Sunday, April 24, 2011

Otis and our weather dogs are our pups of the weeks

Up here in the Northeast we complain a lot about the weather.  We complain about the rains that come across the country or up the coast line.  We kvetch about the cold air the pours in from Canada in the spring.  Then we quetch about the hot air steaming up from the South in the summer.  The truth is we rarely have a great deal of weather to complain about here.  There are some big snow storms, some inconvenient floods, but nothing that puts our lives in imminent danger.  But with the Red Sox winning we don't have much to complain about so there is always the weather.

Then there are the real weather dogs, like Otis. our pup of the week trapped in his cellar while tornado monsters roar over his head.  I have never been to a tornado monster nor do I want to go to one.  They scare the Vick out of me.  And they never land where they should, like Washington DC, where they actually could do a lot of good because there is a bunch of stuff there that needs to be sucked up and thrown away.  I am asking Otis this week, for he is quite the affable chap, to accept this award for all our friends who have been pounded by what some bipeds call Mother Nature but what I believe to be discarded vacuum cleaners reanimated.

We are thankful that Otis had a nice basement to be safe in.  Their home and property were not damaged.  But there were pups near by who had their whole houses torn away and are now all living in shelters.  Do you know how hard it is to get a fully grown slope nosed adopted after they lose their home to the tornado monsters?  We wish them the best of luck.

As Otis said there is no place better then a basement when there is a tornado.  It is where smart humans take their pups.  We no longer have a basement.  We have a skirt.  Somehow I don't think something called a skirt will give the same level of protection as a basement.  I live with dumb humans.

Bear watched over his sweet Mom from the Bridge and kept her safe from the tornado monsters but not all of us have a strong dog like Bear looking over for us who scare the monsters.

Then there are Sydney, Moose and Buddy who winter just won't leave alone.  We are late in the month of April and they are still getting snow.  While snow isn't as dangerous as the tornado monster it just wears your down mentally.  Everyone wants an endless summer but no one wants an endless winter.

The tornado monster touched down close to our besties Saffron and Sage.  But you know Miss Jackie would battle to the death any monster that threatened her babies.  Cute little Gracie Mae is also in that state but her Mom is still cracking bad jokes on the Human Book so she must be all right.
Nothing beats those tornado monsters away like bad humor.

And poor Chelsea and Ashton, they are suffering from the "midway through a Democratic Presidency someone sets Texas on fire" storms.  They can see and smell the fire but for now are safe.  

Smoochy got stuck in a basement like Otis as he protected his Mom from terrible weather and tornado monsters.  Sierra and Nase slept through their tornado warning but I don't think a tornado is any match for a blob.   And we can't forget Jen and her friends down in Brazil who was hit with massive flooding.

Storms just continue to churn around us and it is only April.  I hope the weather calms down but the tornado monsters seem to thrive in the summer so everyone get down in their basement and hold on, just like our pup of the week, Otis did.  Meanwhile Pocket and I will be holding on to a skirt and hoping for the best.


  1. I'm in the northeast too. I'm just hoping for a little warmth and soon! My hubby is happy about the Red Sox!

  2. I'm glad the weather monster is leaving my house well alone thankyouverymuch. I'm not nearly as brave as all or Brigade Buddies who are battling that drunken Mother nature.

  3. WE have survived hurricanes... 3 of them so far. Interesting stuff. You can watch stuff like chairs and satellite dishes fly all over. Have to give momma props. She has this giant bin labeled F/FEMA F... stands for Vick/Fema. Hazmat suits, K rations, all emergency stuff for us as well as for the 2leggeds. Mh. I have no idea why momma hate the Fema, but she said that after spending 3 weeks to find her elderly uncle in New Orleans, the Fema can go to Vick as far as she is concerned. So, she is prepared. Hahahahahah, think of my Manolo loving momma as a survivalist. Hahahahaha.
    Natural disasters are horrible. Being prepared is just about the only thing you can do, even though daddy says you can't be as prepared as you think you are. So, momma added tents... to her long list of Vick Fema stuff. BTW I can rock that yellow hazmat suit look!