Sunday, April 12, 2015

Morgan and Jackson"s Mom Jane and a Maltese named Muffin are our April 12, 2015 Pups of the week

      Pocket and I began this blog in May 2008 after getting thrown off a website that doesn’t even exist anymore.  Since then we’ve written about 1,000 of these things.       In November of 2009 we began writing our Pup of the Week tribute blogs.  Two months later we named Morgan the Miracle Maltese Pup of the Week after he went to the Bridge.  It is six years later and I was shocked to find that, despite years of doing great work, we have not honored Morgan’s wonderful Mom.  We are here to rectify that.
    Morgan  (and now Jackson and Ginger's) Mom is our Aunt Jane Marinello and she has been helping homeless dogs find good homes for all these years.  But what she did recently truly deserves to be celebrated across the globe.
     Aunt Jane has a neighbor named Thelma who turned 100 on April 10th.  A couple of weeks before her birthday Aunt Jane took Amanda some gardenias just to make Amanda’s day a little brighter.  Amanda has a 14 year old Maltese named Muffin.  Up until last year Amanda had a traveling groomer come to her house and provide Muffin with a spa day.  But the groomer had relocated and Amanda could no longer drive, or groom Muffin.  Poor Muffin’s hair had matted so badly he could not see.
Jane 1.jpg

    Aunt Jane explained to Thelma that the mats were hurting Muffin.  Aunt Jane called her groomer and told she had an emergency case.  The groomer, whose shop was scheduled to be closed the next day, agreed to open the shop especially for Muffin.  Aunt Jane knew that Thelma loved Muffin, and Muffin loved her Mom, but Thelma’s eyes were bad and she could no see how bad Muffin’s hair had become.  Aunt Jane, without looking for any credit, unassumingly decided to be Muffin and Thelma’s hero.

    Aunt Jane took Muffin to the groomer’s and thankfully the groomer was able to shave Muffin without having to give him anesthesia.  Here is Muffin getting groomed.
Jane 2.jpg

    A few days later Aunt Jane went to see Muffin and brought him a shirt (that had belonged to Morgan) until his hair started to grow in.  (Aunt Jane cannot stop giving.)  Aunt Jane got thanked for the shirt and the grooming with lots of Muffin kisses.   
jane 3.jpg
The groomer did find a large mass on Muffin’s chest but it was not bothering him and being 14 it was decided to leave well enough alone.  Also, like many older dogs, he has leg issues, but Muffin can still get outside to do his business.  Aunt Jane decided that she had not done enough for Thelma and Muffin and she asked her hundreds of Facebook friends to send birthday cards to Thelma to make her birthday special.
As Thelma’s birthday drew near the birthday cards started streaming in making this one of the happiest birthdays she has experienced in ages.  Aunt Jane visits her everyday and she reports that Muffin is getting his strength back.          
Thelma and Muffin are even walking for a few steps each day, all because Aunt Jane, as she has done with hundreds of dogs, saved them, and for that I call on all dogs to give a tip of the tail to this wonderful woman.
And help yourself to one of these cupcakes Aunt Jane ordered for Thelma and Muffin because she can’t stop doing her countless good deeds.


  1. Such a sweet thing.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Omg, I'm so touched by this wonderful honor....but it brought tears to Aunt Jane's eyes. I never thought of what I do as anything's just my passion in honor of my Angel Morgan, whom I love so much. Thank you so much.xxoo

  3. Bless her heart, Aunt Jane is a hero in our eyes!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Aunt Jane has a Heart Of Gold that was mint to be shared with those who need a warm loving helping hand weather it be dog or humane.Some see well enough to be left alone, Jane see the beauty that is held with one heart.This makes her golden.Love You Jane.(Anna Nicole And The Pack)

  5. What a very nice lady. We have a special soft spot for old dogs. We hope Muffin continues to do well.