Friday, May 27, 2011

Introducing our new grandbaby boy Calvin

On Saturday we got our Tanner Brigade Anniversary present.  Pocket and I got to meet our newest family member Calvin.  (No we haven't met Charli yet but we know her here at The Tanner Brigade and that's how we know all our besties.)   Calvin is just a baby who can't type with his paws yet.  But we were wicked excited to meet him.  His father Chad lived with me, Daddy and Moms for eight years.  Then we get Pocket and he move away.  Mommy and Daddy say he fell and love and got married.  What some humans won't do to get away from Pocket.

 But here is the reason we are so excited.  Chad lived with us, then he moved away, and he made a whole new person, and he was bringing it to us for approval.  When we took a good whiff of him we could smell our entire family, everyone we love.  Calvin already has a dog of his own.  It is Mia.  I think Mia still has a DS account but she has been busy protecting her family and hasn't posted in a long time. 

Mia is an American Bulldog so I know Calvin will be well protected.  Pocket and I kept a respectful from Calvin not wanting him to get caught cheating on Mia at six weeks of age.  With Mackenzie I had to teach her all about dogs and it wasn't until she was 11 that the fates allowed her to get one of her own.  But Calvin has dogs up the wazoo, and other gross stuff, so we know he'll be a dog owner for a long time.  Looking at this little baby all we could think is oh, the puppies he will own in 90 years of life. 

We had a couple of action shots taken with Calvin In the first one Pocket and I are giving Calvin the sniff test.  The sniff test is very importantUs dogs can tell more from one good sniff then humans can tell in a thorough examination.  We are happy to report Calvin passed the sniff test with flying colors.

Also in this picture Calvin is asking Pocket where she got the cool denim diaper.  Calvin was very upset to learn that even though Pocket is only having a couple of accidents a week she still has to wear a diaper because Mommy is so protective of her floors.  He doesn't think he ever will be able to not have accidents in his diaper.  So far his record is zero.  The smart money says that Calvin will be out of diapers before Pocket.   Then we shared a puppy secret with him.  Our doggy Moms had eight teets on herThat's right, eight teets, no waitingWe even told him that one of them was chocolate.  By the time he knows we were lying he'll have forgotten the entire thing.

The second one is an after the action pick.  Pocket has already lost interest, and I am slinking away, while Calvin looks around and says "Hey, where did everyone go?"

But the best news for all us dogs out there is that a great dog companion has come to this Earth.   I gave him a delicate lick, and that scent will stay with him for his entire lifeOn his 90th birthday in 2101 a little puppy will come up and smell his hand and know that the Foley Monster was here. 

Plus this is the first boy grand babyA stick throwing, mud puddle splashing, tug a war okay playing boy of my own.  So hurry up and grow up Calvin because we have lots of playing to do.


  1. Congratulations! If you were Polish Calvin would be called The King being the first male amongst the previous females only. Foley & Pocket will be thrilled to have a little Buddy to play with & Grandma will be busy building lots of memories.

  2. Calvin will be a great food source in years to come. They always have food and they are close to the ground and easily distracted.

  3. Oh, that's so good. You've got a boy baby of your very own! Congrat's! You will have a lot of fun together.

  4. Jan is right! Just wait until he starts raining snacks! He is so darn cute too... almost makes me want one of those tiny humans myself...

  5. How wonderful that Foley & Pocket got to meet the little "Grand Master"! He is absolutely adorable and congrats on your first grandson! Love, Blaze