Sunday, October 6, 2013

Einstein is Our October 6, 2013 Pup of the Week

As far back as I can  remember, when Doggyspace was nothing but a bunch of styrofoam cups connected by string running from doghouse to doghouse, there was Einstein.  

I envied Einstein all my days on Earth, and, when I went to the Eternal Side of the River of Life I continued to watch and admire him.  While I was a stagnant pup Einstein was flying during agility drills.   I was fascinated with his stories about being an agility dog, how he could vault over gates, dart through tunnels, dodge pylons.  He was like knowing a famous athlete.  An athlete who was sweet and did not stick needles in himself to strengthen his chances.

Einstein, along with Moses and Teddie Bond, were the first dogs who made me realize my mortality.  While Teddie and Moses crossed the Bridge Einstein, despite what seemed very dire circumstances, managed to stay on the living side.

Einstein, back in those early days of cups and string, informed us that he had a flipped stomach.   This scared the bejeebers out of me.  I didn’t think anyone could have their stomach unflipped.  Not only did the good doctors successfully flip his stomach back to the normal position but he also returned to agility drills letting me live vicariously through him as he won ribbons  and I sat on my Mom’s lap.

Recently I was looking in the River of Life, excited to see Einstein zigging, zagging, leaping and darting when suddenly he looked like he stepped on something and, even though he finished the course, I, and his Mom, knew something was wrong.  His Mom ran out to him, and picked him up.  She was afraid that he had torn his ACL, and she was right.

You would think that after having his stomach flipped and reflipped that Einstein would not have anymore surgeries in his life, but he is scheduled for another one.  

So please say a prayer for our handsome boy because he does love to do his agility, has already had to fight back from one very serious surgery to get back in the ring, and now has to do it again. We know Einstein very well, his strength, his determination, and we are sure he will be back to doing what he loves to do soon, but a few prayers never hurt any dog.

And Einstein when you get back in the ring know you have an Angel on your shoulder cheering you on.

And, if you want PEA’s, Performance Enhancing Angels, just let me know and I will be the wind beneath your paws.


  1. We pray the surgery goes well and that Einsteins' recovery is a quick and good one. Sending POTP and healing vibes.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. When I was awarded my cup and string on Doggyspace back in August of 2008 Einstein was my first friend. I too admired his agility abilities and looked forward to reading about them. I'm sending puppy prayers from the Bridge to you Einstein that you do well in surgery and get home soon. Reba

  3. Lots of good vibes to you Einstein
    Benny & Lily