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For Brody


We were once all young and seemingly immortal. Then Time came for us, and we transitioned to the Bridge. A new generation formed in our wake. We thought our work as an angel was done. Then the Time came for the next generation to shed their earthly bodies and become angels.


It is always a shock when a second cyber-generation dog earns their wings. My replacement River stunned my parents when she arrived at the Bridge in June 2022; River Song was the one who would make everything all right again.


Then came Ruby, a third-generation cyber animal, and the world seemed right again. 


One of the most popular dogs in the cyber dog revolution were the Labbies: Dodger, Raja, and Loga. They were close friends with an unruly dog from Arizona named Brody, who went to the Bridge fine too early after repeatedly eating things he shouldn't. When the Time came for a new generation of Labbies, mama Wendy chose the moniker Brody to honor their excellent friend.


When you're a pup, Time goes by slowly. When you turned four, puppyhood seemed eons ago. The more you age, the quicker Time passes. After 20 years of existence, everything that has happened in life occurred in the last three years. When I got a message that I would swear in Brody, I figured there must be tragic circumstances to cause a young dog to arrive. I remembered he was six upon arrival in the pack, but I thought that was two years ago instead of half a dozen. Brody, representing the second generation, was 14. 


The Labbies were waiting for Brody to cross over, as was Brody I, still full of life years after becoming an angel. I quickly gave Brody a shortened version of the oath because I knew he had loved ones waiting for him. I had barely finished the words when Brody I bowled him over and gave him more licks in a minute than he got in a year.


Brody II arrived missing his mom and was nervous about his new life, but Brody I and the Labbies won't let Brody II alone long enough to slip into sadness. Brody I, the Labbies, and Brody the New, began running and barking and haven't stopped.


Brody proved to be a Bridge between the first generation of Dodger and Raja and the newest pups Callie and Sienna. They will carry the spirit of the second generation into the third and beyond.


And the legend of we social media pioneering dogs will continue into a third generation.


  1. yes.. it will be like that... hugs to the Brody's

  2. Aww, it's great to know that Brody The New is with his friends again, and purrs for his human.

  3. Thank you, Angels. Brody is with his Pack again.

  4. Big healing hugs for Brody's humans. ♥

  5. Brody will likely great many an Angel before he knows it.

  6. Brody is so lucky to know love everywhere.


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