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Monday Question

 I haven't seen snow yet. 

My parents say the can't wait to see how I react.

Spoiler alert: Since I don't like to go outside when it is 60 degrees and sunny so changes are good I will not take to snow.

Have you encountered snow before?

If so how did you react the first time you saw it?

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  1. da phenny knows some sugar crumbs on the meadows, but I da nelly came from grenoble where da real snow is... and I hated it and I'm glad we have only rain here ;O)))

  2. Snow is the bestest and most funnest stuffs in the whole wide world and I love it! Now if it would only snow.

  3. Your Angel Little Bit hated snow. She didn't want to walk on it and wouldn't go potty either. We had to drive out of the mountains to find a place where there wasn't any snow so she could go potty.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  4. I will never in all my life forget the first time our mighty mini dachshund discovered snow.
    He hated rain but OMDs did he love snow. Once we had a record breaking 18" in the 1980's.
    My husband cleared off the porch and a short path to grass for Toto. As soon as he got the the snow he used his nose like a snow plow. He would make a tunnel and every so often he'd jump up in the air. All you could see was the tip of his black nose. It looked like a periscope.
    Hugs cecilia

  5. Well that's a lovely look of fun in the snow! Enjoy!

  6. Sunny and I both LOVE the snow...Snow zoomies are the BEST!!

  7. Boston has already seen snow and he loved it. He ate it and rolled in it but he says it gets very cold, very fast.

  8. I've not been out in the snow but I've seen up close, the Dad brought some in, it's cold!

  9. We think we have the same reaction to snow every time it snows - you know how much we LOVE it!!! We hear we might get some on Thursday - even a little is delightful!!! Snow is glorious!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. We wanted to stop by and thank you for the comment on our post about losing our kitty sisfur, Angel. We appreciate your understanding and your thoughtful words. .

  11. Western NY means lots of snow! The doggies who lived at this house always loved snow. You might surprise yourself and end up liking it.

  12. Mom has a picture of us from the first time me and Lucy saw snow. We are standing on the front porch just staring out at the snow-covered yard. Of course, it wasn't even an inch deep, so we finally did our business and ran back inside. Xena


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