Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday Question

Do your parents work?  If they do, what do they do, and if not, what did they do before they retired?

Pocket:  My Dad was a public housing manager until he retired five years ago.  Daddy know works part times doing in-store sales for Blue Buffalo which means free food!  Mommy retired from being a teacher's assistant in 2011 and is now a full-time dog mom which is good because we need one.  


  1. Dad is a mechanical engineer and inventor - he has several patents both in the US and Europe. He won't retire for 30 years (he's still a pup) Mom spent 20 years as an airline pilot and 18 years as a Federal Agent. She can retire in two years, but since Dad has LONG way to go she my work an extra five years to pad the retirement account as care for her Dad has taken up her whole paycheck these last few years. (his house is in trust to her late Brother's children). She loves the author thing but if she HAD to do it to pay the bills it wouldn't be fun. She donats all her book sales to animal rescue. Close to a quarter million dollars so far!

    Still they are both very attentive paw-rents.

  2. if going shopping and killing the nerves of our dad counts as work, then our mama works. our dad is retired, but he has still to work as a nerd and online stuff creator ....

  3. Our Dad is retired but the Mom is still working.

  4. Our dad is brilliant. We don't know what he does, but lately he has been working in his home office until all hours of the night. We keep his side of the bed warm. Maybe his job is sleepy genius. Lately, Mom has just been home spying on us. Maybe she is a spy.

  5. My Dad is retired, but my ghostwriter still works as a nurse at a nursing home. She is hoping to retire in the next couple years

  6. Our peeps are both "retired" although Dad still works through his own business as a consultant. He is supposed to be part-time, but Mom says he works long days all week long, even on the weekends sometimes.

    Mom wore a few hats in her work days, mainly as a high school teacher of Math and French. But she also worked for 10 years in the compliance area of insurance. And then once the first grandbaby arrived, she became the "daycare" provider for the first four to come along. For about three years, at one time, she had a 3 year old grandgirl, twin babies boy and girl, and another grandboy. She basically had triplets and toddler all at the same time. She loved it despite how hard it was some days. Now they are all growing up too fast, along with two other grandboys.

    Now we are very happy to have them home here in the house for 100% of the time.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Our peeps are retired now. Mom worked in the Accounting Dept at a potato processing plant that makes french fries. For years she did the payroll then moved up to cost accounting. Our dad did sales at an Electrical Supply store. We love that they have more time at home with us now!
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. Our Dad used to be a college recruiter but he retired. Now he works part time to get him out of Mom's hair. Mom was a bank auditor but she liked to tell people that she was an IRS auditor because she liked to see the looks of terror on their faces. She's like that.