Sunday, September 9, 2018

Mia is our September 9, 2018 Pup of the Week

I dread whenever a friend crosses Rainbow Bridge.  I know their humans are going to be heartbroken and lost.  A dog is constant. We are always home. We want to be by your side.  Our parents pour so much of their love into us and receive an equal amount in return the when we pass the poor dears are left with an excess amount of love to give, and an infinitesimal amount in return.

My dread is tripled when a pup bounds across the Bridge, climbs the stairs to Hobo’s bluff, greets me with a hearty hello, tells me how great it is to see me again, and I stand there with a befuddled look on my face.  That happened this week when Mia, a lovely chocolate lab, crossed from the mortal world.

She kissed me and said she was happy to finally meet me for real.  I smiled at her, looked down at the paperwork, saw it said Mia and tried to think of a Mia I knew.  “Don’t you remember me?” she asked.  I made a noise like I was losing at tug of war. 

  “From Doggyspace.  You remember Jack, Mia and Phoebe don’t you?”

Oh!  Jack, Mia, and Phoebe, of course, I remembered.  That was the problem with groups of dogs on DS.  Their names ran together. Jackmiaphoebe. Mia got lost in the middle.  I threw my arms around her and gave her a big kiss.  “How have you been?” I asked excitedly.

“Not too well,” Mia said.  “I recently got sick, and my mom couldn’t stand to see me suffering so she sent me here so I could be young and whole again.”
I have to stop asking new arrivals how they have been.  I told Mia that I was very sorry and promised to teach her all the angel tricks she could use to see her mom again, and possibly, if she were lucky, her mom could see her too.

Then I introduced Mia to all the dogs that Momma Alice loved before Mia arrived.  I left them alone as they hugged, cried, and talked about how much they adored their mom.  Then they began playing, because Mia is a chocolate lab, and they can’t go long without running.  Mia was happy to discover she could run for hours without getting tired. She and her new pack chased each other until the sun went down.

When they were done, Mia’s pack brought her to their new house, a replica of the place they lived in Melbourne Australia.  I followed them home then told Mia to shut her eyes and let me take her by the paw.  I brought her to the Doggyspace town square where her angel friends, Tommy Tunes, Morgan, Apollo, and so many others had come together to honor Mia with a big welcoming dinner.

We ate, drank and celebrated Mia’s arrival deep into the night.  We did this because we love a good party and to keep Mia’s mind off the sadness.  But, on the walk home, I could feel her despair growing. When we reached her house, I gave her a package of the tears her mom had cried over Mia’s passing.  I told her to sprinkle them in her garden, and her flowers would be the most beautiful at the Bridge.

Mia said she was exhausted and wanted to lie down, but then her door burst open from the inside and her pack surrounded her and said they were going to visit their mom.  They gave Mia her wings, and she joined them as they flew towards the moon where they would enter their mom’s dreams.

Mia was learning that an angel is always kept busy because when you are idle you get to missing people and that makes you sad.

If only we could all keep going all the time and never miss anyone.  That would be a wonderful thing.


  1. We love the thought that our human's tears could become nourishment for flowers across the RB. And we hope Mia got to see her Mom through her dreams.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Sprinkkling a package of tears...we love it.

  3. We know sweetie Mia will keep busy sprinkling love about.