Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pocket Relinquishes Her Position As Pack Leader

After months of consideration and having met with my closest advisors I have decided to resign my position as leader of the Monster Pack that I had ascended to after Foley Monster went to the Bridge and endorse my sister River Song to take over as pack leader.

I would like to thank all of you who supported me in my time as pack leader.  It was a difficult adjustment for me and my friends support made it easier.  Some dogs are meant to be great leaders and some dogs are meant to support the leader.  In Foley Monster I had a great leader and learned to become a great follower.  When you become great at something you should concentrate on that.

So I leave my pack in the capable paws, er, paws, of my sister River Song.  What makes River qualified to be a Pack Leader? Well, firstly, she had a litter of her own so she is an experienced leader and secondly she is really bad at being a follower.

I prefered to lead by example.  I would gently show River where we go for treats, and how we patiently wait for them, and when Mommy handed them to us River would jump in front of me and snatch the treat.  Now Mommy makes her sit and wait for the treat while I have mine, but, as River explained to me, Mommy is making her wait, not me, and that’s what makes her a leader, even if she is second.

I have relinquished my position on my Mommy’s lap to River.  I do get plenty of time there while River is playing with her bones but when she comes over to Mommy’s chair and stands over me I have to hop down off of Mommy’s lap or risk getting bit.

I don’t mind not having Mommy’s lap.  I love it, but I like the spot in Daddy’s recliner right by him, between his leg and the soft arm. I can relax there and not have to worry about a dog jumping up and wanting to take that spot because no one wants to sit next to Daddy.

And for my friends who enjoy our blogs don’t worry, even under Foley’s regime I was the main editor, mostly because Foley hated spell check, and I will continue to manage our blog posts so they won’t be filled with tales of River’s youthful sexual exploits and renamed 50 Shades of Greyhound.

I also have given most of the bed to River.  She has commandeered the top of the bed so I stay down near my parent’s knees and feet.  She would like to get me out of the bed completely but Mommy won’t let her do that.  River is leashed to the headboard (speaking of 50 Shades of Greyhound) and can only go down as far as my parents knees.  She snaps at me if I try to go higher, but somehow, like Steve Martin and John Candy, we end up snuggled against one another when we wake up in the morning.

So I am no longer Pocket Dog Pack Leader, I am back to Pocket Dog faithful follower and friend.  Let others worry about leadership.  A comfortable place to sleep, and a Mother’s love is all I need.

(Good luck River.  I hope you have better luck at being a leader than I did (probably because you will have a much better follower.)


  1. You know, al throughout time, the smarter siblings have abdicated the throne, preferring to live a life free of obligation to their packs. I mean, really, who wouldn't want all the perks and none of the responsibility of being Royal? All I can say is good call, Ms. Pocket. Good call.

  2. It takes a strong dog to know when a job's not a fit for her. Good call Pocket.

  3. I, Daisy, am top dog......but I let the others do the cuddling on HER and lead when we go walking. They don't mess with me, though. Bella and Roxy sometimes have spats as they try to move positions.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. OMD 50 shades of crack us up. Glad there is peace and harmony now and you both know your place. Neither of us is boss here in the hippy commune...we are too chilled out. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly