed, the right family finds us, we live with them for more than a decade, pass on, see our family a new dog, and they take our spot, and it begins again.

But when a child loses a parent, a dog, its mother, and a husband or his wife, there is no going to a rescue to get a new one. Sometimes a new person fills that role, but it is never easy or the same. That is why losing a person is harder than losing a pet.

At the Bridge, when we learn that one of our parents is ill, we work tirelessly to get them back to health. Often, we are successful, but sometimes, not even our greatest efforts can bring a cure.

When Atlas, Bosco, Thor, and Hans learned their Mama Diane had cancer, they began to curry favor with the Powers That Be, battle the evil determined to claim their mom for the Bridge, and give their mom the strength she needed.

Mama Diane fought hard, but even the efforts of boxer angels, strong will, and love in their hearts could not stop the evil known as cancer from claiming the victims if they choose. She stopped producing platelets due to her aggressive chemotherapy, and her body could not keep fighting. The boxer angels sadly acknowledged it was time for their mom to join the pups at their forever home.

Being an angel is brutal because they all miss the humans left behind, but when they turn to transition to the next life, their angels grow sad because keeping their survivors healthy is their duty.

The morning their mom was due to cross over, Atlas, Bosco, Thor, and Hans spent hours grooming, wanting to look their best when they greeted their mom. Of course, they could have spent the morning in a swamp, and it would not have hundred the joy felt at their reunion.

Diane crossed the Bridge on the human side where dozens of loved ones who had passed before her were waiting, and in front of them were Altas, Bosco, Thor, and Hans, standing at attention, each wearing a black bow tie.

They were supposed to wait, but when have dogs ever sat still after reuniting with a parent? They ran down a hill to the Bridge, and all leaped on her. Luckily, passing over gave strength, and their over-exuberance crushed her.

Diane had arrived at her forever home, solid and free of illness, and now she joins the angels, giving strength to those who survived and wishing, as the Boxers did, that they never arrive at this lovely, peaceful, quiet place.  

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  1. I am so sorry. I sure do wish all the money wasted by the powers that be would be
    spent on aggressive cancer research and cures for all types
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Ahem...I've got a lump in my throat...

  3. Brings tears, srarting with the black bow ties after grooming to get perfect for their human.


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