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Poetry Thursday


Each week Sammy posts a picture to inspire his friend poetry

Here is this week's photo

Stacey had prayed for a sibling for a long time

When she finally got one she promised to dress it sublime

She got her mom's high heels, and a fluffy dress

So sure the baby would look better than the rest

She stood the baby up and it took it's first walk

She was so pleased she hoped to teach it to talk

It clomping around upstairs got her Dad's attention

And he hurried upstairs swearing these kids gave him hypertension

He saw what Stacey had done with the baby

And saw paying for years of therapy

He said his daughter with little joy

That the kid in the heels was a little boy


  1. If it's good for Harry Styles, then it's good for this kid. Gender fluidity is the trend now. What a cute picture of the baby butt in heels!

  2. Excuse, that last comment was me, Wendy. I have to get used to the new requirements.

  3. Boys in heels are pawesome! Of course they're even better if they're carrying TREATS!

  4. I wondered why you kept referring to the baby as "it." Good poem and great ending!


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