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The Ruby Rose Report September 5, 2022


This week I was allowed to do something with my parents that not even the esteemed Foley Monster was allowed to do: Accompany my parents when they ran their Saturday errands.

There were two reasons I was so honored. The first is that I am perfect in the crate; my Florida mom did a great job crate training me. The little plastic box is my haven where nothing can get me.

The second is that there was a bit of unrest in our peaceful neighborhood the night before. My worried parents, citing an overabundance of caution, which rarely works in our favor, decided they didn't want to leave me alone if the unrest was rekindled.

My predecessors all had different ways of dealing with being alone. River had terrible separation anxiety and a Houdini-like ability to escape confinement even in a locked crate. Given her freedom, she went from window to window looking for her parents equal times howling and panting. She also leaped from one piece of furniture to another, scattering what was on them. If the bathroom door were left open, she would jump on the toilet to the vanity where, because of her fear of heights, she stayed until rescued by her returning parents,

Pocket was a crate dog but was no less anxious confined than free,  it was not odd to find wee-wee and boom boom in her crate, causing her to be bathed and her crate to be power washed. Foley called such behavior unprofessional; atill in the crate was better than out for Pocket. Who knows what havoc she would cause, unconfined? River was a born Yorkie hunter, always fighting the instinct to kill her sister. If Pocket was uncrated, she was open to attack by separation anxiety stricken River.

Foley wasn't a bad traveler, but she was just as happy curling up on a blanket in the bedroom and enjoying me time. Blake, my parent's dog BDS (before Doggyspace), was another excellent crate dog, so she was allowed to go with them too. I learned when in doubt, look to the Shih Tzu.

I was put in my rickety crate, so called because I removed and chewed on the brackets and brought them to the car. I was placed in the backseat with the front of the cage in between the seats. I was very excited to learn the decade-old mystery of what my parents did when they were away.

Within a half hour, I realized they were just as dull inside the house as out. They would go to a store; one would get out, the other would stay with me, and then at the next place, they would reverse it. They said how thrilled they were that I was so good in my crate, but truthfully they were so dreadfully dull I fell asleep.

The only exciting pad was when they bought smelly food, which they shared with me when we finally got home.

If only my predecessors knew how boring these trips were, they wouldn't have gotten so worked up.

It is good my parents are dreadfully dull because I am Mucho dynamic, and we balance one another out together.


  1. Oh Ruby, you sound very wise! Perhaps you can come up with some excitement for your poor parents.

  2. oh what a fab adventure... and smell food? oh my... doggy heaven.

  3. Ruby Rose may this continue to be an adventure you can share. It is fun to see new sights and smell new scents. I hope the unrest is over. I don't like being scared
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Dear Ruby Rose - I do so enjoy reading your blog. You make a normal shopping trip fun!

  5. Sounds like an awesome adventure you went on. Sorry your parents were boring but that's humans for you. Maybe you can teach them a few tricks and how to have fun. Beautiful precious Ruby Rose

  6. Hahaha, you found out where they go, and I wish you could share that knowledge with other dogs (eh, Redford) so they don't get so darned upset when the humans go out for a bit.

  7. It sounds like a fairly good out n' about but I sure hope whatever the unrest is goes away.

  8. Looks like you did fine and your parents were so dull you went to sleep. You made me laugh out loud.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your peeps. ♥

  9. We know that most of our pawrents' trips in the car or van are boring, butt when *she* goes to the pet shop why can't we go there, *she* often betrays us and we can smell it when *she* comes home...sigh....and yes they do allow us in there. Dalton says he wants to sniff the p-mails, and Benji says he wants to check out the buffet of treats and toys...always at doggy level. BOL!

    You did good, Ruby Rose!

    We just won't try to remember the grooming place or the big bathtubs in second thought, if we stay home we know we'll be free of THAT concern!

  10. Ruby Rose you were indeed honored to go with your parents on errands as you are good in your crate.

  11. Hi Ruby Rose! Going in the car is nice. I never know what fun adventure you get to have. Sometimes it's just for the sake of the ride that I go, too. I love riding in my crate. XOX Xena
    Mom says she lost the follow for your blog, and doesn't see here where to start following again. Any suggestions? XOX Lucy


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