Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boris is our April 17, 2011 pup of the week

I can't say I know this week's pup of the week Boris well.

We have never barked at one another.   We haven't even done a introductory butt sniff.  I only know him from our friends Max and Tupper.

A short time ago Max and Tupper excitedly barked that they had talked their Mom into getting a brudder.  Puppies are like babies, only cuter.  Once a human takes one home they are in love with it like they have been best  friends their entire lives.

But poor Boris took sick right away.  They rushed him to the vet and he tested positive for heartworm, one of the worst words in doggy vocabulary.  Then his Mom learned that poor Boris would have to be separated from them.

Oh this poor baby.

You get to your forever home, you don't feel good, you get poked and prodded, and then ripped away from them.  And poor Mac and Tupper, who waited so patiently for a brudder, can barely find a sniff of their little friend.

We must tip our tail for Boris' dogtor who diagnosed the heartworm.  This is a difficult disease to recognize in young dogs and sometimes are only discovered after a pup has passed to the bridge.  According to Dr. Pocket the dogtor needs to administer a drug to little Boris that will kill the heartworm and any larvae which means eggs.  Once the drugs has been given to the pup it must be kept in a confined area.  Then there are several other tests after to make sure all the worms.  It is a long and costly process for poor Boris.  He's going to need lots of good help and prayers to make it to the other side.

Nothing is sadder then a puppy dog who gets sick.  But we believe in you Boris, you have our prayers, and we know you will be home soon.  Stay safe and healthy our Pup of the Week.

We also ask for prayers for Irie, the bird belonging to 12, Chappy, Whiskey and Fuzzy Bacon.  She has the dreaded blood in her stools.  She also isn't eating.  We usually don't ask for prayers for birds but this is something I have learned in the last two years.  It doesn't matter if you are dog, or a cat, or a bird, or ferret:  As long as you are loved by a dog, we will pray for you and send positive vibes.

There are a lot of prayers that need to be sent:  Hurley, Shadow's Dad, Irie, Boris, and others who I do not mean to slight by forgetting but I'm a tired dog who has done a lot of packing and got blackmailed into wearing a dress.  But let's keep the prayers going and the positive thoughts.

Keep those little ears open Boris, that's lots of dogs and humans praying for you.

And you hang in there too Irie.We need you jumping and flying in front of your Mom's and your families.

And we need to read the wonderful stories about you.


  1. Paws crossed fur all...

  2. Paws crossed for Boris!! Get well soon

  3. I will send pawerful prayer to all of them!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Pawsome thoughts and paws crossed for our 'furends.'

  5. We got lots of paws together here for him hope he gets better soon and the bird

  6. Mr. Boris, you know I have been keeping my paws crossed for you. This is a terrible thing for a little guy to go through. Mom & I are worried about you every single day. Hang in there, little buddy. Love, Blazer