Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Sun Hasn't Set on This Girl Yet

I’m not dead yet
No, still alive,
Although I got to fight and struggle to survive
I’ve got to take all I can get
Don’t count me out
I’m not dead yet

Los beunos dias muchachos!  Yes I am still here.  Let’s start with the bad news.  I am still in my oxygen cave but my levels are rising.  Hopefully I can breathe on my own tomorrow.  And they don’t know what is wrong with me.  The results from my x-ray have not come back.  Apparently they are read by an illegal radiologist on the other side of the Mexican border and the mule carrying them wandered down the Rio Grande.  When he wanders back it is more likely than not that I have lung cancer but hey, so what? Lot’s of my friends have cancer.  It’s the new swine flu.

Mommy and Daddy had talked with the doctors this morning and I was not doing well at all.  They made the decision that unless the mule came back with the unlikely diagnosis that I just have an infection they were going to send me to the Bridge.  It was scheduled for this evening and Mommy and Daddy had a very emotional day.  They prayed they wouldn’t have to but they were not going to let me suffer.

Leo has been with me holding my paw and lying with me, keeping me company, and he told me my parents’ plan.  Whhhaaaaaatttttt?  Then I heard the voices.  The hundreds of voices praying for me, over and over, for just one more day for me.  Leo told me everyone was praying for me, on TB, DS, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, hundreds of voices saying one thing:  “One more dawn.  One more day.  One day more!”  And those voices went through my ears, and into my heart, and I found the will to fight.

I popped up and began sucking in that oxygen.  I didn’t take to it at first but let me tell you, that stuff is great!  You ever see an old man walking down the road with one of those oxygen tank knock them over and take a whiff.  

Mommy and Daddy had to wait for an hour in the waiting room to see me, thinking that it would be the last time they saw me.  Meanwhile I was doing what I do best.  Working on my closing statement.  When my Mommy and Daddy came in I put forth the argument of my career.  I was eating when they came in, I barked, I wagged my tail, I jumped on the glass, I pawed the glass.  When Mommy opened the little door to the cave I licked and licked her hand and then gave Daddy a face kiss.  When I was done Mommy and Daddy knew I was not ready to go to the Bridge.  Not today anyway.  Their plan is to get me home and monitor me everyday and let me tell them when it is time to go.  

There is no guarantee I am even going to make it out of the cave.  But for one day, this one glorious day, I made my stand for one day more.  And it is thanks to you.  I know I said no prayers my friends, but now that I have a chance to go back home, I ask you to add to my heartbeats, to help me finish my symphony, to give me the glorious gift of another today.

Thank you all, you gave me a great gift, you gave me a today.  Not worrying about tomorrow.  No day but today

The heart may freeze or it can burn
The pain will ease if I can learn

There is no future
There is no past
Thank God this moment's not the last

There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret-- or life is yours to miss.
No other road
No other way
No day but today

There's only yes
Only tonight
We must let go
To know what is right
No other course
No other way
No day but today

I can't control
My destiny
I trust my soul
My only hope
is just to be

There's only now
There's only here
Give in to love
Or live in fear
No other path
No other way
No day but today


  1. Keep the fighting spirit Foley! You can do it girl, we know you can. Keep sucking that O2 it will make you feel better. When that mule shows up, kick that big C word to the curb!

    We are praying that you have many more "one more day" ahead of you.

    Your Mom and Dad must be exhausted so we're sending them ALL of our strength!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. We're so happy for your one more day. We're keeping you in our purrayers, Foley!

  3. We're glad you're holding your own!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Keep up the good fight Foley as you are our little pocket rocket. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Get better dear heart. We send love and hugs.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS it is Sunday morning here and your news made us happy.

  5. You keep fighting Foley girl! Keep it up!! We're behind you sending you our love and energies!

  6. Happy dance and more prayers for you!

  7. We're still praying so very hard for you. Every morning when you wake up, just keep asking for "one more day"....and do it every day!

    We love you!

  8. Give it all you got sweet girl. Miracles do come in small packages <3