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Poetry Thursday


 Welcome to Poetry Thursday presented by Two Spoiled Cats



Here is the photo chosen for us



 And here is our poem 

Two sisters, long haired and strange

Heard their favorite singer would be playing and tickets they did arrange

His manager always looking for some freaky ladies

And would be willing to do acts that they perform in Hades

Soon the three were in his hotel room all nude

And, in crude terms, they all screwed

They tied him up with their hair so long

And twisted in knots his mighty schlong

Once secure they drank his blood

It was the a torrid night for the young stud

To recover he spent a week in the hospital

And was treated for several diseases termed transmittal

Two years later he came back to town

And the sister wondered if they should go down

Unsure of what to do the two discussed

If the singer could possibly ever remember us






  1. No, I'm quite sure the singer would have forgotten all about the night his 'shlong' was tied in knots...

  2. wow what a story... and if da shlong is tied in knots he sure will remember that BOL

  3. Gee! That was quite the story ;) MOL!!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. That is for certain the LONG and short of that story!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. crackin UP at noby & easy's commint !!! :)

  6. Wow, we were worried at first that your mom wrote this, but we know you had some experience with a dong cause you had puppies. XOX Xena, and Chia

  7. River! I thought you were so innocent, but you're not. This poem is X-Rated. Xtra Good, that is!


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