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Ask Aunt Foley

Dear Aunt Foley:  I think most humans agree that us dogs show the same emotions that they do.  But there are still humans who study dogs, and insist that we do not show emotion.  Now that you are on the immortal side of the River of Life, can you provide any insight on this long debated question?  Emotional in Pittsburgh Dear Emotional:  Now that I am on the immortal side of the Bridge I so enjoy the theorists and philosophers on the mortal side who struggle with the mysteries of life.  Although I have taken an oath not to reveal the secrets contained  on the immortal side I will tell you that the entirety of life is more spectacular and fascinating than mere mortal minds can comprehend.  As for your question I will answer this:  There are two schools of thought popular with humans, one, that man is descended from the ape, and second, that God created Adam and then Eve from a rib and all humans are descended from them, both of which are terribly wrong.   The actual story of Adam a

Wordless Wednesday

Otis is our February 23, 2014 Pup of the Week (With a Special Mention for Daisy)

Some weeks I am stunned to see a friend crossing the Bridge, other weeks, having kept tabs on my friends, and knowing their status, I am less surprised, though still saddened to see them. Since I first met him five years ago Otis has been suffering from diabetes and has been blind,  His Mom has taken wonderful care of him, but diabetes is not an aging dog’s friend and finally Otis’ condition deteriorated.  His parents were forced to make the long dreaded decision after Otis’ appetite decreased to nearly non-existent. he showed signs of confusion, and was in pain.  After one final trip to his favorite place in the world, his backyard, his parents aided him on his trip. And soon he was climbing the stairs from the Bridge to be sworn in, and while I could feel his parents’ pain, I could also feel their relief that their decision had stopped their beloved baby’s pain,  I saw Otis, for the first time in our friendship, seeing me, as he slowly looked around, taking i

Ask Aunt Foley

Since I passed from the mortal side of the Bridge to the immortal side I have not done an Ask Aunt Foley blog.  I was hoping that after my passing dogs would get smarter, unfortunately after watching my friends in the River of Life I realized they needed my help more than over. And, as always, these are actual questions from actual dogs. Dear Aunt Foley:  For years I have had a binky.  I love my binky very much.  Whenever I got stressed out from having 36 feet of snow outside I found my binky to soothe my psyche.  Then one day for no reason, and with no explanation, my Mommy took my binky away.  I am totally stressed out, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I need my binky!  Can you please speak to my Mommy so I can get my binky back. Signed Enzo. Dear Enzo:  This is an outrage.  Your Mommy should not have taken your binky away.  She got you hooked on binkies, just like my Mommy got me hooked on cigarettes, and she cannot expect you to quit them cold turkey.  I advise your mother either

Pocket Dog Ice Dancer

I am not, in any way, a fan of the snow, ice, or cold.  Being a wee dog the ice sticks in my paws, the snow sticks to my fur, and the cold clings to me for minutes after I enter the warm house.   I do find myself a bit jealous of those big dogs that can go romping through the snow, jumping in and out of it, the gravity shaking it from their fur. I don’t have the push off the legs to romp through the snow.  I just sink into it and get stuck. Then I worry if the sun gets strong enough I, like the snow, will melt away. But sometimes after the snow has been around a couple of days it starts to melt, then it freezes overnight, and makes a nice layer of ice on top of the snow.  For most dogs that’s when they go crunching through the snow but for me then when I can go gliding. I climb up on the snow and suddenly I have summited a mountain.  I can see inches further than I have ever seen before.  I can look Daddy, who is standing in the driiveway holding my leash, straight in the knee.

Wordless Wednesday

Romey is our February 16, 2014 Pup of the Week

It was a mistake, of that I was sure.   There had never been a mistake before, but surely this was one, and it was up to me to fix it. I was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for a new arrival.  Ladybug, one of our most revered greeter angels, was with me.  Then I saw Romey coming up the stairs and I ran down (I know….I know…...I am not supposed to run down the steps.  I never was very good with rules.)   Romey was young, healthy, vibrant, His Mom had just got married and through Romey we were all part of the planning and celebration.  He had got a new sister:  Lacey.  They were just starting to be a family. There was no reason for him to be here.  Romey must have been mistaken for another dog, one that looked like him, or had a similar name.  He still had lots of living to do, lots of loving to give, lots of stories to share, lots of pictures to delight us with   I reached my most cherished friend and asked why he was here.  He told me he ate a sock a

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  River watches the Brussels Griffon at Westminster

Foley teaches River about Adventures

I feel an obligation to go on an adventure. Foley always had entertaining adventures.  She led an invasion of the Princess’ castle. saved a lost kitty from some wild cats, rescued a skunk from a snowbank, met the President after catfully profiling a kitty, went to rehab after interrupting her friend’s speech during the Pet Video Awards.   I had assumed that the hijinks would be taken over by Pocket.  She once floated away in a balloon but she said that’s because Foley built it.  I don’t want to be building no balloons.  But we do have an audience and I feel it is my responsibility to provide adventures for our many readers. I do think in my six months of blogging that I have provided some entertainment with my leaping over gates, my howling, my dabbling in drug use, my wayward youth as a single Mom, my visiting my baby Daddy, but none of the grand adventures Foley Monster had. So I knew what I had to do.  I made a dream request to meet with the Judge herself.  Soon after falling

Meika is our February 9, 2014 Pup of the Week

On Monday a messenger pigeon flew in my window and told me I was needed for another swearing in.  With a sigh I put down my book, grabbed my robes, dressed myself with the help of my chipmunk assistants and went to my spot at the top of the stairs leading from the Bridge. The swearing in ceremony is dignified and proper.  I have been told not to go down the stairs when I saw a friend.  “Don’t run down the stairs!  Don’t run down the stairs!”  they yelled.  When I saw the beautiful black dog with the white muzzle I forgot all protocol.  I ran down the stairs. It was Meika.  My sister from another litter.  My confidant.  My special advisor.  Every day when we were on the mortal side of the Bridge, after Meika, her brother Reese, and her Dad Jeff, left the Dog Channel site under circumstances that mirrored Pocket and my leaving the original DS, and came to the new DS, we barked at one another every day.  We bonded over our hatred of cold and wet weather, our devo

A Pocket of Snow

The big question this winter is how many Pocket fulls of snow do we get with each storm. Daddy does not trust meteorologists.  He says that they predict how much snow is going to fall. and, inevitably, that amount is wrong.  But when he puts the TV on the meteorologists are congratulating themselves on getting the snowfall amounts exactly right. This is the type of thing that bothers Daddy a great deal and no one else any deal.  He  found out that they measure snow on what is called a snowboard.  They put the board down, and then every hour they go out and measure the snow, then wipe it off, and measure it again an hour later, until it stops snowing or Shawn White steals the board and breaks his wrist. So the totals represent what fell, but not what is actually on the ground, which has either been compacted by more snow, or melted on contact.  I found the entire thing extremely boring until I heard Daddy say he invented a new way to measure snow. First he went outside and shov

Wordless Wednesday

Thank You For Helping Make My Mom Smile By Foley Monster

I have been truly blessed with so many great friends,  both here on the immortal side of the River of Life, and, where many of you are reading this, on the mortal side, although I seldom single any out publicly because you all deserve your own special blog for your kindness towards me and if I can’t do them all, I don’t want to do just one. But I do have to mention one dog, my brother from another litter, my bestest friend on either side of the Bridge, my loyal brother Leo.  No matter where I have been, or what trouble I may have caused, Leo has always stood by me and never wanted anything more than friendship. During my visits with my Mom in her dreams, she told me how sad she was without me, despite the very valiant efforts of Pocket and River.  The worst part was, upon waking, Mommy forgot our talks.  The vague bit of memory she had only made her sadder.  She needed something to lift her spirits. I knew just the thing, a necklace from Blue Laamb Designs that