Sunday, August 17, 2014

Aran is our August 17, 2014 Pup of the Week

With so many prayers that need to be flown up the mountain last week I forgot to mention Aran, whom I will get to in a moment, but I want to take a second to thank the Big Guy for so many answered prayers, and to ask him to keep praying for Barnum, who has a very serious liver condition and needs daily prayers.
Aran’s problems started as quietly as a summer cold: A few sneezes, watery eyes, those things we expect to pass with time.  Even though he was eating and playing as usual his condition didn't pass in time and it made his Mom scared and worried.  Being a Mom of great experience she sensed Aran was acting more clingy than usual.  As his Mom so eloquently said “The worst part of being a pet parent is that you can't ask them what's wrong.”  
The news from the vet was worse than expected. It was neither allergies or a cold, but an indentation in her head.  Indentation in your head is not a diagnoses anyone, human or pup, wants to hear.  Somehow Aran was losing muscle around her skull due to nerve damage and one eyes was smaller than the other.  What such a diagnosis means is “we don’t know what’s wrong, more testing is needed” and that sucks.
Aran was given an ointment for her eyes and several pricks so the vet could get some blood.  The vet told her Mom the best thing to do was to look Aran in the eye.  If she had trouble blinking or if her eye became swollen more extensive tests would be needed and, like most of us, when it comes to bad things, we don’t want anything that might be needed.  
During all the pricking, prodding and pushing Aran was a very good girl.  She even let a bright light be shined in her eyes.  She was such a good girl I think it added to the prayers us angels rushed up the mountain to the big guy.
When the blood and urine work came back everything was good but she was diagnosed with unilateral massetera.  The poor baby got diagnosed with something none of us angels had ever heard of.  She was experiencing muscle loss due to nerve damage and is going to have to see a neurologist.  Her Mom is hoping the ointment for her eyes will stops the itching but at some point an expensive MRI, more tests and more bills will be on the way.
Despite Aran’s obscure diagnosis she is not showing any signs of discomfort.  The weeks ahead are going to be hard on our friend and her Mom and us angels need to get loaded up with prayers to bring to the Big Guy for her.
So please, send me your prayers, and we will keep them going until whatever is wrong with Aran is cured and he gives her Mom no more worries.


  1. We send Aran healing vibes and POTP. We so hope a suitable treatment is found.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. All 40 paws in our pack are crossed for Aran. And lots of prayers and good vibes on the way too.

  3. All our feets are crossed for you guys
    Lily & Edward

  4. We all have our paws crossed for the little sweetie!
    stella rose

  5. We sure do hope Aran gets the right treatment to make her okay!! Glad she is not distressed though!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws