Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Thing With Petals

The other day I got to take a little me time.  I got up in my favorite chair and I went on the human book to see what my favorite race of people had been thinking.  I was reading some posts about how comforting the thought of us pups being at Rainbow Bridge was when I came across an unfamiliar name who posted this.
“That is really such a lie.. I hated hearing that crap .. my dog is in the ground like my dad is ... maybe just maybe when the final day has come and Christ returns I will remember my beloved pets and Christ will give them life.. but please .. this Rainbow Bridge crap is such a fabrication of reality .. really ..??? Rainbow Bridge .... oh my .. please....!!!!!!!!! Sorry but let's not do the five year old's fantasy.. please !:”.
You know, when I was on Earth, I never believed there was really a New Jersey.  I mean maybe the Shore, where my friend Willie spent so much time.  But someone living in Northern Jersey?   Now that sounded like a fabrication of reality.  I mean who would live there?  But when I got to the Bridge I met Nana, and, since Grampy was still on the mortal side, she was hanging out with Frank Sinatra, and Frank told me he was from Northern Jersey and said it had to be a real place and I had to admit I was wroo...wroooo…...maybe not entirely correct.
First, I know this poster is a very religious person but I do want to point out while you are making a point about religion you probably shouldn’t use the word crap.  I was going to state that Jesus never used the word, nor referred to crap, except I did find one instant where, while wandering in the desert, he stepped in some camel dung and said “sure, I can walk on water, but this I step in.”
Secondly, being here at the Bridge, and while I am not really close to Christ, you need a great deal of paperwork to do that, I am closer than anyone on Earth, I know he is about being compassionate and never causing people pain, especially those with faith that they will see their loved ones again.  The post about Rainbow Bridge being a five year old’s fabrication was completely cruel, and the exact opposite of what Christ teaches.
Sometimes I will discreetly climb the hill to watch the humans get sworn into their part of the Bridge.  Often they are questioned about mean, hurtful things they have said or done in their life and their answer is “I did it in your name.”  At which point it is explained to them that their actions were not in His name at all. Usually the humans get quite huffy and try to explain to Him that He obviously does not know what His beliefs are.  When they are done explaining the “I am Holier Than Thou” folks are shoved in a hole and sent to the dark, hot place.
So you can believe that I, a Yorkie, passed away in June of 2013, and am now sitting at Rainbow Bridge where I am a Judge and have the job of swearing in dogs who arrive here after passing over the River of Life from the mortal side to the immortal side, typing this for dogs and humans to read, or you can believe I am in the ground (actually I am on a shelf but how am I to argue with someone who obviously knows so much?)
Archie Bunker once said “faith is something no one in their right mind would ever believe in.”  
Maybe no one in their right mind would believe you are reading the words of a Yorkie 15 months gone from your realm.  But without faith we’d stop believing that the sun will come out tomorrow, and that the flowers will bloom.
Someone wrote that hope is the things with feathers.  I don’t know what that means.  But I know what faith is:
Faith is the thing with petals.


  1. Someone once told us, that to have Faith is to have faith in yourself.

  2. Nice quote by Bella and Co. What would life be without faith? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh say it so well. I would hate to think that "Goodbye" is really "Goodbye" and not "Until I see you again".

  4. We feel SORRY fur that peep who wrote those words.

  5. A place without faith and hope would be a very sad place.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. You know what I think? I think you said this very nicely-- and you told the truth.