Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our baby cousin Chali has joined the Tanner Brigade

There have been a lot of changes around here lately.  Mommy and Daddy rearranged the living room today just when Pocket and I got it the way we wanted it.  And to move the furniture they had to roll up the new rug and discover where I peed on it which would never have happened if they had not moved the furniture so I don't want to begin pointing paws here.

Also today we were knocked off the Internet for awhile when the guy who smells like prunes next door shuffled from his rascal to his tractor and ran over the "temporary" line Comcast ran to the house two weeks ago.  So with Daddy upset with Comcast and the mad tractor driver, the furniture moving, which made me want to run upstairs (before I realized we no longer had an upstairs I ran right into to wall), it has not been a restful day.  But there are a couple of good things that have happened lately.  I wish they included meeting my new grandbaby Calvin on Mother's Day but he couldn't get up in time to come see us Sunday morning.  Frankly I am not seeing a bright future for the kid.

No the first thing is that our living room is so pretty now it is going to be featured in Home and Yorkie Magazine.  And the second thing is our newest puppy cousin Charli has made a big splash here at the Brigade.

Charli's Mom is our oldest grand baby Mackenzie.  Mackenzie was born nine months before I was so we grew up together from being little pups to important figures on the world wide web. I have always considered her my second Mom even if I only get to see her a few times a year.  But now she has a baby of her own, Charli, a little English Bulldog, who may someday grow into the E at the end of her name.

Normally I would be jealous, because I am jealous of anyone who crowds in on someone I love.  When Mommy and Daddy hug I growl and bark like a father of a middle school girl seeing her get a hug from a strange boy for the first time.  But I know how much Mackenzie wanted to be a Mom on her own so I am so happy her and Charli have one another.

We never thought it would happen.   That is why I promised her when she got a puppy of her own she could be on The Tanner Brigade.  Because Mackenzie's Mom had always said no dogs, no more kids, maybe a fish it if didn't need feeding.

But somehow Mackenzie did the impossible and wore her mother down until she agreed to get a dog.  Mommy and Daddy took a "we'll believe it when we see it" attitude  but soon they saw it, Charli was home.

Last week was wicked cool because Mackenzie got to spend nights with us while her family was away.  I don't know where they went but the scuttlebutt is they went to Sea World to train those seals who took out that Bad Wolf Bin Laden.

I, knowing  a Lollipop is worth nothing without her word, sat down with Mackenzie to create the page for Charli, who had returned to her native land for the Royal Wedding.  We did not know if Mackenzie had her Mommy's permission for Charli to join the Brigade, but we couldn't interfere with her mission, even to go out fishin', so we took the safe course and blindly forged ahead.  We didn't have a picture of Charli we could use so we selected a picture from last summer, at our old house, of Mackenzie and her cousin Maddie trying to push Pocket into a mattress.

Her last night here I tried to explain everything to Mackenzie, who would then have to explain it to Charli, who is just a pup, so we didn't expect to hear from Charli for awhile.  But when Charli returned home she and Mackenzie went right to the computer and got on the Brigade faster then a flea on a shaggy dog.  She was making comments, joining groups, like a properly seasoned pup.  She has written two excellent poems, one sent in a message to the poet's corner members and the other on the group page.

She is a puppy so she is very good at giving out hugs and kisses as Brody can tell you. 

She also joined birthdays and funny corner but she has had trouble remembering her birthday so she hasn't posted it yet.

She even got our other cousin dogs, Riley and Bailey, to post something for the first time in over a year.  Riley is like a 90 pound Pocket (which is an upcoming movie on the SyFy network) and Bailey is the dog we call the Queen Mother.  She is 13 years old, sits in a corner of her couch, and occasionally raises her head to bark or sniff, then goes back to sleep.

As we approach our second anniversary Charli represents the next generation of the Tanner Brigade.

Stop by Charli's page if you haven't yet and say hey, she's a very friendly dog.  And know with pups like Charli the Tanner Brigade flag is going to fly for a long time.

We love you Charli, keep up the great work.


  1. Welcome to the new generation,

  2. You should be so proud of yourself for contributing to Charli's education and upbringing. Obviously she is a wonderful young human and you taught her well!!! Look forward to seeing her on TB!