Sunday, November 25, 2012

Buck is our November 25, 2012 Pup of the Week

Every pack has a primary barker.  In our pack it’s me.  Occasionally I will let Pocket bark if she has something important to say ~eye roll~ or if I need a break, but, for the most part, when you hear barking from us, it’s me.

I think there are a lot of packs like that.  Tommy barks more than Freddie Girl.  Hattie more than Jackie Lynn.  But that doesn’t mean that the quieter dog is any less loved, it just mean they have a slightly smaller personality (editor’s note from Pocket:  and ego).

When we were first trying out this dog networking thing one of our initial friends was Erin.  Erin knew everything we didn’t know.  There was no one better at explaining how to upload pictures, videos, and design a page than Erin and her Mom.  And she was always open to answer our many questions.

Some of us thought that Erin was an only dog because she was the only one who barked but Erin had a brother Buck.   We didn’t hear much from Buck but Erin would tell tale of him and post a darling picture or two.

It is ironic that Buck was so quiet because it was Erin who first coined the phrase “Freedom to Bark.”  At that time many of us were having problems with the old management at DS because some of our comments were being removed and our private messages were being read.  When we started the Tanner Brigade we borrowed the phrase Freedom to Bark as our motto because we believed if you let dogs bark what they wanted to bark everything would be fine because dogs never bark a bad woof.

As of late, because of the human issues that happens to all our humans from time to time, work, illness, family, the other problems of daily life, Erin and her Mom have not been barking much, but there would be no Tanner Brigade without them, and a lot of what newer members of DS take for granted like when someone teaches them how to post a picture or a video or do a new layout, they should know that many of those doing the teaching today have learned from Buck, Erin, and their Mom.

So the wonderful Mom who gave us the phrase Freedom to Bark bark had a pup who didn’t bark much, but he was loved very much by his Mom and will be missed very much by all of us.

There are lots of different ways to go to the Bridge and none of them are good.  At least for Buck it was fast and he didn’t suffer, nor did his Mom have to spend a lot of money on testing and treatments that failed.  Buck spent a pleasant Thanksgiving with his family but on Saturday he tumbled down the stairs.   He could not stand up, he had no reaction to any touch and had labored breathing.  His Mom made an appointment for the vet but Buck went to the Bridge before she could get him there.  He had made his choice to leave this earthly realm from the home he loved.  As his Mom put on her Facebook page.  “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”

So here is to Buck, who helped create the Freedom to Bark even when he chose not to bark.  And for all the quieter dogs who are strongest in heart and loyalty.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Pre-Thanksgiving Day Surprise

On Wednesday, Calvin, who is 19 months old, and is our only male grandbaby came to visit. I am very excited when the grandbabies come to our house because I have so much to teach them. And they frequently drop food.

To be honest, when the grandbabies age, I lose interest in them. Once they get old enough to pick me up, squeeze me, and cause general uncomfortableness, I get done with the sniffing and greeting then I am cool with finding a place to hang out where they can’t bother me. They have Pocket to carry around the house, pet, poke, jostle and generally annoy.

But I love the little ones who aren’t coordinated enough to annoy. Who stumble around, fall to their knees and laugh. Who crap in their pants. They are my peeps.

When Calvin came over Mommy gave him some loose goldfish treats, and a sealed box containing more goldfish. He would eat one, and then drop his hand, and I would be all over that hand, licking, nuzzling and ticking until I got a treat. It was like taking goldfish from a baby.

Once Mommy told him to watch his hands because I was stealing them. Calvin looked down at me, smiled, and handed me a goldfish. What a wonderfully smart boy. But then tragedy struck. We ran out of goldfish.

We did have the unopen box of treats. He picked the box up, held the top near his mouth and shook it. “No Calvin!” I said as the humans laughed at him. “We need to get the top off before we can eat them.” I ran into the kitchen and barked at the knife drawer but Mommy told me no. For some reason she didn’t want the kid running around with a knife. I know. I can’t figure it either.

Calvin was looking at the box, and then he lifted it over his head and threw it down. We both were expecting it to burst open but it only made a small dent in it. I told him to do it again. He bent down, picked it up, held it over his head, and threw it down. The dent got a little bigger. Now we were making progress.

He picked it up again and this time it hit a corner. I was sure it was busted open this time. But that little box held. This was the most frustrating thing I had ever been through. He kept throwing, I kept hoping, but the hardest substance man has ever made, cardboard, held up. Finally it was time to go, the box got put away, Calvin got dressed and the dream slowly faded away.

But before they left I picked up an important piece of information. Calvin’s mother is having a litter. Two kids at the same time due in May. I don’t know why humans waste their time having one baby at time, way too time consuming, so I am glad she wised up and is having a duo. So in a little while there will be two babies crawling around, and with two babies I know we can get that carton of goldfish open.

That was a nice surprise and gave us something else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade of Too Many Dogs

Foley Monster:  Good morning, greetings, salutations and a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  Welcome to the 2012 All Pups Almost Annual Thanksgiving Day parade which we forgot to have last year.  With me is my sister Pocket Dog.

Pocket:  I’m not wearing pants.  I’m buck naked!

Foley Monster:  And we are so proud of you for that.  This parade will be comprised of friends of ours from Tanner Brigade, Doggyspace, and the blogging world and it should be the best parade every and to start it out here comes the Min Pin Gang Marching band.

Pocket:  Look out those Min Pin’s play.  We have Min Pin trumpet and sousaphone players and even drummers, and ooops, it looks like Cricket ran off with Mouse’s drum stick but Mouse is going one with one stick.  What a trooper.

Foley Monster:  Here is one of my favorite floats.  It’s the Pokey, Maggie and Toby Dog Transport Float.  And look at all the dogs on the float being transported to new home by their wonderful Mom Laura.

Pocket:  In front of the float is Toby looking so proud that he has a new home and on top of the float sitting on a throne is our friend Pokey.  He is not feeling too well right now but we want everyone to give him a big Thanksgiving blessing because we want him here for a lot more parades to come.

Foley Monster:  And here is our first Rainbow Bridge float and it’s Reba Messina.  Oh helllo Reba, we have missed you so much.

Pocket:  And she is surrounded by all the GenChan dogs that she heped bring recognition too.  Look they are lifting her on her shoulders.  Now that is great to see.  

Foley Monster:  And there is one of our blogging friends Molly the Wolly.  Molly is from Great Britain and she is dressed up like James Bond.

Pocket:  Molly looks great on her float and as she insists upon the float is being shaken, not stirred.

Foley Monster:  Speaking of dogs on a throne here, in a float constructed of milk bones to look like a castle is one of our favorite dogs, the regal Leo, standing next to his throne, wearing his crown, holding his scepter, and smoking the pipe Hattie Mae gave him.  

Pocket:  He is one good looking dog.  I am talking George Clooney handsome.

Foley Monster:  And, oh my, from the float behind Leo Hattie Mae has jumped and now she is chasing Leo’s float.

Pocket:  For an old girl she moves fast.

Foley Monster:  Don’t let her hear that.  Plus she is determined.  And now she jumps and she climbs up on the float and she is sitting next to Leo.

Pocket:  She must have had it planned all along, the color of her dress matches Leo’s robe.

Foley Monster:  Behind Leo’s float was Hattie Mae’s float but now Jackie Lynn has taken Hattie’s spot behind the sewing machine.  The float is a tribute to all the Moms who make their dogs clothes.

Pocket:  Smartie and Fella are there two sewing on the buttons.  What a wonderful tribute to their Mom Darla.

Foley Monster:  But you can tell that Jackie is distracted because behind her,. riding on a float, and locked in a jail cell is Lou ee, still under guard after the debauchery of his dual birthday party with Leo.

Pocket:  I wonder why Leo was able to go free but Lou ee is still locked up?

Foley Monster:  I got Leo out of jail in the United States but I would have to go to London to get Lou ee out and those powdered wigs make my eyes itch.

Pocket:  We are all with you Lou ee.  Free Lou ee!

Foley Monster:  I think that was a movie about a whale.  Oh look we have another Rainbow Bridge float, and look at this, together again, it’s sweet Sierra with Nase and Tiger.

Pocket:  Oh it is so wonderful to see Sierra again.  She is such a beautiful dog.  And look at Nase and Tiger running around the float playing.  Oh that is awful rough.  Oh, ouch, oh Nase.

Foley:  Oh here is one of my favorite packs, and out in front of their float is Bear.  It’s the Sandy, Maggie, Nikki and Bear float and Bear is in the lead because last year at this time he was with a rotten family living a rotten life and now he’s living a great life.

Pocket:  And it’s wonderful to see Maggie.  Just a week ago we were sick with worry about her and now she is sitting on the float so gracefully.  And let’s give a shout out to their sick human sister and say a prayer that she’s home soon.  

Foley:  Here is a float with three of our newest friends on it Reese, his sister Meika, and Meika’s boyfriend Wishbone.  They are new to DS and if you are not friends with them makes friends right now because they are the sweetest, friendliest dogs.

Pocket:  I love the relationship between Meika and Wishbone.  And look at Reese running and playing with his new football.  So cute.  

Foley:  Oh look how special this is.  It’s Angel Charlie from the Burgh holding paws with his new family member Joey and Charlie is introducing him to everyone.  

Pocket:  And Angel Charlie is flying above them.  He has so much experience flying.

Foley:  Here comes the giant Shih Tzu float with Tashi and Tiara on it and sitting at the very top Angel Lovey all three with pretty red ribbons in their hair.

Pocket:  And they are throwing kibble to the other dogs.  They are just the nicest dogs always ready to give something to someone.

Foley:  And here are two more of our blogging friends, Benny and Lily, from the two French Bulldogs site.

Pocket:  They have quite a following, and look at the kids waving to the, they are so popular.

Foley:  And look, from the streets of Mayberry it’s our great friend Otie Campbell running around a float made to look like Mayberry.

Pocket:  And there have Opie and Sheriff Andy made out of kibbles and bits, Otie has a winning float right there I tell you.

Foley:  Here comes a float that looks like a giant couch and look there is Brody eating it.

Pocket:  Actually it is a couch on a flatbed truck.  Brody only eats the best couches.  Plus whenever we mention Brody in a blog we get 1,000 more hits so go Brody.

Foley:  Here is one of everyone’s favorite dogs, along with his sister Freddie Girl, it’s the fabulous Tommy Tunes.

Pocket:  And behind Tommy they are showing all the wonderful pictures he has done over the year.  Look at all the great work he has done.  Yay Tommy!

Foley Monster:  All the way from Italy, on a float shaped like a pizza, it’s our friend Paco.

Pocket:  Correct me if I am wrong Foley but I think that float is made of pizza because the dogs watching the parade seem to be attacking it.

Foley Monster:  Let me check.  ~Foley runs down and bites the float~  Yes Pocket, it is made of pizza

Pocket:  Did you bring me a slice?  Foley?  Foley?

Foley Monster:  And behind him on a float made of Schnitzel it’s The Rock.

Pocket:  I don’t think I want to taste the Schnitzel.  But the other dogs seem to be enjoying it.  I don’t think either of these floats is going to make it to the end of the parade.  

Foley Monster:  Listen to the howls of the dog for the next float?  Could it be?  It is, the newest Rainbow Bridge Angel Jake, along with Star, and look at them running along the top of the float and barking at one another.  It is so wonderful to see them playing like they were young again.

Pocket:  Jake wanted to spend Thanksgiving with his family and here at the parade he can.  And look how excited Taz and Jazzy are to see their siblings young and playful again.

Foley Monster:  Here is one of our favorite pups, the giant Crystal the Great Dane, riding on a float made to look like an Arizona desert.

Pocket;  I think Crystal is the Queen of the desert.

Foley Monster:  Oh I am glad to see this.  The crowd has been a little worked up and now here comes the police float with Benjamin, Butkus, Barry and Pepper.

Pocket:  You can see the young one straighten right out when they see our police force.

Foley Monster:  Here, on a beautiful bridal float, is our friend Romey, who is busy planning his Mom’s wedding.

Pocket:  Oh Romey has some wonderful wedding designs on the float, and a huge Bears logo, that is so nice.

Foley Monster:  And here is a wonderful float of a Church and there preaching to the masses is Fonzie Tuxedo.

Pocket:  It is so nice to have a parade with a religious message today.  The young pups have a lot to learn.

Foley Monster:  Oh my gosh look at this float, it is huge, taking up the sidewalk too.

Pocket  It is the Newfoundland float.  On it are our friends Matilda, Buddy Boy Smith, and from the life and times of Remington blog our clever friend Remington.  And flying over them is what looks like the biggest bird I have ever seen but is really Angel Moses.  I love the parades when Moses comes and visits.

Foley Monster:  Now who is under that giant white sheet hanging out in the card board haunted house.

Pocket:  Oh my gosh.  It’s Smoochcy.  I got so scared when he revealed himself but it’s great to see him.  Smoochy write the best ghost stories ever.

Foley Monster:  And here is one of the bravest dogs I know, and look, he is dressed up as a dogtor, it’s Max.  He certainly has spent a lot of time at the dogtors recently so he should know what they are like.

Pocket:  But I don’t think either Tupper or Boris is very happy being his nurse.

Foley Monster:  Here is one of our all time favorite friends from the Bridge.  It’s Bear.  We love you Bear.

Pocket:  And below Bear is Chey and our new friend Kaiser.  The K Man has gone from being in a shelter to being a well trained shepard so way to go K Man.

Foley Monster:  And next on a float made of roses comes two of our favorite little Shiba Divas Maya and Jeni.

Pocket:  Oh they both look so beautiful.

Foley Monster:  Here, on a float shaped like the country of Australia is a blogging friend Downunder Daisy.

Pocket;  Daisy is a nine year old Scottie Princess and we are so happy she came to the states for the parade.

Foley Monster:  Now we have to stand up and bark for our besties, Angel Mrs. Sophie Bub, Koda, Josie and Wills.

Pocket:  Wills is an adopted dog who has learned to be a great dog under the guidance of Mrs Sophie Bub and Josie is still a grouch.

Foley Monster:  And here is another one of our favorite pups Raider Sinca riding a float of the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.

Pocket:  The well known Red Sox, Jets and Raider fan never stops believing, you have to respect that.

Foley Monster:  And look at this beautiful float.  There are no decorations on the float it is just the beautiful dogs.

Pocket:  It is the Clemmis and the Girls float and they are all just stunning.

Foley Monster:  And now on a float with dozens of pumpkins are the Lambies looking stunning as well.

Pocket: And there Dad is with them, or someone else with strange shoes, but no one is looking at them when the Lambies are on the float.

Foley Monster:  Look who it is Pocket!  It’s Angel Amber.  And over her head is a perfect rainbow.
Pocket:  The rainbow has become Angel Amber’s sign.  Whenever you see a rainbow you know she is thinking of her Mom.

Foley Monster:  All right, stand back and look out the food floats are coming!  ~Foley leaves her post and runs down to get food.~

Pocket:  I can’t believe she left me here.  Let’s see:  First here is our best friend Hannah Banana II with her wonderful treats.  They are just the best and we love them.  Foley get me some!  Foley.  Next comes Kerri’s Kookies and they are so good too.  Kerri and Hannah are throwing treats to the crowd and Foley is running under legs to get to the food. Finnaly it’s our good friends Koli and Felix throwing biscuts and brownies.  Oh boy those look good.   And Foley is coming back.  Foley did you get me any treats?  Foley?  Foley?

Foley Monster: ~Speaking with full mouth~  I am back.  Sorry no pup treats but here is a treat for you.  It is our beloved big brother Blazer and his sister Angel Kimber buzzing around his head.

Pocket:  Kimber is our first kitty in the parade because she is very special to us and we love seeing her.  God Kimber.

Foley Monster:  Now, on a float shaped like the country of Mexico, put lying in the sun, it is Pintus and Rain.

Pocket:  They look like such relaxed pups on their float sipping drinks and waving to the crowd.

Foley Monster:  Here, on a giant Schnazuer float made of black eyed Susans are two of my favorite dogs, Scooter and Molly.

Pocket:  I loves these very funny and sweet pups.  Look at the delighted children as they chase one another around the float.  

Foley Monster:  Here comes the youngest dog featured in this parade, it’s Joey from the ‘Burgh.

Pocket:  And with Joey, with his arms around his shoulder, teaching him how things should be, is Angela Charlie.  That is so sweet to see.

Foley Monster:  Oh this might be the most beautiful float I have seen.  It is a giant Ladybug made of roses.

Pocket:  And riding on it is Angel Ladybug sitting next to Max.  Just about the most beautiful thing we have seen.  

Foley Monster:  And here, riding a float dedicated to dogs healing, is Cooper, who has had a hard time with his health this year.  It is great to see him.

Pocket:  And next to him, taking care of him are Chipper and Romeo.

Foley Monster:  Do you heat that laughter?  That is because one of the funniest dogs we know is in the way.  It’s Sushi.

Pocket:  Everyone loves Sushi’s funny stories but he is also one of the sweetest dogs I know.

Foley Monster:  Here on a float that looks like a computer is our friend Silvie Goldstein who does more blogging than any other dog I know.

Pocket;  And Silvie is throwing copies of her blog to the adoring fans.

Foley Monster:  Look at this lovely float that is made to look the the rebuilt Northeast shore line:  It’s Willie Nillie and Jesse Belle.  

Pocket:  And those two wonderful dog are collecting food for dogs who were displace.  How sweet of them.

Foley Monster:  Here is a beautiful pup, from the great state of North Carolina, it’s Sophie Jean.  

Pocket:  She is a beautiful dog and represents her state beautifully.

Foley Monster:  Now here is a clever idea.  See that float there that looks like two salt and pepper shakers.  Well it’s Ginger Dash and and Gypsy.

Pocket:  That is a great idea but I think that we put them on a salt and pepper shaker because she is named Dash in a sign we are running out of ideas.

Foley Monster:  But we aren’t running out of floats.  Now look at this one, it is built like a track, so that means it’s our healthiest, hardest working Mom, Wendy, running with Logan, Dodger and Reba.

Pocket:  And Wendy is not even bragging a sweat.  But the dogs are now doing down the slide to get in the pool.  This is a great float.

Foley Monster:  Here is a float that is made out of bacon and is shaped like the whole world.

Pocket:  It is that great thinker Copernicus.  He is studying the map and making calculations.  And now he is eating South America.

Foley Monster:  Here is a float that looks like a beautiful Southern plantation made of carnations.

Pocket:  And riding on the float are Belle and Amber the two southern bills and represnting the great state of Alabama Anna Nichole.

Foley Monster:  Now from the South to the North we got to the streets of Pittsburgh to see Einstein. Taz and Kameron.  

Pocket: Taz and Kameron are dressed in Steeler outfits while Einstein is doing his utility drills.  And, uh-oh, there is an angry Sydney with a hockey stick.  Look out, she is still angry about the lockout.

Foley Monster:  Here is a float with two of our greatest friends Pepper and JuJu.

Pocket:  Maybe we should have saved the salt and pepper shaker for them.  Oh well, I believe that is a good JuJu float.

Foley Monster:  Can you smell all those fresh flowers, you know what that means?

Pocket:  It means it’s our friend Summer.  Hi Summer, stay safe and healthy my friend.

Foley Monster:  This year, riding on our old Yorkie float is Trixie.

Pocket:  The Yorkie float is the most important float in the parade and I would only trust Trixie with it.

Foley Monster:  And of course, behind that is our pitbull float, and there is one of the kindest dogs we know, Shiloh.

Pocket:  And on the top of the float is the space needle to celebrate her home in Seattle and Applebee menus to celebrate her Mom.

Foley Monster:  And here, in a float made to look like a rescue transport van is some of our favorite rescues, Lily, Scooter and Candy.

Pocket:  And above them two angels who got their wings this year, it is great to see Moe and Jilly Girl again.

Foley Monster:  Look at the wonderful boy dog in the tuxedo.  It’s Gordo.

Pocket:  Oh Gordo looks like such a gentleman.  He has all the girls swirling.

Foley Monster:  And on one of the most beautiful floats as always it is Cocoa Puff, Molly Mae and Max and above them beautiful Ruger and our leader Tanner Bub.

Pocket:  Look at all the dogs tipping their tails to Tanner as the ultimate sign of respect.

Foley Monster:  Look at those frisbees in the air.  That can only mean one thing.

Pocket:  It is Cali and Hurley and look at Hurley going after those frisbees,  There is no one better at getting a frisbee than Hurley.

Foley Monster:  Here are some dogs we haven’t seen in awhile but they are still favorite of ours, on a GSD float it is Daddy, Taser and Ruger.

Pocket:  They are very good GSD representatives.

Foley Monster:  Oh let’s give a wave to Daisy Mae on her float.  She is so cute.

Pocket:  And behind her on the bandana float is Bauser still standing strong.  You go Bauser.

Foley Monster:  Looking beautiful on the Shih Tzu float which is made with carnations is the beautiful Gracie Mae.

Pocket:  And on another rescue float is the patron saint of all rescues Morgan the Miracle Maltese, one of the most beautiful angels we have seen today.

Foley Monster:  And under her, running around and barking is the beautiful Jackson.

Pocket:  Here, in a float the size of Idaho are our good friend Savannah and Roland.

Foley Monster:  And it is all made of corn which is really cool.

Pocket:  Here is a triangular float for training, adoption and agility.

Foley Monster:  It is Chappy, Whiskey, Blue and Jasper and above them, looking down is Angel 12, looking out for his pack as he always does.

Pocket:  On a float with all of his Mom’s drawings behind him is Zoe Boe.

Foley Monster:  And Zoe is passing out some of those drawings and then fans are loving it.

Pocket:  And on a float that looks like the state of Florida is our sweet Shadow.

Foley Monster:  I am very happy to see Shadow is wearing the thundershirt.  We know how nervous she is and don’t want her to get upset.

Pocket:  And representing the great state of Maine it is Bentley.

Foley Monster:  Speaking of Maine I don’t think Bentley should be licking down under while on the float.

Pocket:  And behind her is our sweet friend Otis.  Otis is visually challenged so he has his seeing eye Mom with him.  She is the only human on the parade route and is doing a great job.

Foley Monster:  Now it is time for a great fashion show, on a float that is built like a runway, it’s Sydney, Moose and Buddy.

Pocket:  Oh look at them they are stylin and profiling.

Foley Monster:  Here is one of my favorite floats, one that looks like the entire universe.

Pocket:  It is the Shiloh Space float and if you ask you will be told your future.

Foley Monster:  Oh this float makes me so happy.  It is the Malatesta clan together again.

Pocket:  It is Angel Brandon above them looking down at them.  Below is Puppy who has been reunited with Wishone and Wishbone’s great new family Annie and Blossom.

Foley Monster:  You hear that South American music, it is our Argentine friends Luca, Junior and Fred.  it is so wonderful to see them together.

Pocket:  And behind them is Erin’s float which has all the computer backgrounds you could ever want, what a great float.

Foley Monster:  On the next float is one of our youngest and most favorite pups, it’s Sophie.

Pocket:  And above Sophie, watching over her, as always, is Angel Mollie.  Love you Mollie.

Foley Monster:  Two more of our friends, one from the Bridge and one still with us, it’s Ducle and Barge at the Bridge.  It is wonderful to see us.

Pocket:  And we have two more cats allowed into the dog parade.  It’s our good friends Andy and Barney.

Foley Monster:  And looking over them are their angels Jondalar and Muffin.

Pocket:  And rounding out our parade are the King and Queen, soon to be married, Hobo and Lily.

Foley Monster:  Hobo is handsome as always and Lily looks beautiful in her gown.  Best of wishes to them.

Pocket:  And that is our parade.  The bad news is that Thanksgiving is over, this blog was too long, so better luck next year.  Happy Black Friday everyone.  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pokey, Max and Jake are our November 18, 2012 Pups of the Week

It is Thanksgiving week and one of the things that I am very thankful for is that I have met one of the sweetest dogs, and sweetest owners ever, Pokey and his Mom Laura.  I don’t know a single pup who doesn’t know the name Pokey Lunn.  He is a sweet friend, a gentleman, and a kind soul.

Everyone know his Mom Miss Laura who has devoted her life to saving dogs even though she had to have several operations after one of the dogs she rescued, tormented by memories of past owners, turned on her and ripped her arm open.  Such a tragedy only redoubled Miss Laura’s efforts to adopt another dog, and give time to transport dogs to new homes.  She recently gave a home to another rescue, Toby, and helped heal him through a bad case of heartworm (he is not totally in the clear, so if he have extra prayers, please send some his way.)

In the past two weeks we learned very distressing news.  Pokey began coughing and his Mom hurried him to the vet.  He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  This sent a tremor throughout the dog world.  Pokey is the loyal glue that holds us together.  Everyone who has met him in person or online loves him.  The prayer brigade began in earnest.

Pokey had an appointment with a specialist last week so his Mom would have a better idea what was going on inside of him but what was going on inside of the dogtor was even more important because he had his appendix burst and couldn’t see Pokey pushing the appointment to next week.  Pokey, as he always does, took this in stride, but his Mom is very nervous worrying about her baby.  It is going to be a hard Thanksgiving for her this year so she when we give thanks this week let’s also give prayers for one of the best dogs and one of the best pup Moms in the world.

We are also in need of prayers for our friend Max, brother to Tupper and Boris Karloff.  Through the human networks we learned that Max was both throwing up and had diarrhea.  We did not like the sound of this at all.  We prayed it was just allergies.  What the dogtor found was not good news.  Max had a large mass that was growing in his throat and closing off his trachea.  The news just devastated his family.  The dogtor told his Mom it didn’t look good.  But like Pokey Max took everything in stride.  They are both cool dudes.

Max went in for a procedure on Friday morning.  He has the mass removed.   He ended up with a big mean incision.  He has bounced back like a champ but his family has to spend Thanksgiving praying for good results, and like Pokey they will have a very uncertain Turkey Day, so let’s mention Max in our prayers too.

Finally, and sadly, prayers are needed for Star’s brother Jake, who will be spending his last Thanksgiving with his family.  Star misses her little brother, and he hasn’t been feeling well, so after this Thanksgiving they will be sending him to be with Star.  It is going to be very hard on their parents losing two beloved pets so close together so prayers for Godspeed to Jake on his trip to the Bridge and to heal his Mom’s already broken heart.

And the rest of us should be thankful for our health and our wonderful families.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Foley's Top Ten List of Behaviors Dogs Learn From Humans

Has your human ever looked at you and yawned?  Yes, agreed, it is quite rude, but do you find yourself yawning back, and not just out of spite but out of some strange, uncontrollable response?  Well, a group of researchers from Scientists Who Aren’t Interested in Studying Anything Helpful have learned that dogs become more susceptible to yawning when their humans yawn.  Now that’s a waste of time. 

The researches from the Lund Institute, I believe, although given their studies, it could be the (Quaa)Lude Institute, determined that dogs, over a course of time, develop empathy for humans.  Over a period of time?  How many humans havepuppies who from the first day know when their parents are happy or sad, anxious or relaxed?  Us dogs, we work hard on this, we pride ourselves on this, it has been learned from generation to generation, we are the most empathic beings in the world, and it’s not from yawning, it’s from love.  And please, stop studying us, we aren’t hard to figure out, we love you and would do anything for you.  You don’t need a PHD to figure that out. 

But Pocket and I have studied on our own the strange ways of humans and we now pick the top ten things that humans do that we immediately do as well.  How many do you do?

10)  Climb under a blanket

9)   When someone farts lift your nose up, sniff around the room, look everyone in the eye, and try to figure out who did it.

8)   When a giant bird flies above you, no matter how high, you duck.

7)   When someone comes to the door you either grant them with a slap on the handshake, a hug, or jumping and humping a leg.  

6)   When trying to attract another you run your fingers through your hair or lick your genitalia.  

5)   When exasperated, you puff your cheeks then blow air out of your mouth or run around the house and barking at every sound.

4)  When are thinking very hard or about to dunk a basketball you stick your tongue out.

3)  You bark. (While researching this post I learned barking, jumping and growling are considered tics shared by humans and dogs, so, if you get yelled at for barking, remind your parents that you don't yell at them for their tics: blinking and biting their lips, so they shouldn't yell at you for copying theirs.)

2) Procrastinate. (If humans just laze around all day dogs will just lie lazily in the sun all day long.  If it wasn’t for lazy humans dogs would get a lot done.)

1)   Eating (If a human eats then we copy them and want to eat.  In the wild dogs do not beg humans to eat, we just rip them apart.  But once we come into the home and see humans eating it makes us hungry and we beg for food.  If humans weren’t eating, we wouldn’t beg for food, so don’t get mad at us when we beg, you’re the one stuffing your face.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Courtship of Hobo Hudson Part Two

This is part two of the Courtship of Hobo and Lily.  Part one can be found here  There will be further installments to follow.  When we last left them Hobo and Lily had split up over Hobo trying to give her an actual rock for an engagement gift and then a string of misunderstandings.  Their friends have come together to help them find true love.

Hobo is awakened  by the jangle of his alarm at 6 a.m. and jumped into the shower.  After having blown-dried his fur, he stared into the mirror and carefully drew a very thin black line down his upper right fang with a sharpie. Then, he stuffed cotton balls into his upper lip to simulate swelling and off he went.

He kept his lip curled back to allow the ink to dry, and donned a fedora.   He sat in Lily’s office doorway by 7:30 a.m. where he kept a sharp lookout for the arrival of Lily’s office personnel.  A little poodle in scrubs walked up and fumbled in her purse for keys, and Hobo began a low moaning. The little poodle looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”  Hobo looked up and groaned, “I cracked a fang on a steak bone last night, and it’s killing me. The hotel told me Dr. Lily is the best dentist in California. Do you think she has time to help me?”

The little poodle smiled and said, “Oh course, Dr. Lily always keeps a few openings on Monday for emergencies.” She took Hobo’s paw, and helped him get up and lead him into one of the exami rooms. She put a bib around Hobo’s neck and reclined the chair. Hobo complained of the bright light hurting his eyes and asked her to put a towel over his eyes.

The little poodle walked out and returned with a clipboard. “Let me get a little information while we’re waiting. Name?” Hobo thought fast. He couldn’t give his real name or Lily might run. “Tramp,” he replied.

After a few more questions, Hobo heard Lily’s bark at the front door, and the little poodle said to him, “I’ll send Dr. Lily right in, and we’ll finish the paperwork later.” She placed the clipboard in a basket attached to the outside of the door and walks away to call Dr. Lily.

Lily took the chart down and started to read ... *broken upper right canine with swelling*  She saw the patient in the chair with a towel over his eyes.  She read the chart again  and saw the patient’s name *TRAMP*.  “Right then,” Lily thinks smelling something familiar... Fish!  She looked again at the patient and saw his tail is wagging.  She realized it is Hobo! “ I would know that after shave anywhere!” she thought.

Lily was happy to see Hobo but couldn’t resist teasing him for the way he had been behaving.  “Mr. Tramp?  You need a root canal!” she said.    Hobo tried to pull the towel off his eyes but the little poodle told him to leave it on,  *Dr. Lily has to numb you first.  You don't want to see the big needle  err... the sleepy juice,” the poodle said.   Lily laughed behind her mask.

Hobo/Tramp tried to sit up at the mention of the big needle and a root canal.  Maybe he has pushed it too far?  The little white poodle took Tramp's hand and said “now, now Mr. Tramp.  You must hold still or Dr. Lily can hurt you with that big ol' needle and drill.”

Lily picks up the drill and started it “zzzzzzzz.”

Hobo clinched his teeth and didn’t yelp when the Novocain went in but, a few minutes later, he heard the drill and terror provided,superdog strength. He wrested his paw free from the tech and leapt to the door to prevent Lily from escaping

He tried to proclaim his love for Lily but the Novocain had deadened  his lips and tongue and it comes out as “LulahismahOoba. I oovesugh.”

Frustrated, he fell to his knees and reached for the box he had left just inside the doorway, thinking that if Lily saw the ring, she would know it was Hobo and what he was trying to bark. The little tech, thinking he was a  terrorist reaching for a bomb, gave a frightened yelp and dove under the dental chair.

Lily helped the assistant to her feet.  “I said he was a terrier, not a terrorist,” she cried.    Lily looked around for Hobo.  “Now where did he disappear to?  He was just about to ask me something.  I think you scared him when you screamed and grabbed the stun gun” she chastised the tech.

Lily looked all over the office but couldn't find Hobo.  She looked in the lab and in the other operatories and even in her office.  No Hobo.

On seeing the tech’s terrified reaction to Hobo reached for the box, he grabbed it and ran out to the reception room just in time to hear Lily’s sweet tinkling laughter and realized that Lily had seen through his disguise and was just toying with him. He flung a few kibbles on the payment desk and walked dejectedly out the door.

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