Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You're Hired: Introducing River Song

Hello my friends.  After receiving several resumes, thousands of e-mails, and countless text messages I have decided upon the next member of the Monster Pack.  Thank you to all those who applied, and for the many humans who gave us advice.
It turned out that I did not have to look very far at all.  When I used to go to the groomers I met some Brussels Griffons.  They seemed very pleasant, and Mommy took great joy in seeing them and playing with them.   When I received the following resume I was intrigued.
“Dear Judge Monster:  I am a one year old Brussels Griffon.  While you have not met me you know some of my family members.  My brother belongs to Pat, who owns Groomingdales, your salon.  I recently had a litter, and then got spade.  I am one of eight young Griffons living here and my Mom is looking for a new home for me where I can be loved like a lap dog and get lots of attention.  Being a mother I believe I meet all your requirements about leadership.  Being one of eight dogs I have great socialization skills. I do not have a lot of social networking skills but I am an unwed mother who is faced with eviction and need a good home.  As the premier dog attorney, and now a Judge, I know you will be fair with me.  Thank you. Zell.”

I decided to pop down and see Zell in her dreams.  She told me her stories, and I told her mine, and she told me that she really wanted to be part of my family.  She was warm, and funny, and I could see how being a Mom made her very wise.  She just wanted her own family.  While I did find out that she was never in danger of being kicked out on the street, her time with her birth Mom’s family was ending, so it was the perfect match.

So now I had some dream surfing to do.  I had to enter both Mommy’s and Daddy’s dreams and tell them both to consider a Brussels Griffon and to call Pat at the Groomers.  When they woke up Mommy said she wanted to call Pat about the Griffons and Daddy said he was thinking the same thing (and yet neither one thought that was strange.  Humans!)

I had to skip back up to the groomers and wait for Pat to fall asleep, then slip into her dreams and whisper that, when contacted by my parents, she needed to call Zell’s Mom, and, when Zell’s Mom told her about Zell, Pat would suggest that Zell’s Mom contact my Mom.


Humans!  So easily manipulated.  The next night I swooped down to Florida into Zell’s Mom’s dream and whispered to her to offer Zell to my Mom.  Bingo!  Now we were cooking with gas.  But then:  Roadblock!  Someone would have to get Zell and fly her up to Massachusetts.

Back to dream surfing.  There is a woman who works at my groomers named Beth.  I popped into her dreams and suggested that she needed to go down to see Zell’s Mom and bring back a pup for herself, and since she was down there, could she bring Zell home too?  When Beth woke up in the morning, not sure why, she told her friends and family she needed to go down to Florida.

So now that I had it all setup I thought I could rest.  But then I found out Mommy’s check to cover the expenses hadn’t arrived in Florida yet.  So I had to go down to the post office, find the check, and make sure it got into Zell’s Mom’s mailbox.  When she received it I thought finally, my work is done.

But there was one more hurdle.  Zell’s Mom was taking her and Beth to the airport and they stopped at two stores on the way for a carrier for Zell and couldn’t find one.  Oh man!  Humans!  It is very dangerous to try and get a message from the Bridge to someone who is driving.  But I did, and I told her where an available carrier was.  Then I had to sit on her shoulder and whisper to her to swerve into this lane and that to get them to the airport on time.  They just made the plane.

After that I wasn’t taking any chances.  I sat on the wing throughout the entire flight, and man was it cold.  The plane landed safely, Beth and Zell got off and home safely.

The next day Mommy picked up Zell and gave her a new name.  River Song.  And she has fit in with my pack beautifully, as I knew she would.  A total snuggle bug and a peaceful companion.  Pocket is learning to do the big sister thing, she is tough sometimes, tender other times.  And she lets River sleep in the bed which is very generous of her.  River sleeps up by my Mommy’s head, and Pocket by her waist, and everything is very calm, except if River enters Pocket’s area, then it’s go time.

That first night I felt like my work was done, but I know that isn’t true.  I will always have to keep an eye on my family, because even with River and Pocket they will be lost without me, as will my friends.  

A Yorkie Angel's work is never done, but a major part of the start of rebuilding of my Mom’s heart has been completed.

And now here is River, let her Song begin.
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here.


  1. Well done. That was a lot of work! Our cousins are in Uganda adopting a little boy, and I think they're having an easier time!

    Welcome River! Can't wait to hear of your new adventures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Welcome to this crazy pack called "The Tanner Brigade"! You'll love all of us in no time... we already love you. You're such a pretty girl! Since Pocket is a recovering poop-a-holic (and probably that way with #1 as well), please explain to her that your new name is not to encourage her to pee rivers in the house. Just a heads up, to keep your heads above the 'water'... XXOO from Mom and me - Gracie and her Keeper :)

  3. OMD Foley you have been a busy bee over in the land of the rainbow bridge. Wow can't believe you managed to sort things out so perfectly. Well done. Welcome River and yes let your song begin. Hip Hip Hooray and bravo Foley. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Dang Angel girl! You have your work cut out for you. But as it seems River is a perfect fit. Good job Mrs Monster!

  5. Welcome River Song! It took Foley a lot of hard work to get you there but you are now HOME!! We already know that you are well loved. We are so excited to hear that you and Pocket are getting to know each other and in time, you'll be the best of furends.

    Congrat's on the new arrival!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. River Song you fell in a pot of lucky! Welcome

  7. OMD.....Foley, how did you do it all? You sure are organized. You have chosen well and you have trained River well. She will start filling that big hole in Mommy's heart but it won't fill completely. Part of her heart will always belong just to you. But your spirit will fill that part.

    Can't wait to hear more about River. WELCOME HOME, RIVER!!!

  8. What a cutie! You did a good job, Foley! And yes, you will ALWAYS be needed by your earthling family--they depend on you, whether they know it or not!

  9. so much work manipulating but worth it. Welcome,little River song. Can't wait to get to know you.

  10. Welcome Rover Song to your wonderful new forever home. Wish you and your new family much love and healing. PS please tell the Doctor Hi!

  11. Holy Woof - look at that face. River, you're almost as cute as a puggle. You may not know it yet River Song, but you have won the family JACKPOT. To be chosen for the Monster Pack and to have Foley's blessing? Well, it's a blessing.

    Foley Monster, you did a darn perfect job pulling this altogether. You deserve a vacation. If there a cloud you can kick back on or something? You seem to work awful hard.