Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pups in Need of Prayers Are Our August 10, 2014 Pup of the Week

This has been quite a week for prayers and I have been doing all I can to get them all answered positively but unfortunately not every prayer is answered positively and, as I found out this week, some prayers are not answered at all.
First there was Dasiy Mae.
 She had a seizure that may have been caused by heat stroke.  I flew up with the prayers requests and, by the time I got back I learned those prayers were answered because Daisy was improving.  But then I got another…..request.  It came from Hattie Mae.  Hattie doesn’t pray so much as she issues demands and her demand was that she be able to check on her friend Daisy.  While both their Moms are on the Internet they weren’t on sites that connected.  I didn’t take this one to the big guy.  If you think I get upset at him you haven’t seen anything like Hattie Mae.  I relied on my friends Lily and Ben and thanks to them Daisy and Hattie has a wonderful reunion.
Then there is Hagan, who I requested prayers for last week.
 He had contracted a disease that caused his immune system to attack his own blood cells.  He went through a very dire time but thanks your prayers his vet was able to get his blood levels normal enough so he could go home.  He still needs prayers:  His immune system became compromised when the doctors stopped it from killing his blood cells, and he picked up an infection, but he is home, with his Mom, and is getting better.  
There were lots of prayers for Apple this week.  
He got a bad case of tummy trouble and womited all over the house.  With some dietary changes (no more beef or fish which were affecting his liver issues) he is back to eating and digesting normally.

And then there is our old friend Petey.
Last week his Mom thought he was starting to suffer from dementia but Petey seemed to have a senior moment day and he was back to his old self in time to celebrate his 16th birthday

Angel Apollo came to me directly with prayers for his brother Czar Bishop.
He had not eaten for several days and was very lethargic.  Apollo and I brought the prayers up to the Big Guy directly.  When we flew down we found out that Czar would be OK, and we could not help but remark on the irony of miracles.  When I first met Apollo he had been poisoned by some evil neighbors.  Luckily he recovered.  Czar Bishop had been poisoned too, this time accidentally.  A farmer friend of Czar’s family had used boron to aid his chick pea crop.  He then fed the chick peas to the turkeys and the turkey to Czar Bishop who got boron poisoning.   The vet flushed the boron from his system and prayers are needed that Czar Bishop’s kidneys were not permanently damaged.
I even had to ask for prayers for Pocket because she has an upset tummy.  Mommy asked me special to pray for her. I told her that Pocket has tummy trouble when butterflies startle her and she will recover without prayers.  But she’s my Mom so I flew up the mountain and apologized to the big guy with my small prayer request.
“There are no small requests,” the Big Guy told me.  “I either rule yes, no, or not worthy.”
“Not worthy?” I asked.
“Yes, last night alone I got 785,327 prayers about an exhibition football game.  Sorry, not my department.  And neither is who will win a reality television show, although I must say that Zach from Big Brother is a tremendous tool and I have thought about smotting hin and I haven’t smotted since Moses’s time.  Now run along, and remember how many times I have answered your prayers in the affirmative.
And our prayers for Pocket were answered in the affirmative, as many have been, but there is one pup we have been praying for who I fear won’t be receive a yes answer.
I wrote about Barnum last week.

 This week his Mom learned that he has a enlarged liver and there is a 90 percent chance it is cancer.  We are going to need more prayers than we got for the other pups combined for Barnum, and the answer could still be no.
I wasn’t friends with Barnum when I was on the mortal side of life despite the fact that he lives closer to me than all other dogs on the Internet.  My Mom and Dad, with River and Pocket, got to meet Barnum and his sibling Bailey at Miss Laura’s house last fall and they all had a delightful time.  I was quite jealous that I did not get to meet them.  Now I don’t want to meet him at the Bridge for a long time.  
I am trying to use that to Barnum’s advantage.  I told the big guy that I never met Barnum’s acquataince on Earth and did not wish to do so now.  I said I just didn’t like the cut of his jib although I am quite sure he has a perfectly lovely jib.  It was a desperate measure but I thought the situation called for it.  But again I was dismissed with a wave of the hand.
We all know what pup prayers can do.  Let’s put them all to use and see if we can get a miracle for Barnum.


  1. So many pups needing prayers....and so many saddened peeps. We hope some prayers get good answers....

  2. Count us in on sending up lot's of prayers for your furends!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Us too lots of healing vibes and POTP. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We have all 40 paws in our house crossed for Barnum. And we'll send along some prayers to the Big Guy too. Prayers really do work after all.

  5. Oh no we haven't been on DS so we had missed some of this.prayers to all.we love each and everyone of our fur friends with all our hearts.

  6. praying for his sweet little heart....stella rose