Sunday, May 22, 2011

Erin is our second anniversary Tanner Brigade Pup of the Week

It has been a difficult past few weeks for us Brigaders, with many good friends becoming ill and needing prayers.  Now, as our second anniversary approaches Pocket and I needed to pick an appropriate Pup of the Week.  Thankfully no pup has experienced any serious health trauma this week, although Paco did give us a scare at the beginning of the week.  We figured it would be quite a battle this morning about who we should pick.

Then this morning we powered up the Brigade.  We were greeted with the most spectacular layout we have ever seen.  And then our decision became easy.

Since the day we broke ground on the Brigade this pup has been with us.  More than any other she has made our site a beautiful and exciting place to be.  Which makes Erin our second anniversary Pup of the Week.

If you are reading this on the Tanner Brigade you have seen the marvelous job she did with her Mom Aunt Donna to create a layout celebrating our anniversary.  When I announced the party for tomorrow she made mention that she could do a new design.  But both Erin and Donna are quite busy.  We would certainly understand if she were unable to do it. 

But Erin always comes through for us.  Every original design that has been created for us she has done.  And even though this is her business she has never asked us for a single kibble.  (Editor's note from Pocket Dog: Wouldn't it be nice if Foley represented paws for free in legal cases instead of charging kibble.)  Plus Erin and her brother Buck are so famous they were interviewed on another blog.  You can read it .here

For those of us in the blogger community like Koli and Felix, Smoochy, and Silvie, we know how respected Erin's Freedom To Bark site is in the rest of the blogger world.  To be honest, because of the work that Erin did on Doggyspace, we thought she was part of their management.  And boy did she prove us wrong.  I was surprised that someone gave so much advice for free.  In this blog written two years ago Erin did better then anyone explain what was wrong with Doggyspace under the former management.

Because of some physical issues Aunt Donna has had Erin has not been as active on the site as others, but she is always watching over us.  If anyone is having problems with their computers Donna is the first one to step up and help.  And again she never asks for a dime in compensation.

Her computer skills are also offered to other bloggers.  She is the most influential pup on the Internet.  And most important:   She is on our side.

I think Erin wouldn't argue if we made every member of The Brigade the Pup of he Week this week.  In their own way every member of the Brigade makes this the most special pup home on the Internet.  I could start naming all the wonderful pups, but if you are Brigade member, and are reading this, then we mean you.  You all bring something special and needed to the site.

It has been a very difficult year for the group:  loss of dear friends like Baron (Bear Bear), Pepsi, and harder still the loss of members of our human family.  Gina, who never left us without a smile, and Jackie Pool, whose passing on February 12 has left a large hole in all our hearts.  But with every passing, or illness, we have all gathered around to pick up the hearts of those that were broken  and helped rebuild them again.  As we proved with Boris last week, our prayers carry a mighty weight.

It has been nothing but a pleasure to help hold such a wonderful group together.  When the Ning Weasels asked us for money to keep the site going our members contributed enough to keep the site paid in full for three years.  So while the sun shines brightest on Erin this week let's get everyone together for a picture..  Erin's in front, try to squeeze next to each other 12 and Matilda, Hattie stop staring in jealousy at Sydney's dress, Hurley put down the frisbee, Logan get yourself dried off, everybody get ready, and say Tanner Bub.

Excellent.  Wait why is there a yellow spot?  Oh Pocket!

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  1. They are a wonderful group to feature!

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