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Jolie's Song is Sung


Jolie, Jolie, Jolie, Jolie
The Princess of our hearts, please don’t go
Jolie, Jolie, Jolie, Jolie
Off to Rainbow Bridge, you had to go

I don’t know why I am singing. It has been a sorrowful time here as I have had many good friends crossing over the Bridge, leaving the most broken hearts since Bobby Sherman married.

After a long battle with illness conducted to stay with her family and having a mom who could not bear to see her suffer any longer, Princess Jolie came to Rainbow Bridge this week.

Jolie was the Princess of her kingdom, which consisted of her house, yard, and neighborhood. It may not be as large as other kingdoms, but it is bigger than any nation when you are a tiny dog.

Your beauty is beyond compare
With stunning locks of black hair
With alert ears and eyes of deep brown pools
Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your bark is like a steady summer rain
And no dog could compete with you, Jolie

While we are all royalty in our houses, Jolie was recognized as one. Convincing your parents that you are the house ruler is a challenging assignment to accomplish. Josie’s mom knew at first look all those years ago that her little pup was special and immediately accepted her as the Princess. Because of that, Jolie was known as Princess throughout the dog nation.

You protect us all in our sleep.
From the bottom of our mortal hearts, we wished you were one we could keep
Now we cry when we say your name

More angels came to greet the Princess than any other dog ever before. When she crossed, I gave her a tiara and scepter and gave her a comfy throne to sit upon.

And I can really understand
Why the Bridge takes what we love
But I hope you knew what you meant to us

Jolie left behind three siblings, who are still wondering where she went and peeking around the house for her despite her visiting via dream dates. She left her life partner Pippin, but their relationship is unchanged since they only met on dream dates. And she left her devoted mom.

Jolie, Jolie, Jolie, Jolie
The Princess of our hearts, please don’t go
Jolie, Jolie, Jolie, Jolie
Off to Rainbow Bridge, you had to go

Her mom will miss her the most. Her pack had multiple dogs, but Jolie had a special spot. Shakespeare wrote a coward dies many times as a hero but once. Our parents worry about us going to the Bridge many times although we only do it once. After each close call, a parent begins to believe maybe the ill dog will win and be with them forever. But then comes that final rogue wave of illness, and suddenly, the baby is gone.

You could have been with any dogs, but you chose us
You must convince us all we can love again
But today, it seems like you’re the only one for me

Jolie spends her night curled up on her throne, reaching out to all she loves hoping to make a dream connection. She is a youthful puppy again, so you may not recognize her at first but look deeply into those eyes, and you will see a princess.

I hope to dream talk with you
And find the happiness I left with you
Now I walk the halls hoping it comes true


  1. Thank you iys beatiful❣️💔

  2. Purring for Angel Jolie's earth family.

  3. This is very heartrending. I didn't know Jolie, but I can see that she elicited such strong emotions.

  4. I'm sorry she had to leave her family so soon.


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