Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Ruby Rose Report September 11, 2022

Saturday I got to go with my parents again when they ran errands. I sat in my carrier and watched them carry out their uninspiring business. Then they stopped at Petsmart, and I was let out of my safe space and brought into the store. This made me nervous. I have been in my home for two months, and I’m thrilled, but like all rehomed dogs, I worry that where I am now is just a waystation. I fear that I will be rehomed, which I would not like.

Daddy held onto me most of the time except when I went into grooming and was placed on a table where I got a lot of scratches and no groom. Everyone was happy to see me but not as glad as I was to get safely back in my crate and then, a short while later, home.

I was pleased to be back in the confines of our house. After setting the table, Mommy finally sat down, and I snuggled next to her for what I hoped would be a long snooze. Then Mommy told me we had to guests. Jeepers Crow, all I wanna do is nap, and there are strange people walking in like they owned the place.t

Daddy picked me up we went to the threshold, and I was introduced to mommy‘s brother and his wife. They tried to bribe me with a squeaky toy. But I didn’t trust these people. They sat at the kitchen table and talked, and I took refuge under an end table around the corner and occasionally peeked out to watch the strangers. My Dad broke up some treats and threw them at me, trying to lure me out, but I was safe where I was and only occasionally stuck my head out. Then the pizza came.

`    I must have some Sicilian ancestry because when a person shares a pizza with another person, I think they become entirely trustworthy. Plus, I get handed kibbles while my humans eat their dinner. All trepidation was gone when I smelled food and began to eat. Also, these people are all 10 or 11 in dog years, meaning they drop a lot of food on the floor. I began to like having guests.

They spent too long in the kitchen. I wanted to sit in the warm recliner with Mommy, but I waited patiently. When we sat down, I snuggled up next to her. But I couldn’t get a good snuggle going because I had to pee on the pad, and I didn’t want to do it with an audience. No one wants to visit a house where one of the members whips it out and pees on the floor. I was beginning to like these people, so I held it in until they went home.

Then I put my front paws on the pad and peed. Mommy had to clean up my spillage. I must remember it’s just not good enough to get in the bathroom and pee; you’ve got to do it in the right spot. It’s a good thing mommy is used to Daddy’s dribbling and missing like a nervous college walk-on at basketball tryouts.

Then I got my treat stuffed Kong, which I was worried I wouldn’t because of the guests. Once I finished that off I snuggled with mommy a bit before bed. Usually, I pick out some bones for bed and chew them for an hour or so before crawling under the covers, but I barely had 15 minutes of chewing before I m fell asleep.

I decided I liked having guests, but boy is it tiring and tough on the bladder.


  1. Yes, guests sometimes come here but mostly they are Mom’s son or daughter and husband. I don’t really like it when people come! I just prefer my pawrents….. Chipper lives everyone who comes!!!

  2. Blaze says, hope t hey did not try to trim your nails.

  3. Good blog Ruby Rose being in Petsmart for grooming. I totally agree about not wanting to use pee pad with people watching. fallas and Belle

  4. Wow Ruby, you did really, really well. We're sure you will get to meet those peeps again, so better get in practice with the strong bladder...

  5. What - you got kibble and no pizza, Ruby? I would think that sharing with you would have made you feel more warm and comfy around the new peeps.

  6. "...missing like a nervous college walk-on at basketball tryouts..."

  7. OMD..Pizza?? You are one lucky pup Ruby!! Sounds like after everything settled down, you had a good time(and slept really well!).

  8. Awww, you're so precious, Ruby.

    Have a woof woof day and week. My best to your peeps. ♥


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