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Giving up eating poo cold turkey just got serious by Pocket Dog

For weeks now I have been saying that I was going to give up poo eating cold turkey.  I go a day or two, then I'm right back to butt leftover munching. This morning Foley was barking at the porch doors, as she does every morning, and Mommy told her to be quiet, it was just a cat or something, then she looked out the window and said "holy sh+t." Being a lover of poo, I could not resist some that had been blessed by the Lord, and hurried over to see these holy nuggets.  I looked out the window and saw this. "What are those?" I asked Foley. "Those are cold turkeys and they want to come in and make you stop eating poo," she said. "Oh my gosh I thought that was just an expression, I didn't know there were real cold turkeys," I said. "Of course there are,  It's 20 degrees outside.  They're cold  They're turkeys.  And they want to come in to make sure you don't eat poo anymore." I did not want those bi

Wills is our March 27, 2011 Pup of the Week

Pocket and I conduct our Pup of the Week meetings over a nice brunch of bacon and kibble.  We both read the blogs, and then discuss our nominations.  Sometimes we completely agree.  Other times we argue.     This was one of the nomination meetings where we argued. I had a nomination.  Pocket raised some good points.  At the beginning of the week this pup wasn't even a member of the Brigade.  His names doesn't appear on our membership rolls.  This pup would hold the record for fastest pup of the week win after joining the Brigade But there were two important reasons for giving this pup this honor.  The first is that the pup's family took in a sweet special needs dog for adoption and they deserve recognition.  The second is that he showed the will to live and find a good home.  Which is why Wills is our March 27, 2011 pup of the week So many of us had a hard life before we found our forever home.  I was on a big farm where I got to run a

The things a Yokie has to do to sell a condo

It looks like, since Pocket and I took over the selling of our condo, that we finally have a buyer!  It is a young couple, and I think what sold them was our blog.  While we posted the blog to show a dog's perspective of the house we had not realized it was also a baby's perspective.   Now this baby is still in it's Mommy but smart baby's know that is when they are the most persuasive.  There is nothing like sitting on someone's bladder for two days to persuade them to see the situation from your point of view. I hated when people would come in the house to be "shown" the unit.  We had to sit with Daddy.  He held us firmly by our harnesses.  So here we were, with visitors in our house, and we couldn't run up to greet them, jump up on them to see if they smelled like any of our friends, grrr at them until they gave us scratches, give them welcoming licks.  Nothing.  All these people did was make us get out of our snuggly bed early.

Ask Aunt Foley

As always these are actual questions from actual dogs unless we made them up: Dear Aunt Foley: I'm a young BLOB and have been in my forever home for six months now. Before that I lived in a shelter for six months, after being found as a stray at the tender age of three months! Life is easy now, but my pawrents don't like it when they let me out when it's cold, tell me "go to it" and I'm out there for 5-10 minutes, spend time behind the "privacy fence" where there's a notable collection of dog leavings, and then I come in where it's warm and piss in the living room (if I come in and poop, I don't get caught because my big sister eats the evidence). I've got almost no hair, compared to my sister, and it's awful out there, deep snow, or melting, my feet sink in and I'm up to my you know what, if I squat, it's frostbitten toosch! Why don't they understand how that cold just puts me off task? THEY

Hurley is our March 20, 2011 Pup of the Week

Poo.  For something that humans build special chairs with water at the bottom to dispose of it, that needs to be picked up and disposed of wherever we may leave it, and for something that is so reprehensible that, if left on the rug, humans get very angry, it sure is important.  When humans have explosively bad poo they chalk it up to a bug that's going around or some bad food.  They don't worry about it too much.  But you know humans.  They have severe chest pains they wait to see if it will pass but if their check engine light goes off on their car they hurry to a mechanic. Our good friend Hurley has had poo problems lately, and thank God his Mom, the wonderful Miss Nancy, is a certified poo inspector.  Hurley has been on and off medicine for blood in his poo for a few weeks now.  When the last cycle of medication ended we all hoped that Hurley would be fine.  But then bloody, explosive, poo began to be sprayed on her family member

Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day Our Home Town Taunton MA

Today is Petfinder's Birthday and also their first Adopt the Internet Day.  Anyone willing can use their blogs, Facebook Status or Twitter to help promote pets who need good homes.  We are going to start with dogs in our local  Taunton Ma Animal Shelter and Yorkies Inc Placement Service Our first dog is an Australian Cattle Dog named Finn.  Your can check out his profile Here Our next cute little local pup is a Yorkie and we know Yorkies should never be in shelters.  Her name is Glitter.  She is seven years old and her profile is HERE And there is another little Yorkie, five years old, named Ivy who you can find out about here If your interested in a hound dog then you can read about Sara HERE For friends of big dogs could you find a spot in your heat for Mandy an American Staffordshire Terrier that you can learn about here Have you met any Brussels Giffons?  How about Dexter and Danny who can read about here One of our favorite pups who is now at Rainbow B

Otis is our March 13, 2011 pup of the week

It is both an honor and a  privilege for us to announce that Otis is our March 13, 2011 pup of the week. Otis has been sight challenged for some time now but that has not stopped him from being one of the most observant dogs I know.  Also he wrote a string of rhythm and blues hits in the 70's.  Hold it a second *ruffling through notes* that is incorrect , he did not write any songs.  Pocket please remove this sentence during the editing process. This week we were quite concerned about our witty, white friend.  He had to go in for surgery.  I have never personally seen a surgery except on the TV but they always seem to go wrong and are done after the surgeons make sexy time in the supply closet.  No wonder there are so many infectious diseases in hospitals.  One little slip up and a doctor's entire family gets spilled out over the linens. The dogter had made the diagnosis that poor Otis had two large lickyourmas in his tummy.  This made me worried.  I lick m

Pocket's resume to be Charlie Sheen's intern

Dear Mr. Sheen: Hello sir.  My name is Pocket Dog and I am applying for the position of intern.  I feel I have many qualities that would me the perfect candidate for this job. Loyalty:  I am a dog, therefore by nature I am loyal.  I have been very loyal to my current Mommy and Daddy despite several instances of mistreatment.  They have a back room on the second floor with a door that magically shuts behind me.  When it does I just sit and wait for it to be opened and do not hold a grudge.  So if you need me to hide in a closet while your snort cocaine off a prostitutes mid-section not only wouldn't I mind, but I am used to it.  Also, if you needed me to take a baggie of heroin and hide behind the couch or under the bed I have experience in the job requirements of fetching things and hiding them from the PO. Ho Tolerance:  In my formative years my human brother was in his mid twenties and we had a line out the door of tramps, hos, and skanks.  When I was a pup that ar

We did not step on a crack or break Mommy's back

Since I have joined Mommy's pack she has, from the bottom up, had her little toe shaved because it got too big, probably from eating too much roast beef, then had it shaved again because the bone grew back ("bones don't usually grow back" the doctor said to Mommy with the alien DNA, so take Charlie Sheen and your inferior Adonis DNA) had both her knees replaced which only made them hurt more, had a hip injury that she needed a shot for, had irritable bowel syndrome (also known as owning Pocket syndrome), had the dreaded C word in her mammograms, threw up so much that she passed out in the middle of throwing up, had car pool tunnel syndrome, had a large, painful growth on her neck which she needed removed (OK it was before I joined the pack but I am reserving the right to use some artistic license here,) had her rotator cuff repaired (also before I was born but my sister Blake told me and it was no fun) and suffers from migraines on the brain (Daddy's