Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chloe is our April 5, 2015 Pup of the Week

After Angel Aran settled in at Rainbow Bridge she immediately began looking for the perfect dog who could help heal her Mom’s broken heart.  She stayed up for days going through application after application until she found the dog:  Her name was Chloe.

Once she had found Chloe she popped into her dreams.  She was a rescue dog and she was desperate for a home but Aran wanted to make sure that Chloe had the same qualities:  Kindness, sweetness, faithfulness, and a sweet joy, that Aran had brought to her family.  Luckily Chloe met all the requirements.

The next day while Aran’s parents were on the computer searching for the perfect pup I helped Aran guide control of their computer to get Chloe’s picture to pop up on the screen.  When they saw Chloe’s they instantly fell in love.  But her parents still had to fill out an application and wait to see if they were approved.

Aran entered the dreams of the people at the Rescue and he assured them that Chloe could not possibly find a better home than with her parents.  The next morning the Rescue workers had a strong, inexplicable feeling that Chloe would fit in perfectly with Aran’s parents.

There were still several steps to get Chloe to her new home.  Chloe’s wonderful foster Mom had to take her for tests to make sure she was healthy.  Only Chloe could see Aran in the vet’s office, her wings furiously fluttering as she flew back and forth making sure that Chloe got a good report.

Then it was time for the transport.  Aran sat on the dashboard, again invisible to everyone but Chloe, as they drove through the night.  They arrived at Aran and Chloe’s house so late at night it was morning.  But their Mom was up and she rushed out to see Chloe and, as Arans Mom took Chloe into her arms for the first time, and Aran knew her obligation to her Mom was done, an angelic tear fell from her eye and on to the dashboard just before she transported herself back to the Bridge.

Aran only had to make one more trip back to her home before Chloe was settled in.  Aran’s cat brother Frank got all “Hey, what did you go bring another animal into the house, what the hell, what about me!” that all cats do.  Aran assured Frank that Chloe was specially picked to help their Mom, and while Frank was cautious, he loves his Mom, and has accepted Chloe into the house, and much as a cat can.

So welcome Chloe, listen to Aran in your dreams, and love your parents and you will be the greatest gift they ever received.


  1. Accepted as much as a cat can.....bwahaahaa! That pretty much sums it up. We're so happy Chloe and Aran's pawrents found each other. We know there was some help there...

  2. Aww.... dat's a sweet story... glad dey found each udder!

  3. We agree so sweet. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. This story makes my heart feel good.