Sunday, April 3, 2011

Luca is our April 3, 2011 pup fo the week

Oh I do not like when one of my friends has an operation.  But when that someone is Luca, who brings so much fun and excitement to our playground with his brother Junior and late brother Fred by keeping track of everyone's birthday so we get to have lots of parties, has the best contests, including the current Most Exciting Adventure of my Life story, and is such a friend to each of us, it is very troubling.  Luca was going to have to have an operation for hip dysplasia.  I did not know much about this disease until I put on my big dog St Bernard suit and my hips started aching.  It is no fun.  Then his Mommy put up a video of Luca's brother Junior having the same surgery.  It was like watching Saw for dogs.  I haven't walked on my back legs in three weeks. 

Luca lives in Argentina.  This has caused some confusion because it is summer here when it's winter there and visa/versa.  I think their calender runs backwards.  It's so confusing.  But Luca was able to have two different doctors.  I know from my parents that in America, if you have two different doctors, you need to give one of them your house to be able to afford treatments.  I am very happy Luca had a choice because I want him to have the best doctors in with world.  There was a surgeon who operated on Junior in the Saw video and a surgeon their vet recommended .  They went with the surgeon their vet suggested which made me happy because I do not believe he owns a camcorder.

When Luca went to the hospital for the surgery it had to be delayed because his cardiac rythym was 60 points higher than normal.  Which was no big deal because mine was 90 points higher than usual.  At least Luca got a shot to make him calm down, I didn't get anything except the back of the couch to pace on, look out the window, and bark at any paper bag that happened to be blowing by.  My nervousness was doubled by the fact that, while I knew what time Luca was being operated on at his time, I didn't know how that translated in our time.  Their calendar runs backwards, how about their time, and are they in the central time zone, the eastern time zone, or do they have their own time zones like EST, CST or PST (Evita Standard Time, Chavo Standard Time and Peron Standard Time?  (OK, so my entire knowledge of Argentina comes from musicals.  I can't help it, I love Broadway.)

Luca was able to go home at 5:00, which I have no idea how that translates to time here on the American East Coast, here, after midnight, we let it all hang out, there, I think it's around 10:00 AM.  They had to keep Junior away from him because, believe me, after the day he had, the last thing you want is chatty, sniffy visitors who may destroy your sanitary environment by pissing or pooping on your sterilized zone.  Luca got some pain medication but still moaned all night.  Daddy has lots of medication to stay calm, but he wouldn't give me anything, for my nerves, so I too lay moaning all night.

In a couple of days everything was back to normal.  For me.  Luca was still recovering, but was  much better.  He was able to get around his flat on three legs.  He did have to wear the cone of shame, but let me tell you, I got a message from his big brother Fred at the bridge and he said he rocked that cone.  Luca could be a cone model. 

Luca's vet came to her house to check on her.  If you are American I will pause here while you recover from shock.  OK, we're back.   Yes, the vet went to his house.  Her name is Adrianna.  That's her with Luca art the top of the blog. She gave Luca some antibiotics and painkillers.  When I read about the visiting vet I said to my sister, "Pocket, next time I say let's go to a place like Buenos Airies let's go to a place like Buenos Ariies."

So here is to Luca, our Pup of the Week, who, so bravely faced surgery and came through perfectly, who holds us together with kind words and fun games. 

Even without surgery, Luca, our great friend, would be pup of the week.  Sometimes it makes something like a surgery makes us realize how much we love them.

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