Thursday, October 20, 2022

Poetry Thursday



Welcome to poetry Thursday hosted by our friends Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton Here is our inspiration followed by our poem 



Move along, move along, no time to stop and smell

Today I am going to win show and tell

You’re mysterious, you’re strange, you’re unknown

The children will love you even if you’re not fully grown

I have studied everything about you so I am not stumped

You are so fascinating no one will interrupt 

There’s the school hurry up, we must get there before the bell

I have never been so excited about show and tell

Down the hall, we go

I am going to have the best show

In the classroom, stand in front, look alert

And good lord, don’t fart

I am going to talk to the class now

And when we are done, they will clap, and we will bow

Okay, here I go

On with the show. 

Hello, class. Look up here; it's not a toy

For show and tell pigs, I brought you a boy



Poetry Thursday

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